Top ten best fun Steam games for PC.

Published: February 13, 2015

This article is simply going to be about some of the most popular/classic/fun games on Steam. There are tons of other games on Steam that I'm sure are just as good as the games I'm putting on here, so these are just some that I found particularly fun. For those of you who don't know what Steam is, it's basically a safe way to get videogames, sort of like PayPal, but also comes with a great community of people to talk and share with.

  1. Starbound.


    #1 Starbound


    Ah, Starbound. This right here is probably in the top fifty list of most popular steam games. It’s been on steam for a while, and has never been extremely popular. However, recently, a massive update came out full with new missions, bosses, planets, biomes, and even a new race. This update not only made the game much more popular, but also got players who had quit to come back. Starbound is an infinite sandbox, with a never ending universe full of randomly generated monsters and mini-bosses. It also comes with a unique story system that you get to explore after you choose a race. There are seven playable races, and once you choose one you may then customize a male or female character that comes with it. The gist of the game is to defeat each of the bosses, one by one. But really, Starbound is about doing whatever you want, whether that consist of building an epic house, completing all the mini-missions offered to you by the npc’s, trying to eat all of the different foods you can make, working up to creating the toughest weapon possible, or simply exploring the never ending universe. However, to get the most out of the game, try all of the above.



  2. Sid Meir’s Civilization V

    Are you looking for an intense turn based strategy game that will get you pulling your hair out in frustration and fear, screaming at those who you thought were your ally’s, and make it so that you can start playing at nine P.M., promise yourself you’ll just play for thirty minutes, and then twelve hours later suddenly realize what time it is? Then Civilization V is the game for you. When you start, you choose one of the endless different rulers, each one with their own special abilities, and then choose a world type. It can be the earth we know, or a world full of tiny islands or one of the other many options. Do you want it to be huge or tiny? So many choices. Many of us find it easier to simply randomize all of these things. Once you’ve spawned in to a random location, you start with a city, and a group of warriors to defend it. To win, you either have to be the first to send a rocket ship into space, take over the world, or get so much culture (Learn more about culture from wiki pages and gameplays) that you win by pure machoness.  However, to get there, you’ll have to fight, flatter, and most of all, strategize your way up to the top of the food chain. And to do that, you’ll have to enter wars, alliances, research agreements, and learn to bite your tongue to keep good relations going when another ruler insults you. The game is turn based, which is good, as you’ll need time to reflect on what to do when the other empires are done taking their turn. The map itself is divided into hexagons, while Civ. 4 was made up of squares. There are tons of other things that would take forever to explain, but I just decided to stick to the basics. Anyway, point is, this game is definitely one to buy if your big on immense strategy games. So if you do buy it, the question is will your empire be destroyed by another ruler’s greater army? Or will you build a kingdom to stand the test of time?


  3. Garry's mod.

    Garry’s Mod is another classic gem provided only on Steam. (Though it’s kind of funny that I refer to it as classic, as it’s a mod.) It brings together hundreds of mobs and objects from the game Half-life 2 straight into your inventory. It’s like Minecraft’s creative mode, but you have a health bar. The coolest thing about G-mod (As some people call it.) is that you can do whatever you want. You have plenty of props in your inventory, such as small fences, barrels, wood planks, tables, cups, everything you would see in the normal world. There are also vehicles and mobs that you can spawn, so if you want to drive at one hundred miles per hour with a T-rex that has it out for you chasing you, that’s fine. You can also spawn zombies and aliens that were in the game half-life 2. So basically, if you want to make something, whatever it may be, YOU CAN MAKE IT. Now, one last thing. One of the best thing things that comes with Garry’s mod is, that’s right, mods! Mods are extremely easy to download. In fact, you don’t even have to go to the internet to get them! Same thing with downloadable maps, too! So have you lately wanted to build a castle guarded by zombies and police? THEN GET THE GAME AND MAKE IT!


  4. Airmech.

    Though a new game, it’s already showed massive potential. You play as an ‘Airmech’, an air/ land vehicle that lets you destroy enemy troops and airmechs with your assorted weapons. A really cool feature about this game is that you can buy and equip tons of different airmechs, soldiers, pilots, and other military devices/gadgets. Most of the time, the point of the game is rather simple. Destroy the enemy base. Single player or multi player, it’s always the same, easy concept. However, like in Civilization, getting there is the hard part. You start with your main base, (which also works as a factory.) and the other airmechs if you’re playing with other A.I. or people. As you make your way across the map toward the enemy base, you’ll have to take over small mini factories by sending troops into them to take them over. You assist your troops with tanks and other offense/defense units until you’ve finally made it to the enemy base. Once there, just keep blasting it until it explodes. The only problem with this game is that it’s a pay to win, though thankfully it’s free in the first place. But other than that, I give you my full hearted sentiment: GET IT!


  5. Star wars battlefront: II

    Star wars Battlefront II came out in 2005, so it’s a bit older, but it’s still VERY popular. When you start the campaign, the first level is on the planet mygeeto, a CIS owned area used for manufacturing recourses. The reason troops are being inserted is because the Republic has a need for a special energy crystal that the CIS is using there. While on the planet, at certain times you’re allowed to play as Jedi Hi-Andi-Mundi. As you progress through the levels, you’ll encounter interesting planets and game types, and also get to do battle in space. At one point, you play the order sixty six level, and go head to head against Jedi. After the campaign is over, you might want to try out galactic conquest, where you get to choose to play as the rebels, empire, CIS, or the republic. Whichever one you choose, you’ll go against their common enemy from the movies, so for example if you choose the rebels, then you’ll go against the empire. The main thing about galactic conquest is that you get to decide what planets to attack, and where you move your fleets of ships, while in the campaign you are given missions and orders. The game also comes with the game type ‘Instant action’ where you can choose what planet you want to fight on, and what empire. Instant action is also the only way you can play as Jawas, Tuscans, Ewoks, and Wampas. There is also a multi-player option, but it’s a little hard to figure out, and requires you to make a login for game spy. Multi-player can be fun if you would like a tough challenge, though. All in all, it’s definitely worth your ten dollars.

  6. Sniper elite III.

    This game is staged during the Second World War, 1942 in Africa. You play as OSS sniper Karl Fairburne, tasked with assassinating General Franz Vahlen and uncovering his secret project. However, the attempt doesn’t work, though in later missions you go after the general again. As you do battle throughout the continent of Africa, blowing up bases and enemy’s skulls as you go, you get a very interesting game experience. One of the intriguing and popular bits about the game is its kill system. When you fire on an enemy with the sniper rifle, you get a slow motion video of it entering the hostile’s body. You also see a full view of their skeletal, cardiovascular and muscular systems as the bullet enters their body. The sniper rifle isn’t the only weapon you can use, with pistols, sub-machine guns and more hidden across the expansive maps. As you progress through the game, you can find gun attachments and explosives to use across the different missions. A cool new feature that comes with the game is the ability to finally be able to play multi-player modes, which consist of twelve man competitive, survival, (Now THAT sounds fun.) and two player campaign play through. So in conclusion, Sniper elite III comes with serious glitches and fun gameplay both in tow. You’ll just have to decide which one outweighs the other.


  7. Space engineers.

    Imagine Starmade and Minecraft squished into one game and you’ve got Space engineers. Space engineers is a relatively new game that came out in late 2013, so it’s still under development. It’s quite popular though, having won two different awards and thousands of good ratings. The game itself is a sandbox in space (Again, like Starmade and Minecraft.) where you construct ships and space stations as time goes on. When you start, there isn’t a campaign to play, but there are different scenarios you can start off in, such as on an asteroid that has no ships on it, or on an asteroid platform that has a few ships on it to choose from. There are only a few scenarios to choose from at the moment, though there may be more in the future. The gameplay itself consists of building space stations and ships, leading them into battle if you’re playing multi-player, raiding A.I. controlled cargo ships for recourses, and more. The process of building ships is very complicated, and takes a while to learn. It’s a very intricate work of collecting materials and welding them together to make a ship that actually is able to fly and dock at space stations. But, you ask, what’s the point of making spaceships if all you can do is fly them around and nothing else? Well, that’s where the creativity ends and the good old conflict begins. You can equip your ship with a variety of weapons, though they depend on what the size of your ship is, so for example, smaller ships can equip Gatling guns, but can’t get missiles, while bigger ones can equip missiles, but can’t get Gatling guns. The turrets are A.I. run, so they’ll automatically fire at enemies. The fighting is interesting, because you can not only shoot enemy ships, but also board them and fight up close and personal with guns. Of course, the fighting wouldn’t be complete without the ability to ram enemy ships, so it can make for very interesting skirmishes when two ships or even three collide into each other. Another attractive thing about this game is the community, with people always putting forward new ship and landing dock ideas to each other, making it so that if you ever can’t come up with an idea for a building or ship, you have plenty of people offering their help. All in all, I believe that Space engineers can only grow in popularity, and well one day become as popular as games like Dota or Minecraft.


  8. Team fortress 2.

    First off, there is WAY too much history and storyline for me to go over it all, so I’ll just stick to the basics. Team fortress 2 came out in 2007, as a sequel to the game team fortress classic, which was a mod for the even more classic game, Quake. It’s one of the most played free games on Steam, and has hundreds of thousands of good ratings. It may not have a campaign, but its story is still amazing. To sum it up into a super small explanation, two brothers have waged war against each other, both vying for power over their deceased fathers worthless lands that they think are worth huge amounts because of the gravel that the land withholds, despite the fact that the gravel is useless. You can find a much more detailed explanation here, but the main point of the story is that the brothers have both hired mercenaries to fight and take over the land. Gameplay consists of players getting assigned to either mercenary team during a round, and battling it out over one of the extensive amounts of different maps, playing one of the many game modes. Speaking of game modes, there are also quite a few of them that are available to be played, with popular ones like king of the hill, CTF, control point, and more. Another great feature is that while playing, there are a total of nine different classes you can choose to play as, consisting of Soldier, medic, engineer, scout, sniper, pyro, demoman and Frenchman, or as some would call it, spy. They all come with set primary and secondary weapons, along with a melee capability, but the sameness ends there. Each comes with their own unique features, like how the engineer has the ability to make defense turrets and other machines, or how the demoman has lots of different traps and explosives available. All in all, this makes it so that this is a very lovable game, with some people actually having 12,000+ hours of playtime racked up in just five years (I’m not joking, if you go on Steam and look at TF2 player reviews, it will show beneath people’s names how long they’ve played it for. Warning: It’s a bit disturbing.) There’s not a lot to say about this game, as it’s relatively simple compared to the other ones, but with a variety of maps, classes, game modes, constant updates, great story line, amazing community, and as they say on the TF2 description, ‘Best of all, HATS!’ this game is going to be one the best classic/simply epic games you’ll ever run into.


  9. Fez

    Figured that it would only be right to throw in at least one puzzle game, and Fez is one of the best puzzle/platformer games you can find on Steam. You start out a little character called Gomez in a 2D only village in which you can enter rooms, talk to villagers, climb some walls and explore. You are soon launched into an adventure that involves a good amount of self-directed discovery to progress which is very satisfying to figure it out on your own without any big need to read some huge amount of documentation or wikis.  This doesn’t feel at first like a puzzle game – it’s more fun than ‘flat’ puzzle. In fact, that’s one of its hallmark features – an interesting 2D to 3D shift that you trigger in game to see the game world suddenly in a new way. In fact, some successful moves and jumps and require you to switch the dimensional perspective mid-action. A lot has been said online about the interesting history of its protracted development and cult indie game status but honestly it’s just very enjoyable, and even relaxing, to spend time with. The only part of the game so far that has seemed strange is this - after you have progressed fairly deep, if you need to go back to find something or pick up on a much earlier achievement/unlock, it can feel a little tedious finding your way back through all the doors and portals to where you need to be. Highly recommend you trying it out. Check out a few Youtube videos and you’ll want to get your hands on it.

  10. Dota 2

    Like TF2, Dota 2 also has lots of history, so let’s delve into it, shall we? Dota 2 came out in 2013, as a sequel to Dota, short for defense of the ancients, which was a mod to Warcraft III. There’s not really a backstory to Dota 2, though you do get to know a few things about what’s going on. When a game starts, two warring factions, the Radiant, and the Dire, start on two opposite corners of the map. Each faction starts with a fortress, inside of which is a structure called an ancient, which provides health to the players defending it, and does other useful things. The point of the game is to use the three lanes that run across the map connecting the two fortresses, two of which go alongside the borders of the map, and one that runs straight in between the two strongholds, and once at the enemy stronghold, destroy the other teams ancient. But to do that, you’ll have to choose a player. That’s where the annoying complications come in. You know why? Because after you choose whether to be an Archer, Warrior, or Magician, you then have to choose a character out of a pool of ONE HUNDRED AND NINE DIFFERENT AVATARS! Anyway, after spending an hour of tedious selection making, you can finally get to play. You get paired up with nine other players and thrown into a match where you’re on the side of one of the two factions. The match starts half and half, five players to either group, and then all that follows is simply trying to make it over to the enemy’s ancient with the help of small A.I. Creeps that will spawn periodically on both sides, and your teammates. As you fight enemy players, creeps, and destroy the defense towers that are alongside the lanes, you can earn gold and experience, using both to level up and strengthen your character and his/her abilities. Oh, and one last thing. While making your way towards the enemy strong hold, the enemy isn’t the only thing to fear.

Frankly, I would think that Dota 2 would be best, as it had the most registered players, though I wasn't trying to rank the games. Anyway, these were just my thoughts on what I thought were some of the most fun and popular games on Steam, and, well, I hope you enjoyed my list. Thanks for reading. (: