The 10 Best Running Blogs for Moms

Published: February 16, 2015

The internet is saturated with blogs, which is awesome, but it's also difficult sometimes to weed out the good from the bad information.  Sometimes it's hard to sift through all of that information. It's also hard to find blogs that are updated regularly (especially ones by us moms, because we're so busy), so I am listing my top 10 favorite running blogs here.  These are updated regularly by their authors, and provide more than just running tips.  You will also find adivce on finding balance in your life, recipes, and maybe even find someone to relate to. 


  1. Another Mother Runner

    Another Mother Runner is one of my favorite go to websites when I want to get my mojo back after losing it.  They offer training plans to just finish it (if you're just getting into running or back at it after a break) or to own it (choose this one if you have a new record you want to break)!  AMR's website is very well organized, and also has great playlists and lists of local running clubs across the nation!

  2. This Mama Runs for Cupcakes

    I love anything to do with cupcakes, so when I came across this blog, I was super pumped.  Her blog is all about baking and running!  Follow her to hear about being a working mom and runner.



  3. Mom's Little Running Buddies

    I fell in love with Mom's Little Running Buddies from the first moment I came across her blog. "Always striving, never quite achieving balance" is her tag line, and oh I can so relate! I think I search for "balance" in Pinterest on a daily basis, always wanting to find my balance.  So if anyone writes about trying to achieve this as a mom, I'm going to bookmark it!  She has a lot of information on running , pregnancy, and parenting, so it's a great go-to resource for us moms.


  4. Ginger Mantra

    Tambra Means is a runner, mother, and group fitness instructor, and she writes on her blog GingerMantra.  She screams inspiration.  She does a fantastic job of documenting her races, progress with weight loss (I love how open she is with that), and also yummy recipes to try.  


  5. Be Mom Strong

    Be Mom Strong is another blog written by a personal trainer. Her page is filled with funny quotes, training thoughts, and things she's loving lately.  You will get lost in her blog with everything she has to offer! 


  6. Marathon Mom

    Marathon Mom is a certified personal trainer and running coach.  I met her virtually through my national running club I'm a part of, and I always value her advice.  She has a personal best of a 3:31 marathon time (at the Boston Marathon), and that was 8 months post partum!  If you want advice on running, including running during pregnancy, then this blog is for you.  She also includes her weekly workouts and some great recipes on her site. 


  7. A Mom on the Run

    A Mom on the Run is all about motherhood, running, and life.  She updates it frequently with race recaps and recipes.  She is very open and honest about her running journey, and I encourage anyone postpartum to check our her running story.

  8. The Hungry Runner Girl

    Hungry Runner Girl document's Janae's challenges. She is honest in her blog, and frequently discusses family, food, fitness, and running. She has a page on her blog dedicated to her parenting as well!


  9. Miles Posts

    Dorothy Beal is one of my favorite bloggers. She seems so real and down to earth to me (I've been following her for years)!  She is a mom to 3 and is an avid runner, with 29 marathons under her belt.  She was named as one of 20 runners you should be following on social media. 


  10. Lazy Girl Running

    Lazy Girl Running is a candid look at getting back into running.  Laura didn't start running until she was almost 30, and it was hard for her. Despite struggling with it, she continued showing up to run, and she now loves it and is good at it. She now helps other people learn to love running, and her enthusiam for running shines through on her blog.


All of these blogs are written by women runners, and most are mothers. Hopefully you will find most of them to be useful in helping you find your running motivation, or maybe it is that balance between work, being mom, and excercise that you're looking for.  My personal favorite is Dorothy Beal because she is a mom to 3 just like me, but also such a distinguished runner.  Go ahead and bookmark your favorites, and make sure to subscribe to them too to get new posts delivered right to your inbox!  Happy Running!