Southern California hidden fun spots

Published: February 8, 2015

We are about to explore the best places to go have fun as an adult in southern california. From resturants, to themeparks, theathres and family fun centers. This list is hot!

  1. AMC Dine in Theatres

    This place is the ultimate theater that puts this as the first choice! The super extordanry atmosphere that’s created by the Legendary AMC Theatres is bar none, and no other theater "including I-pic" can compare to the experience created in this theatre.

    This theater is so awesome I have to give you 5 hot points of interest.


    1. This place is for 21 years old or older. No children allowed

    2. They serve you real food at your seat.

    3. They have electric lazy body seats.

    4. Seating can be reserved by ordering online via

    5. Spacious room to walk around.

    This theater is located in Marina Del Ray California. They always seem to choose the best new movies to watch. The theater is so comfortable that even if the movie isn't that good, you will still truly enjoy yourself every time.

    Your host comes to your sets and takes your order before the movie starts. During the movie if you need something else, you will not have to leave your seat, just hit the call button and they are on the way to come take your new request.

    From an alcoholic drink, a cup of water, down to some shrimp tacos. Take a look at this one last photo.

    So if you’re going out alone, or on a date, this is ultimate destination. Once you go, you will see why this was the number one hitter to get this list started!

     13455 Maxella Avenue #280, Marina del Rey, CA 90292

    (310) 827-7955


  2. Balboa island

    Balboa Island makes this list with flying colors because of its unique way you enter the island. The most popular way to enter the island is by ferry. Not just any ferry, but a ferry your car is on.That sets this place apart from any other natural attraction Sountern California has to offer. The scene captured on video is amazing taking and very memorable.

    The attractions on the island are mute, having a few good restaurants to visit and dine. The best part is the beachside coastline, and the feel of driving your car on a mini island.

    So don’t miss out, if you’re looking for a nice scenic or romantic getaway Balbo Island is for you.


    No address listed, visit their website for contact info. Click here

  3. Shoreline Village

    This is a long beach, southern California classic. Short line Village, what sets this location apart making it very classic is that it overlooks The Queen Mary in Rainbow lagoon. For those you don’t know, The Queen Mary resembles Titanic in many ways.

    They have nice bike baths, rental boats, and restaurants to visit. They even have an Aquarium of the pacific with live sea life.

    The night life is awesome, exciting and chill. There’s a movie theatre on shoreline drive if you want to plan a movie date, but nothing that comes close to Amc dine in theater.

    401-435 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA 90802

    (562) 435-2668


  4. Golf n Stuff Norwalk

    This makes the list because it’s an all American classic, because a big scene was filmed there for the original Karate Kid Movie back 1984.

    They have a lot of mini attractions to have a good time with, and you can buy a2 hour wristband that gives you access to everything below.

    1.      Bumper Boats “the best!”

    2.      Lil Indy race cars

    3.      Bumper cars

    4.      Their huge Miniature golf area”

    5.      Disk'O Thrill Ride

    They have an arcade as well to keep you going, two concessions stands to serve you if you get a little hungry and want something to drink. A cozy place to visit and have fun

    10555 Firestone Boulevard, Norwalk, CA 90650

    (562) 868-9956
  5. Soak City California

    It might not be the summer however I want you to remember this place for your summer trip.

    Soak City! This makes the list because it’s the ultimate water park. And yes it beats the Southern California’s first water park, raging waters hands down!


    It sits on a small property but it packs a huge hit of watery fun. It comes from the Makers of Knotts Berry farm and they do have various locations.




    8039 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620

  6. Pirates Dinner Adventure

     Pirates, Dinner adventure makes the list the list because, if you want some live action entertainment this place does the trick. It came from the same people that brought you Mid Evil time’s dinner and tournament.


    7600 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA 90620
    (714) 690-1497


  7. Mulligan Family Fun Center

    Kevin Heart is the reason why this location made the list.

    The movie: The wedding ringer was heavily filmed at this location. You would have to be California resident that lives in the south bay to have spotted this place out.

     It’s not as great as Golf in stuff, although it does have different attractions. Their arcade is small, but the fun a-waits with their Laser tag room, Golf Tee, Indy cars and their Mini golf course.  They also have bumper boats, and a baby little Indy car for kids around 5 to 10 years old.

    If you’re a Kevin heart fan and you like Little Indy cars, and miniature golf. Say hello Mulligan’s

     1351 Sepulveda Boulevard, Torrance, CA 90501
    (310) 325-3950

  8. Goofy's Kitchen

        Goofy’s Kitchen all you can eat buffet

    Let’s face it a Disney restaurant can make anybody’s list, but California has Disneyland and you’re in luck.

    Does not matter your with kids or on a date, this is a destination not to be missed.

    Disneyland Hotel, Magic Way, Anaheim, CA 92802
    (714) 781-3463

  9. Magic Mountain

    Six Flags kicked it’s way on the list because of who they are!
    The ultimate theme park for roller coasters is here.


    If a picture could say a thousand words, what would this picture say of Six Flags.

        26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
    (661) 255-4100


From the Ultimate movie theater for adults, the AMC Dine in theaters, to Balboa Island’s ferry ride, to the spine turning rides at Magic Mountain, blasting back to the future at Universal Studios, to playing where Kevin’s hearts Wedding ringer was filmed,

getting wet at Soak City, overlooking the Queen Mary from Shoreline drive, Having an all you can eat experience with Disney characters at Goofy’s Kitchen. And golfing around where the Karate Kid was filmed.

These destinations in southern California will leave you filled with memories and motion picture enchantment.



Plan to do it all.