Top 10 home Exercises( none to some equipment needed)

Published: February 17, 2015

This is a great list of exercises for physical health, looks , stanima and flexibility. most of these workout will not need equipment and most of them you can find something around your house to use if needed... this list of 10 exercises are exercises that with work every muscle in your body and will only take 40 to 60 minutes a day to get an awesome workout done. Ive been lifting for 8 years and these have made the biggest results for me. After reading this definitely look on youtube for videos on how to do these exercises if youre unsure. Thanks for checking out my list.

  1. Planks and side Planks

    The reason why this is number one on my list is because your core is everything. You use your core in everything you do including walking. This workout right here you want to do atleast 5 sets each day and just go as many seconds as you can. youll start of at around 30second and before you know it 2-3 minutes each set.. make sure to keep your back straight and tighen your core. 

  2. Medicine ball push up (triceps) chest) Core)

    This one right here is a great work out.. Using the medice ball gives you the advantage of using your core and many other muscles to stabilize you so you can balance and doing so works your muscles way better than standard pushups. This work out might be hard for some but dont be discouraged. there are many variety of ways you can do it from beginners to expert positions. just look below

  3. Jump squats(legs)

    This is a great Leg workout with many ways to do it. (jumping front to back) (side to side) or (right in place) doing this exercise will really help you with being fast on your feet and explosive.. Dont leave this out of your work out for sure. if you want you can also add dumbbells while doing this exercise to really add some resistance. look online to see some creative ideas that others have come up with to see what theyve tried out.

  4. dumbbell row(back)

    Even though this is a home work work out list and your might not have dumbbells  try finding something in the house to use like a gallon of water or something of that matter.. Definitely try investing in a pair of dumbells at some  point though. This is one of my favorite back work outs and you definitely see results. Again there are many ways to do this workout but my favorites are pictured below 

  5. ski jumps

    This is another very explosive workout that engages the core arms and legs and many other muscles.. As you can see in the pictures below, You start of in a pushup position and throw your legs from side to side. look up video online to do this properly because this is an awesome exercise to do.

  6. shadow boxing

    If your a Person who really wants you be extremely atheletic then you should definitely shadow box.. doing this with get your stanima up and again very quick with your movements. Youd be using all of your muscles while you(duck side to side) (thowing punches from many angles) using your waist and hips to throw hooks)  Like i said, doing this with use every muscle possible... Buy some heavy gloves to add some resistance. Do this at least 10minutes a day


  7. Dips (using a chair)

    This is a great workout for your chest and tricepts. It mostly focuses on your tricepts but definitely works your chest as well. Adding this to your day will definitley make you happy with the results you see. try to do atleast 10 reps each set and if you want you can add some weights on your lap. try different hand posititions and again look online to see all different and creative ways to do the workout. You can do dips many different ways and some work your chest more than others. Aswell as some working your tricepts more then others.

  8. hammers

    This is one of my favorite bicept workout that really builds your arms up. during this work out you feel a consistant  resistance on your mucles unlike some other curls. while doing this workout make sure not to swing the  weights or youll be using momentum to lift the weight and will just cheat yourself.. take it nice and slow and really work those arms

  9. jump and jacks

    I love jump and jacks. they really stretch your whole body out. working your shoulders ,legs ,core and again engages little muscles here and there... Its great to do this workout nice and slow with more reps untill your really burn your muscles out and exaust yourself. look up online different jump and jack work out to do and be creative and have fun with it.. even doing just the arm movements if to tire really helps alot. 

  10. high knees

    As you can probably see this is another very  intense work out that is fast paced. this workout here is definitely one on my favorites and most intense work outs on the list... in the beginning most people cannot go longer than 20seconds at a time and then after a week or so start improving alot.. this is a very tiring workout and will absolutley increase your stanima quickly. you will see that this exercise will leave every inch of you sore. Dont give up though this exercise will absolutley make you see results in a few weeks and it will be worth is very much..

So out of all of the things on this list id have to say my favorite on this list is the shadow boxing. the reason being that if your dont have to much time to exercise but really want to work all your muscles and stay in decent shape then shadow boxing 15minutes a day can really help. you dont need to know how to fight to do this and it can turn into something you really enjoy doing in the long run.