Top 10 Venture Bros. Episodes to Watch Before Season 6

Published: February 6, 2015

Now that All This and Gargantua-2 has had time to be digested it seems like a good time to make a list of the best episodes to watch before season 6. These are some of the best episodes the show has to offer, but more importantly they'll get you all caught up on the major characters and story lines we need to know. I've decided to do them chronologically just to make it easier to binge watch. If you've never seen any Venture Bros this should get you ready for the new season, and if you're already a fan, well, these are the must re-watch episodes.

  1. Eeney Meeney Miney Magic

    This is a great episode to start with. It's a great episode period. Dr. Venture invents a 'joy can' powered by something nefarious. His new neighbor, master necromancer Dr. Byron Orpheus may be the only man who can stop it. You really get to know the Venture family in this one. from Doc to the boys and Brock, you get a really clear picture of their relationships. You also get to know Dr. Orpheus and Triana (bonus). Plus, Brock fights an army of ninjas and a cowboy with a flame thrower riding a T-Rex.

  2. The Trial of the Monarch

    This one's all about the villans for me. The Monarch, Dr. Girlfriend, Phantom Limb and the Guild of Calamitous Intent play a major role. The You get a clear picture of the antagonists here which you really need to know for The Venture Bros. Plus, Brock rips the arm off an ancient statue-brought-to-life and just wails on his nuggets.

  3. 20 Years to Midnight

    In 20 Years to Midnight we get to know the rest of the Venture clan. Doc's super successful little person twin brother, Sally Impossible, The Captain, even a brief cameo from Dr. Venture Sr. Sort of. This is one of the best episodes from season 2, and it's a really good intro to a lot of secondary characters. Plus you get to see Brock tie a guys leg to a subway train and bolt his face to a wall.

  4. Showdown at Cremation Creek (pt 1&2)

    This episode is where the series really picks up the pace. The Monarch and Dr. Girlfriend finally tie the knot, but Phantom Limb decides to crash the party. It's got a huge cast and an epic finale that really sets the stage for the major Venture drama to come. You also get to see one of the few time where Brock gets taken down. But then he teams up with David Bowie (yeah. That David Bowie) to take control of the Monarch's Henchmen and fight Iggy Pop.

  5. ORB

    There are so many amazing characters we haven't even see yet on this list. Well you're about to meet a bunch of them. Billy Quizboy, Pete White, Hunter Gathers and The Alchemist all play a major role. When Billy solves a mystey hidden in the old Rusty Venture cartoon they go on a globe trotting adventure to find the mysterious ORB. Studio 54, Oscar Wilde, a dirigable battle. This episode has it all. And Brock? He doesn't actually kill anyone here. But his greatest love, Adrian, tries to kill him and he's forced to fight for his life.

  6. The Revenge Society

    Oh man. Bowie's back. Red Mantle and Dragoon undergo a transformation. Phantom Limb has gone over the deep end. We get to see Billy again. Well, not really see him. He's tied up in a sack most of the time. And the entire Guild of Calamitous Intent shows up at the Venture compound. And you get to see Brock.. what? Brock's not even in this one? Nope. But we get to see Sgt. Hatred. So, that's cool.

  7. The Silent Partners

    Billy and White accepted money from The Investors for their super science duo Conjectural Technologies, and now they have to pay for it. We're getting into deep waters here, and I don't want to give away any spoilers, so be wary if you haven't see the show. Shore Leave, Col. Gathers and Brock team up and begin to unravel the biggest mystery in the Venture-verse. And we get to see Brock take on magic guys in his cool new job with Sphinx (sphinx!)

  8. O.S.I. Love You

    The Office of Secret Intelligence is under investigation. There's a fight to the death on a billion dollar hover carrier. And Uncle Vatred is getting his strange new growths checked out. And Brock falls off a flying fortress and somehow he's still breathing oxygen.

  9. Bot Seeks Bot

    This episode is so full of new characters it can be a little overwhelming, but it's really worth it. We see a new side of the Antagonist's world when Brock, Doc, Billy and the Monarch all end up at Don Hell's, a villain nightclub. I can't tell you who Brock fights in this one without giving too much away, but the episode has a really smashing ending.

  10. All This and Gargantua-2

    This is the most recent episode of the show, and the hour long special really delivered. It tied up a lot of loose ends and still left fans fummoxed on some of the Venture Bros oldest questions. It's huge, it's in space, and it's awesome.

Boom! Yummy! There it is. These ten episodes should get you caught up enough that you're ready for season 6. If you want more though the show is great from the very beginning. I hope you enjoy.