The Best Yugioh cards in a dark deck

Published: February 8, 2015

These are cards that I have used for many years, or have use as soon as I can get them to the field. These cards make winning much easier and drive opponents crazy.



  1. Supremacy Sun

    1. The Supremacy sun: "During the next standby phase after this face-up card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. You can discard 1 card. Special summon this card from the Graveyard" This is an easy to summon card with a good starting attack and defense. Because this card is a special summon you will be able to get two monsters on the field per turn by normal or tribute summoning and using this special summon. Also seeing as you must draw a card each turn this card can keep returning to the field an unlimited number of times.  Because this card does not state that it must be sent to the graveyard by battle you can also use it as a tribute and bring it back in the very next turn. 

  2. Lava Golem

    2. Lava Golem: While not specifically a dark type card this card is useful in almost any deck, when combined with swords of revealing light or spellbinding circle you can force your opponent to pay 1000 life points in each of their standby phases. Not only is this card a constant burn monster but also it takes up a space on the opponents field. 

  3. Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent

    3. Jormungardr the Nordic Serpent: Another burn card, this card requires that you have an Aesir monster out on the field. Once you do you may summon this card on your opponents side of the field in face up defense position. If your opponent ever switches it to attack position they immediatly take 3000 life points damage. When combined with a card such as Card Rotator it forces the opponent to move it into attack position causing the damage against the opponents will. Follow this up with summoning Fenrir the Nordic Wolf and attack the monster for 1000 extra life points damage, once you have done that if the opponent destroys fenrir in battle they will also recieve damage for destroying him. This is a devastating combo and can take out almost half of the opponents lifepoints. Follow up with a quick combo for an easy win.  

  4. Odin Father of the Aesir

    4. Odin Father of the Aesir: This card has a devastating effect that reads "Once per turn this card is unaffected by spells or trap cards" As if that wasn't bad enough for your opponent if this XYZ monster is destroyed you can banish one Nordic tuner "Which was required to summon this monster in the first place" for your graveyard to bring it back onto the field. This monster paired with Nordic beasts makes devastating combos that will bring your opponents to a quick defeat.  


  5. Red Eyes Zombie Dragon

    5.Red Eyes Zombie Dragon: What makes this card the most devastating is that while it is a remake of an old favorite it also adds a new effect. Each time you destroy an opponents monster with this card you can bring that monster back on your side of the field as a zombie type monster. When paired with Card Rotator you could take out your opponents most stubborn monsters and bring them under your control indefinitley. This card is sure to make any opponent tremble with fear.  


  6. Mist Body

    6.Mist Body: This spell card makes any monster equipped unable to be destroyed by battle. Equip this to a gorgon monster and wreak havoc to your opponents monsters attack and defense.  


  7. Dark Lucius level 8

    7.Dark Lucius Lv8: This card is one of the more difficult ones to get onto the field, but once you are able to it is worth it. To make this combo work you will need Dark Lucius level 4, as well as dark Lucius level6. Once you play the level 4 version take out an oppenents monster with the lowest attack or defense then let this card evolve into the level 6 version. This monster will ignore opponents monsters effects, especially useful if you are going against an opponent with a yami ship. Once this monster has negated the effect of an enemy monsters card bring out the level 8 version. This card devestates the field with an attack of 2800. Each of your opponents monsters destroyed by this card will have its effect negate and banish them from play. This means that other cards that benefit from monsters in opponents graveyard won't be able to use their effects well. It also prevents opponents from being able to resummon their old monsters back onto the battlefield, this card is a must in a deck.  


  8. Dark Master Zorc

    8.Dark Master Zorc: An old card Dark Master Zorc leaves mystery and excitement into each of your turns. This ritual card is fairly easy to get out if you have the appropriate summoning card. The mystery in this card comes in its effect. Once during each of your turns you may roll a dice if you wish to. If the result of the dice is 1 or 2 you can destroy one monster on your opponents side of the field. If you roll a 3, 4, or 5 destroy all monsters that your opponent controlls. But what happens if you roll the 6, then you must destroy all monsters that are in your control. The thrill of rolling the dice and seeing which number comes up each turn is a small thrill.  


  9. Cloudcastle


    9. Cloudcastle: This is one of those fairly new XYZ cards, while not a dark card it can help to get out some of the harder to summon monsters. When this card is summoned you can summon a level 9 monster from your graveyard to the field. This card also prevents any mosnter that is level 8 or lower from attacking the first turn they are brought onto the field. This card can give an advantage in being able to see what monsters your opponent is summoning before he can attack, but it also hinders you from making attacks immediatly.  


  10. Earthbound Immortals

    10. Earthbound immortals: Any one of these cards is worth having in your deck. Cusillu for instance has the ability to, not only not be targeted for attack by your opponent, and to be able to attack your opponent directly, but also cusillu once per turn can cut your opponents lifepoints in half. Because this is a card effect your opponent will not be able to make a retaliation with spells or traps. These cards are some of the best!

In my opinion the Earthbound Immortals rule the world of yugioh. None of them can be targeted for attacks and can attack your opponent directly or deal devastating dammage depending on which immortal you are using.