The Best Apps for Moms

Published: February 3, 2015

Moms in the 21st century have some extra advantages over those of previous generations. Technolgy, when used correctly can be a huge help to Moms of all kinds. That is why I have compiled a list of the best apps to use to help us out in our role as Mommys. Obviously there are thousands of apps out there and this is only a small sample, but I think I've managed to pick some from every genre a mom may like. 

  1. Facebook

    I know what you're thinking, FACEBOOK? Isn't that for college kids and full of immaturity? The truth is though that Facebook, well at times incredibly annoying and full of people desperate for attention, can be a useful tool to Moms. For example I follow my children's school PTO facebook page and after a string of recent snow days they were the first ones to notify me that my daughter's concert had been cancelled. So whether you're using it for information or just as a tool to network with other moms, Facebook can actually be very beneficial. 

  2. Your Local Grocery Store

    Some, not all, grocery stores have a handy mobile app. For example I shop at Price Chopper and their app is wonderful. Not only can I see what specials they have available, I can also save mobile coupons and even earn points towards coupons just for me. Anything that is a money and time saver is a busy mom's best friend. 

  3. Walmart

    Chances are you probably have a walmart near you. Price and convienience combined you also probaly shop there. That being said their mobile app is wonderful. The other day I needed Mod Podge for a project I was doing with my kids. I neither knew what this was nor how much it would cost. I brought up my Walmart app and not only did they assure me they carried it. I also got see a picture of it as well as how much it was. Bonus points for them to because they even told me the aisle it was in. 

  4. Walmart Savings Catcher

    This goes hand in hand with the Walmart app but it is so  amazing it deserved it's own spot. The Savings Catcher app is hands down one of the coolest things I have ever seen. All you have to do is scan your receipt and the app searches local competitors for cheaper prices. Then you get the difference back in a gift card. You can even transfer it to a Bluebird account and have it available on your own credit card. Since august of 2014 I have earned back $66.81! Walmart even ran a promotion through February of 2015 where if you linked your Savings Catcher App with a Bluebird account, Bluebird would match whatever you saved!



  5. Spotify

    I love music. More importantly though, so do my kids. Spotify is great. For a monthly fee of less then $15 I have almost any kind of music I want at my fingertips. It makes long car rides less painful and spares me the daunting task of explaining to my four year old son that, "Mommy doesn't control the radio and can't make his favorite song come on".

  6. Netflix

    Just like Spotify, Netflux isn't free. However I have found it well worth it. Especially if you are likely to enjoy being a member in other ways. I keep the Netflix app pn my phone and if I find myself say, waiting for Jiffy Lube to finish my oil change, I just hand my phone to my two year old with an episode of Caillou playing and I have bought myself ( and my mechanic) 23 blissful minutes. 

  7. Food Network App

    Chances are if you're a mom you are at least 50% resposible for planning and preparing meals for any number of little ankle biters. This can be a daunting and challenging task. I love this app because it gets boring making the same things over and over again. The Food Network App not only gives me good recipe ideas but it also is a teaching tool. I know this might be shocking but I came to Motherhood unable to make rice. However with the help of apps like this I have grown into someone who actually enjoys cooking. Now only if I could look like Giada too!

  8. Pinterest

    I know everyone makes fun of the crazy people on Pinterest, but bottom line, Pinterest has given me an amazing number of ideas. Their mobile app is super user friendly and they are full of recipes, cleaning tips, decorating ideas, crafts for the kids and so much more. Well some of the idas Ive gotten off of Pinterest have been a bust (I'm thinking of you frozen balloon lawn marbles), most have been incredibly helpful. It is the only place on the internet where I can learn how to give myself Kim Kardashians' butt and how to get sharpie off of my microfiber couch all in the same place. 

  9. SnipSnap Coupon App

    This app is fabulous. All you have to do is search for coupons and save the ones you want. Then you just need to show your phone to the cashier at the checkout so that they can scan the code. Extreme couponers might not enjoy this but for the occasional couponer (especilly the one who forgets their coupon folder at it is a lifesaver. Any chance to save a few dollars off a shopping trip is well worth it. 

  10. Cozi Family Organizer

    I love this app. I really do. As my family grows everyone's schedules get crazier and crazier. This lets me save important dates, reminders, shopping lists, to-do lists and even has a journal option to keep track of important memories. This app is the busy mom's best friend. It saves you from those moments when your first grader looks at you, as the bus is pulling up, to tell you that they need 35 juice boxes by 9:00 am. 

So these are my pics for the best apps for moms. Every family is unique though so I'd love to hear feedback on your thoughts and your favorites! Tweet me @LiloSherby