Best Heating A/C Companies in Indianapolis

Published: November 17, 2013

These are the best and most reputable companies for Heating and Air Conditioning in central Indiana.  Customer service and installation quality are the two biggest things to look for regarding HVAC work and these companies hit the marks consistently.  If you have an emergency, these companies are available to help. 

  1. Airtron

    Airtron has competitive pricing and friendly telephone representatives to help schedule an appointment based on your needs.  They are polite and prompt when showing up to the appointment and won't try to sell you stuff you don't need.  Upfront pricing on parts and fixes always helps as well. 

  2. Dial One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning

    Dial One has an excellent customer service team and flexible scheduling to help you out of a jam.  They also provide a nice comfort club that takes care of maintenance for a specified period of time.  If you need a new system they will work with you and do competitor price matches. 


  3. Williams Comfort Air

    Williams Comfort Air is one of the popular options around town and their vans are very recognizable.  Easy to work with customer service reps make the process smooth.  Easy to understand options make the decision making process painless depending on what you need done. 

Dial One Hour is the best based on customer service and continued maintenance.  Throw in the price matching and they always work to make sure you get the best deal in town.  Equipment installation is top notch and generally problem free with installations usually finishing up faster than the estimated time.  When you are looking for new or maintaining old equipment, Dial One is the place to check after you've received other estimates and they will help make sure you get the best deal.