Top Ten Things You Can Do To Improve Your Health Right Now

Published: February 22, 2015

Being healthy is hard. Desk jobs, fast food, lack of sleep, and pollution are just some of the many things that negatively affect your health. These are the top ten simple things you can do to help combat these effects and live a more healthy, funcitonal, pain-free life. 

  1. Drink Water (No, you

    Your body is mostly water, and most people don't get enough. The general reccomendation is 8-8oz. glasses daily. You may need more or less depending on your size and activity level. Drinking more water increases bowel regularity, skin health, sleep, energy, and may help curb appetite.

  2. Sit down less (and if you must sit, sit correctly)

    Sitting down is detrimental to your health. It tightens and shortens muscles, creating tightness, imbalance and pain. Most people also slouch, perhaps over a desk or computer at their job. Over time, this slouching creates tension and postural issues. If you can, take a short walk around the office to stretch out, or stand at your job if you can. You can take extra trips to the water cooler, and maybe go for a walk during your lunch break. If you have to sit, sit up straight, with a straight back.

  3. Improve the quality of your sleep

    Increasing the amount of sleep you get is not always possible. However, it is possible to improve the quality of sleep you do manage to get. Make sure to shut down electronics an hour before going to bed, and make sure the room is as dark as possible. Melatonin and other sleep supplements could also help those with sleep issues like insomnia. Serious sleep disturbances could require a cconversation with your doctor. 

  4. Take a multivitamin

    Chances are, you don't get all the veggies and fruits you should be. And even if you are, today's soil is so depleted that the veggies and fruits harvested today are not as rich in nutrients as they were generations ago. As such, a multivitamin can help fill these nutritional gaps. Some are catered specifically to either men or women, or to particular age groups, or to athletes. Find one that is specific to your needs.

  5. Take fish oil

    One of the few hyped up supplements actually backed by science, fish oil decreases infllamation in the body. This will help protect joints, allow the body to heal itself, and allow it to function at the capacity it was meant too. The Omega-3's in fish oil are also essential to brain health. It is important to look at the doseage in the serving size of whatever brand you choose to use. Most brands say a serving is 1 pill, but the actual dose required is 2-3 pills because of the EPA/DHA concentration. The higher the concentration of these fatty acids, the fewer pills you will have to take to get your daily required dose.

  6. Wash your hands (The right way!)

    Most people don't wash their hands long enough. The ideal amount of time to wash them is the length of time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday" twice. This will be sure to kill all bacteria.