The Best facial scrubs & masks

Published: February 23, 2015

I have tried an array of facial scrubs and mask over the years and I have found these scrubs to be the very best for my dry/oily combination skin. The list consists of inexpensive scrubs and masks that are specifically made to unclog pores and smooth skin. I would recommend trying any of these products to someone with the same skin type as me. I know searching for products that work can take forever and waste a whole bunch of money, which isn't all that fun so I've created this list for my combination skin allies. 

  1. Dark Angel

    This scrub has rave reviews, it's completely organic at an affordable price and it works wonders on cleaning out dirty, clogged pores. It's fairly simple to use but can get a little messy which in my opinion is well worth it. This scrub contains charcoal and avocado oil, to gently yet deeply cleanse and nourish. Black sugar gently exfoliates & deep cleans without causing irritation. 



  2. St.Ives Apricot Scrub

    I think nearly everyone knows about St.Ives Apricot Scrub. It's just good stuff. If you haven't heard, this facial scrub helps clear out blackheads, smooths skin, and can be used daily if necessary. St.Ives scrub is a thick paste filled with a zillion tiny orange beads that gently exfoliate the top layer of skin in order to reach the gunk trapped inside of the pores. I love this scrub and have used it for years.


  3. Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser

    Similar to St.Ives Aprictot Scrub, Clean & Clear blackhead eraser has tiny exfoliating beads inside a thick and creamy potion. It's also gentle enough to use daily. The consistency is slightly different from St.Ives, not by much. The texture isn't quite as coarse and the cream isn't as thick. Similar results, but I have to scrub longer and harder.



  4. Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar

    Cheaper than Dark Angel by Lush, this black sugar mask is a two in one. It is a scrub + mask. First I apply as a scrub, massaging in curcular upward motions for 1-2 minutesl. I then let it set for around 7 minutes, sometimes for longer. Application and clean up is messy but my pores certainly appear smaller and the texture of my skin is baby smooth. The only drawback from using this mask is the's has a VERY strong perfume smell.




  5. Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Clay Mask

    This mask is awesome, the only reason I rank it number 5 is because the removal process can end up leaving your face red and irritated temporarly (5-10 minutes). I guess that's typical with most clay masks but I don't appreciate it. The clay works wonders and lessens blackheads dramatically, however, when the clay dries it seems to want to cling to my skin and even when I soak the dried areas with warm water, I still end up having to scrub a few splotches off. It kinda hurts. 


  6. Clean & Clear blackhead erasing mask

    Clean & clear blackhead erasing mask does what it claims. I seem to have the same issue with this mask as number 5, hard to remove when dried. Other than that, it's a nice mask. There aren't a lot of differences between #5 or #6, generally I feel that Freeman works better overall and it's cheaper. 

  7. Aztec Indian Healing Clay

    This particular mask is supposed to literally make your face pulsate. I've never experienced that feeling with this mask or any other, other peope claim differently. You must combine the mask with apple cider vinegar (a natural cleanser) or use water depending on your skins level of sensitivity. I think apple cider works best, it also helps make the mask smooth. Using water can cause lots of clumps, making it bothersome to apply. It's great for clay baths as well. This mask is meant to draw out impurities from your skin and body, making it a healthy and natural product. 


  8. Garnier Clean + Blackhead eliminating scrub

    This scrub gave great results, though the smell was so strong I couldn't bother to keep using it. I guess most products containing charcoal seem to add a ton of fragrance for whatever reason and it's off putting. It works great, and leaves your face feeling tingly fresh. I would recommend this scrub if you're not sensitive to smells, but for me it was just too darn stinky. 


  9. Garnier Invigorating daily scrub

    I liked this product for a long time, until it stopped working for whatever reason. I guess some products just stop working over time for me, maybe it's an immunity thing? I don't blame the product, and while it did work, it was a good cleanser + scrub. The smell is minty and refreshing.


  10. Boire Pore Unclogging Scrub

    Boire's scrub is my least favorite. It works decently but dries out my skin a little sometimes. It's one of the products I use when I'm out of the "good stuff". I mean, this is "good stuff"...but not as good. Someone had to be the least favorite, sorry Biore. It has the strong chemical smell so I know it's not healthy for my skin but at the same time it cleans pretty well. Overall it's a bit too harsh, stinky, and cleanses pores exceptionally. I just use an intense moisturizer afterwards (coconut oil) and call it even. 


I like the Dark Angels scrub the best because it works beautifully and is completely natural at a modest price. The products listed are what has worked best for me personally, I don't know if these products will work for you but I think they're the best of the best out of all the facial scrubs & masks I've tried (which is a lot).