The Best Cult Makeup

Published: February 10, 2015

This list includes the best cult makeup products that fans CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF!  Spanning from makeup to beauty products, this list will cover the basics so you don't have to schelp through blogs and messageboards and cash to figure out the holy grails of the beauty world.  Accept the wonderfulness of each of these products.  Most are reasonably priced, and the ones that are not are obviously worth it.  Sure, there may be too many lip products mentioned, but no one can have too many lip sticks.


    A beautiful blue-red color.  It makes your teeth look whiter and will distract from facial redness because it is so bold.  Taylor Swift is rarely caught without wearing this exact shade.  Because it is shaped like a crayon, some people find it is easier to apply.  Some people absolutely hate the applicator style and prefer to apply NARS Dragon Girl with a lip brush.  Lip brushes are always a good idea to use with bold and dark colors as they allow you to draw a heavy, precise line without the apprehensions and fears that come from applying straight from the bullet.


  2. Glossier products

    While they may be new on the scene, Glossier has some potential to wow new users.  Formulated to provide intense, immediate, and effective benefits, each product works to target specific "issues".  Allowing for a fresh faced look, the Glossier collection allows your natural beauty to peak through.  Therefore coverage is light, something between a tinted moisturizer and a bb cream.  These products guarantee your skin looks like the ethereal space goddess that you are!



  3. Bonnebell Lipsmackers

    You know you have your FAVORITE color/scent/flavor on lock.  And while these pay have been a treat reserved for patiently hoarding allowance money mixed with an actual ride to the store, you knew they were worth it because they are true perfection.  From Dr. Pepper, to watermelon, to mango, to vanilla, the spectrum spans all tastes and preferences.  Some colors offer a sheer wash of color that complements a bareface.  Also, these score high marks in moisture and smoothness.  The formula is not too thin that is slides over and outside your lips yet not too waxy that your lips feel stuck.  If you constantly forget gum, a strong scented Lipsmackers will mask your lingering indulgences.  Further, they are great for kissing!

  4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Shade 01

    Who does not appreciate a red lip?  At a whopping $6 (or less if you score those super awesome shoppers points coupons!), you will absolutely turn heads when you wear this shade.  As it is universally flattering, people of all skin colors will find this shade complements their face.  Just go get it ASAP.


  5. Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Colors

    As a general rule, you can never go wrong with Wet n Wild products.  They are insanely cheap and are genuine contenders to some high-end brands.  The MegaLast lipsticks are a matte finish.  They are very, very, very, very drying, so you must hydrate your lips prior to applying Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors with an emollient, oil/wax based lip product.  Futher, you should add an additional layer of emollient, oil/wax based lip product in order to prevent cracking.  You also need to consider how these will wear throughout the day. Because they are matte in finish, you must recognize that the nature of the product requires excess friction to remove.  Therefore, the Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Colors will wear unevenly throughout the day.  The areas of your lips where you eat and drink will show wear first.

  6. Ecotools Makeup Brushes

    These brushes are inexpensive but of high quality.  Made from responsible forest initiatives, the bamboo handles and artificial bristles allow you to care for your face as you care for the earth and her plants and animals.  There is nothing better than knowing the products you buy are going more good than harm in the world.  Ecotools brushes can be purchased seperately or in sets.  The best option for purchase are the sets because they significantly reduce the cost per brush and you are provided more brushes to encourage experimentation.  Try them!

  7. Vaseline

    This is a simple product.  But it is mighty.  It can remove stubborn eye makeup.  It can heal cracked feet when allowed to soak into the skin overnight in socks.  It can soothe cracked lips.  It can un-itch the insane itchiness from large scabs.  It can tame unruly eyebrow hairs.  It can be used as a base for glitter.  It can be used to make your hair look crazy wet.  It can be used to ensure your hairdye doesn't dye your face when applied around your hairline.  It can suffocate a tick should you ever find one on your body.  In short: get this stuff. NOW!

  8. LUSH bath bombs

    LUSH bathboms come in SO MANY SCENTS AND VARIETIES!!  Draw yourself a bath and place one of these suckers into the water, and you will witness a show before you relax.  Fizzing and bursting with colorful tub treats, some bombs have confetti, others glitter.  All offer amazing benefits to your skin!,en_US,sc.html

  9. Tweezerman Tweezers

    Everyone needs tweezers, so why not get the best: a product that grips, tugs, and fits in the hand.  Something that is nimble enough to get thin splinters and fine eyebrow hairs.  Somehing that is strong enough to pull the reluctant mole hair on your neck.  Something that can assit your false eyelash application.  This thing will do it all!

  10. Beauty Blender

    This product is perfect.  It applies your makeup with ease and no mess. The sponge application allows your makeup's finish to rest between perfection and totally wonderful.  The Beauty Blender blends your foundation into your skin creating seamless edges, smoot finish, and a perfect look.  Layer powder over this application for a matte finish.  Some people suggest you should wet your Beauty Blender before you use it in order to better distribute your product and prevent waste.  If you are looking to reduce the amount of time it takes to apply your face, the Beauty Blender is well worth it.


I know these products are the best because they have too many fanatic people behind them.  The hype is real!