The Best Fire Pokemon For Causal Gamers

Published: February 3, 2015

Okay, so you have five Pokeballs in your belt and you are hoping to add a sixth one, a fire type, to balance out your team. This list will help you pick the best little creature for the job. This list take into account how easily obtainable the Pokemon is, its stats, how well its weaknesses are covered as well as how it stands against the Elite Four.

  1. Arcanine


    There is a reason this amazing tiger-wolf gets the top spot on the list. Arcanine, known as the legendary Pokemon, is  a great choice for any trainer. For starters, Arcanine boosts a total base stat of 555, making it able to hold its own against  legendaries such as Moltres and Entei (580). However, it is not nearly as difficult to obtain as the aforementioned. It's preevolution, Growlithe, has a catch rate of 75% and is pretty common in its "native" versions (Such as Pokemon Red and Pokemon Gold". All one has to do is use a fire stone and presto! Your very own demi-god.

    Arcanine is a pure fire type which means it is weak against water, ground, and rock types. Arcanine is able to overcome these weaknesses thanks in part to the elemental fang attacks. "Ice Fang" will leave ground types out in the cold and "Thunder Fang" will leave water types well, fish out of water. Because these are physical attacks, they benefit from Arcanine's impressive attack power (202-350). Rock types and rock type moves such as stealth rock are tricky for any fire Pokemon, but good ol' Arcanine can blast them away with a nasty Solarbeam (in fact, this is super effective against Water and Ground  types as well).

    Arcanine's high base stat totals allow it to compete with other strong monsters in the Elite Four. It's solid attack stat, diverse pool moves and intimminate ability, make it suitable for both offence and defense all at once. Its ability also makes it safer for Pokemon on your team that have lower defense stats say Raichu or Absol to switch in without taking too much damage.

    When you consider this, adding the regal beast to your team is a no brainer.


    With its pure strength


  2. Magmortar


    Number two on the list is not only set apart by its rather strange appearence, but also by its excellent combat abilities. Known as the "Blast Pokemon" it can really pack a punch with its two large cannon blaster hands. Magmortar is evolved from Magmar. Although Magmar can be tricky to catch (it's capture rate is just 5.9%) evolving it is simple; it requires a magmarizer which is obtained within the normal course of the game.

    Like Arcanine, Magmortar is a pure fire type and thus share the same elemental weaknesses. But unlike the firey canine, it's strength is consentrated into its special attack stat (229-283). With a stat base total of 540, it is not too far behind. Magmortar's natural move pool consists of course, mainly fire moves. But it hass access to interesting moves such as clear smog, a move removes any stat gains while damaging the foe and confuse ray, which confuses the foe with 100% accuracy. Combine that with the high powered fire attacks which often have a chance of burning an opponet, and you've got one powerful creature on your hands. The little fire monster also has access to a diverse set of TM moves ranging from thunderbolt to psychic, allowing it to hold its own against wider range of foes. Magmortar also has access to mach punch through breeding. This move allows Magmortar to quickly deal with rock types that  may set up a stealth rock (which is by the way, extra damaging to fire types).

    Magmortar is a candiate for battling the Elite Four because of its flexibility, as well as its decent base stats total. Your foes will be left confused as you are able to pull off a seemingly random array. Because of this, Magmortar could work well with other members of your team and work with your already established strategy.

    Unpredictable, and charmingly ugly, Magmortar will make a blazing new addition to your team.

  3. Charizard



    I'll give you a moment to take in the nostalgia. For many trainers, this super awesome fire dragon was the most trust worthy member of the team. Before leaving Pallet Town in Kanto, they got a wee little Charmander, with big bright eyes and a  smokey tail. After a rebellious Charmelon phase, what was once an unimpressive lizard grew into the toughest beast around.

    Charizard is easy to obtain because Charmander is given to the player in the X and Y games as a second starter Pokemon. Just evolve it into Charmelon at level 16 and evlove Charmelon ten levels later and Charizard is yours.

    Nowadays in the age of competitive battling,  regular ol' Charizard doesn't get much of the respect from its older glory days thanks in part to a four times weakness against that pesky stealth rock that we keep mentioning.  However thanks to X and Y and the advent of Mega Evolution, Charizard's gotten a whole new attitude.

    Now there are three Charizards (four if you count the glitch Charizard M'). Confused? Well here's the deal: In about the middle of the X and Y narrative, the player obtains the ability to mega evolve their Pokemon. Charizard is a given a special stone, either Charizardite X or Charizardite Y (go figure) which causes it to mega evolve within the course of the battle (they are not "real" evolutions in the sense that they go back to normal after the battle is finished).


    Charizard X has a brutal base stat total of 634. It also becomes a Fire/Dragon type instead of a Fire/Flying type which causes it to lose that flying type protection against ground types. However, it makes up for it great attack and special attack stats . Its ability Tough Claws serve as an added power boost.

    Charizard Y also has a base stat total of 634, but it is distrubuted differently. Some of Charizard Y's attack is sacrficed to the special attack. With its new ability Drought, the increased stat is put to use. A freakishly high special attack, plus a fire type weather boost, plus a STAB (same type ability boost) fire move combine to make Charizard Y a powerful addition to the team. It is also able to give any grass types you may have because as long as Drought is in effect, solarbeam will become a first turn attack. Talk about team work.



    Charizard Y is proabably the best bet to use against the Elite Four. Its Drought ability can weaken common water type abilities as well as lend a hand to grass types on its team. It can put to good use powerful moves a like Flareblitz and Inferno, which can deicide the winner of the battle in a single hit.


    Whether you stick to the old school Charizard or the new school baddies, Charizard is a great asset to your team.


There are many Pokemon that I didn't mention. That does that mean they are not valuable, they may be even more so to your team. Nonetheless the causal gamer cannot go wrong with the three aforementioned Pokemon. The key is exploiting your foe's weakness while covering your own.  Good luck on your journey to the Elite Four!