The best concert venues in Southern California

Published: November 17, 2013

Everywhere has their own places of entertainment, but southern California is known for having TONS of places to go for fun. It's no surprise that someone could have trouble deciding where to go. Concert venues are no different; there are a huge amount of them basically everywhere you go.

To make that decision easier here is a list of the top 5 concert venues in the area:

  1. The Chain Reaction

    If you're in the under-18 crowd, this venue is for you.

    This all-ages location is in Anaheim, just a few minutes from Disneyland. It's very small, basically standing room only (a few benches are available but nothing with a very good view). The crowd is VERY close to the stage and makes the concert feel really personal.

    To top it all off, the price for concert is always cheap. Even well-known bands rarely cost more than $20.




  2. The Echo

    This Echo is a club and great social music venue. Complete with a sizeable bar and lounge, it's a fun place to go with friends or meet new people.

    The gigs are often varied but they generally have a preference for DJs and electronica.


  3. The Staples Center

    This is, by far, the largest venue on the list. It's a huge venue in Los Angeles that generally offers standing room along with stadium seating. (it is also a sports arena for those interested). 


    It can be fairly expensive to see a show here, especially if the huge name bands, but Arena rock fans will not be disappointed.


  4. The House of Blues


    Another Anaheim location. It adjusts it's seating accommodations based on the gig. This location is the most famous of all the venues on this list. They have big name performers here along with more indie groups. No matter who is playing, you can guarantee that the atmosphere and staff will be very professional.




  5. The Troubadour

    This is it, the best of the best. The Troubadour in LA has got something for everyone. It's personal and has a lot of standing room but offers a fairly large amount of seating. The audio is very loud but really clear.

    No matter who you're there to see, It will be a preformance you never forget.


The thing about concert venues is that everyone has their preferences. The Troubadour is the best on this list because it is a happy medium between all the things most people want in a concert.

Still, this is only a short list. There's so many venues in Southern California though, each with its own style and flair. Going to just one or two would be a shame.


See tons of shows, keep supporting your favorite artists but most of all, just have fun!