10 of the Best Paper Scrapbooking Companies Online

Published: February 22, 2015

This list is to highlight the best paper scrapbooking companies that you can find online.  These companies may have the best layout monthly kits, the best kits to purchase as needed, the best ideas, or the best originality.  Regardless of why they are the best, they are all companies anyone who enjoys paper scrapping would love to have bookmarked to visit while looking for more supplies or ideas.

  1. Embellish It!


    Embellish It is an amazing company owned by Shelby and her husband.  When you attend a scrapbooking convention that Embellish It is at, it's highly likely that you will see both of them there!  Shelby has such great ideas and suggestions for creating the cutest pages that you will cherish for years to come. 

    Not only do they sell lots of paper scrap products at their site, but you can also subscribe to their monthly Embellish It kit, which includes 2-double page layouts each month.  The layouts are always adorable and creative, and I love the option of being able to switch out for an alternative kit if one does not look like something I would use.  Even if you don't want one mailed each month, they still have the ability to buy scrap layout kits online and have shipped right to your door.

    Looking for a hands-on experience?  Embellish It offers that as well with their Play All Day Events!  For a decent price you can spend the day with friends scrapbooking.  Each event also includes a few kits and lessons from Shelby herself!  It is an amazing day of fun!

  2. Quick Quotes

    Do you love leaving cute little sayings and notes in all your scrapbooking pages?  You won't find anything more adorable than what Quick Quotes has to offer on their site when it comes to quotes! 

    This is another family-run business that strives in offering the best products for their paper scrapping fans.  You can browse their wide-range of products including just vellum quotes (and you will find pretty much ANY topic you might be seeking there!) and paper or pre-made kits.  They not only have paper scrapbook kits, but they also have craft/home decor kits to create special hangings for your home and gifts.  Many of you have probaby at least heard of their famous PowderPuff Chalking Inks.  This is the company I learned how different a layout can look with the extra touch of inks!


    It you don't just want to make it a one-time shopping experience, you can join  Club Q.  Here you have the option of getting a monthly shipment of double page layouts, project kits, or BOTH!!  When you sign up online, you get a FREE kit for signing up!  Who can say no to free?!

    And this is just another company that extends their awesomeness farther than online by offering events and workshops all over the United States.

  3. SEI

    (Photo is the February 2015 Club Kit!)

    If you're looking for a company with monthly kits that you get the most "bang for your buck", SEI is the company to join.  Their monthly kits include colorful step-by-step instructions to make 6-10 layouts PLUS you have many more papers and embellishments to make even more out of each kit.  For only $31.94 (including shipping), this is one of the cheapest monthly deals out there for the amount of product you get.  I have been a member for two years, and each August, they also send you an entire album kit for that same price!  Even if you're not an album scrapbooker, the offer paper scrapping project kits and card making kits!

    Again, you don't have to be interested in monthly subscribtions to get some good deals at SEI.  I have found many double page layouts for as cheap as $5 at times on the site!  And of course you can always score single papers, iron-ons, inks, etc. on their site too!

  4. PageMaps


    (Photo is part of pagemaps February 2015 layouts.)

    This next company I am about to tell you about is a little different than my first three.  This is a place I love to visit for ideas.  While I love all my page kits and monthly albums from the above companies, I also like to let my creative juices flow from time-to-time, and this is the place I turn to when I am ready to do just that!


    Each month, PageMaps releases a new set of sketches (known as "pagemaps" on their site).  These are blank idea layouts that you then take your own pictures and papers to create something similar.  I love to see how I can start with their idea and turn it into something so different!  It's always what I need to get myself started, and it makes for a fun challenge.  They offer cardmaps as well for all of you who enjoy crafting your own cards!

    The company also offers some layout and card classes online for those of you wanting to learn some new things about paper scrapping.  I have never taken the classes, but it always sounds very intriguing!

  5. Keller's Creations

    Next up on my list is Keller's Creations.  This is a small-Southern company owned by a single mom.  She is an amazing teacher if you ever get the opportunity to attend any of her classes anywhere!  What I love about this company is the orginality of it.  You won't find anything quite like it anywhere else as they not only create, but they make their very own papers to go with the creations!  They also have many different club options for monthly subscriptions at another low price of $20 including shipping!  Be sure to check out all the different options you have at Keller's Creations!

    You can take Keller's Creations "Idea Bubbles" and create so many different types of layouts using the same materials!  It's fun to not feel like you are wasting any supplies and create so many masterpieces all in the same turn!  Be sure to check out all the ideas (including many sketches!)  online.  You can order all kinds of things and follow some of their ideas online to create amazing pages with very little materials!

  6. Creating Keepsakes

    This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning a very large company that contributes to the huge world of paper scrapping. Creating Keepsakes hosts many large scrapbooking events around the United States.  They opened my eyes up to so many new options for paper scrapping by their yearly convention in my area.  Be sure to check out the event site to see if there is an event near you.  Not only can you shop, but you can spend the day taking classes with many vendors I mentioned above!

    Aside from ordering many super cute scrapbooking layout albums and kits, you can also subscribe to the Creating Keepsakes magazine where you can get new ideas each month to stay ahead in the paper scrapping world or enter a contest to win cool prizes!  The options are endless at a large company like this!  Be sure to follow them!

  7. Technique Tuesday

    Are you the type of paper scrapper that LOVES to add to your pages with stamps?  Lots and lots of stamps?  Well, my absolute FAVORITE stamp company in the scrapping world is Technique Tuesday.  This company takes stamps to a whole new level with their amazing ideas!  I never knew my page could be transitioned so much with just the use of a few stamps.  The stamps are a high-end quality and last forever.  I have yet to ever have one of their stamps tear or stop displaying the detail after all my uses.  I highly recommend ordering a few to give it a try!

    What I love is that I don't have to attend a convention to learn all their amazing techniques.  They offer ONLINE classes that you can attend from home!  Even if you don't want to start with a class, they offer many ideas and tips you can view just by browsing their site.

  8. Dollar Scrapbooking

    So I have recommended a lot of companies that offer AMAZING kits, but if you are a true paper scrapbooker, you hate wasting any paper.  Am I right?  I love Dollar Scrapbooking to order some cute and cheap embellishments or a few extra papers to go with all my left-overs from my kits.  Then I can get more out of each kit by adding just a few things to what I already have.

    At Dollar Scrapbooking, they are always offering deals on shipping and clearance items.  I typically let my left-over kit items pile up and then load up on lots of goodies at once on Dollar Scrapbookiing!

  9. Mosaic Moments

    (Photo from Mosaic Moments Website)

    Mosaic Moments thinks outside of the box.  Who thought you could cut one 4x6 picture into 1-inch squares and produce such an eye-capturing page?  It doesn't take lots of embellishments, just following a very basic square-pattern idea.  With this idea, the possiblilities are still endless!

    Over at Mosaic Moments, you can get ideas, order supplies to create these mosaic pieces of art, or join a camp to learn all about this great ideas!


  10. Great American Scrapbooks

    This last site is set apart from the others because it doesn't offer you much online persay.  I like to follow their facebook page for inspiration and ideas throughout the year.  Great American Scrapbook offers conventions where you can go and meet new friends that enjoy the same things as you, take classes, and buy all kinds of supplies at several vendor tables.  This company is very similar to Creating Keepsakes on a smaller level, but I absolutely love their conventions too!


Whether you are a paper album scrapbooker or just a paper crafter, you will find many of these sites offer ideas and supplies to make your scrapping experience top-notch!  Each company has something a little different to offer, which is why I love them all!  From layouts to club kits to classes, you can be sure to find your experience won't be a dissapointment when you use these companies!