The Best Resorts on West Big Island Hawaii

Published: February 16, 2015

I have compiled a list of the best resorts on the west side of Big Island Hawaii.  I am going by price, convenience in location, overall luxury, things to do, and comfort.  I live in the middle of all of these resorts so I have been to all of them a dozen times.  There's no way to know what these resorts actually offer unless you've been there or you have a friend that has been there and can tell you about it firsthand. 

  1. The Hilton Waikoloa

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    The Hilton Waikoloa is a beautiful hotel located about 30 miles north of the city of Kona and it offers so much to the visiting family.  The rooms are top notch and luxurious with beautiful views.  There is so much to do at the resort that alot of tourists never have to leave the grounds to look for more to do.  There is a snorkel spot built into the back of the hotel grounds that connects to the ocean but keeps the current out.  Turtles and all other ocean dwellers make there way into the cove where a beach is waited on by staff.  A beautiful pool and spa are right outside the rooms and shopping at the Queens shops makes this resort feel like a small town.  Rentals and all kinds of activities are offered right there at the resort.  The quality is very high and the price is always in the middle compared to the competitors and with all these amenities and a middle price compared to others, you can see why I picked it as number one.


  2. The Mauna Lani Resort

    The Mauna Lani Resort is a beautiful resort that is about 10 miles north of the Waikoloa Hilton and is just as great in other areas.  The reason for it being number two is that the price is higher for everything.  The resort offers a golf course and has it's own private beach with rentals and wait staff as well as a beautiful pool and spa. There are many historic sites to see on the grounds as well as fishing grounds that span an entire acre.  Shopping is nearby at the Kings shops and with all of the stores it feels like a small town.  Luxury is very apparent here and if you have the extra money this resort does deserve to be number one.

  3. Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel

    The Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel is a beautiful hotel located in West Hawaii on Big Island and has beautiful rooms with a close beach access.  Wait staff and massage therapists are always located near the beach and activities are abundant.  The price is high but the stay is worth it. The hotel has it's own golf course and many restaurants to choose from.  The rooms offer everything you could want and staying here you wouldn't need to travel to find anything as most things a family would need are located on the grounds.

  4. The Fairway Villas by Outrigger

    The Fairway Villas By Outrigger are located close to the Hilton Waikoloa and offer many of the same great amenities.  A beautiful pool, fitness center, luxurious rooms, beach access, and many more.  The Fairway has it's own golf course which is one of the best on the island.  Shopping is nearby and with many stores of type to choose from, it feels like it's own small town.  The price is high but very worth it and by far not over the top.

  5. Sheraton Kona Resort

    The Sheraton Kona Resort is a great resort and compared to the others on this list it stands out as being right in the heart of Kona.  Another thing that stands out is the price and the fact that it is not like the first four having a small town of stores around it.  It is smaller and cozier and the luxury is just as high as the top resorts.  Activities are not based in the hotel like others but that is because in the city of Kona it is simple to see the base of all activities right on the strip.


  6. Royal Kona Resort

    The Royal Kona Resort is a top resort located right in the middle of Kona.  It is a resort that sticks out of the list because of different kinds of activities it offers on the grounds.  The Luau's are some of the best on the island and transportation can be free if scheduled through the activities in town.  It is another resort that has the Kona feel to it bringing guests out to the strip to shop and mingle.  The resort has a beautiful pool and has a peninsula look to the grounds so all of the rooms feel like they are right next to the beach coast.  The price is medium and the rooms are very up to date and luxurious.

  7. The Fairmont Orchid

    Located in Waikoloa and only miles from the number one on this list, the Fairmont is very unique in the fact that it is one of the most popular for events island wide.  It has the small town feel with it's own golf course and the Queen's shop nearby.  The openness of the grounds is what makes this resort stick out of the list. The price is very high but the luxury and up to date accomodations are worth it.

  8. Kona Seaside Hotel

    The Kona Seaside Hotel is a lower luxury hotel but in it's class it is at the top of the list. Located in Kona by the bay front it has convenient rooms for getting to the pool and fitness area. The rooms are nice and the price is very low making the Kona Seaside a great place to stay.

  9. Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

    The Four Seasons is a great resort located between the city of Kona and the city of Waikoloa.  This makes it unique because it is between all of the resorts on this list.  It has one of the most popular golf courses on the island where the Mitusbishi classic is held every year.  It is a higher end hotel with the luxury and amenities the others in it's class have.  The price is very high and the location is in the middle and this is why it's number nine on the list but it is still a great place to vacation at if these things are not your top concern.

  10. King Kamehameha Kona Beach Hotel Marriot

    Located in the City of Kona, the Kona Beach Hotel Marriot is a legendary Hawaii Hotel.  It is located right on the bay front and has quick beach access and rentals right outside the hotel.  Many amenities make this hotel a great stay for the visiting family or single.  A pool and jacuzzi is easy to access and the rooms are up to date for luxury and style.  There are a few stores inside the hotel and the staff are excellent.  The price is low for a hotel with just the basics.  At it's own level the Marriot is at the top of it's list and number ten on this list comparing price and amenities and luxury.

The top ten list is comprised of my own experience living right in the middle of all these resorts.  There are many more that didn't make the list and the reason is because in my opinion the things that are most important are location, price, luxury, and things to do.  The top of the list is the Hilton Waikoloa and anyone who stays here understands right away why it is the best.  It's price is lower than expected, the grounds are the most amazing, and the amenities are amazing making it the most unique of all of these resorts.