The 10 best restaurants in woodstock, va

Published: January 30, 2015

If you're passing through Woodstock, VA and looking for some good eats here are the top ten. The small town offers multiple restaurants with a warm welcoming 'down-home' feel with wide ranges of fare anywhere from American to Italian. Enjoy the services offered by each of these establishments as well as the atmosphere they provide. Based on quantity and quality of services provided, portions sizes, fare prices, and location of these restaurants, hopefully making a decision on where to eat in this quaint town will be easier.

  1. Woodstock Cafe & Shoppes

    The Woodstock Cafe & Shoppes is as unique of a place as they can get. The Cafe serves delicious soups, panini sandwiches, salads, coffee, and baked goods that are made in house daily. The desserts are hand crafted by their pastry chef everyday;ranging anywhere from chocolate chip cookies to smore's bars to red velvet cake. The portions are not overwhelming, leaving you feeling perfectly satisfied with enough room for dessert with reasonably low prices.

    Not hungry? The cafe is still a great place to stop if you're passing through the quaint little town as it is located right in the middle of historic old town on main street; grab a quick cup of coffee or hot beverage and explore downtown. If you have more time, the cafe also offers an amazing variety and knowledge of beer and wine. You can also check out their consignment items throughout the store. Top it all off with life music on Friday afternoons, and there isn't a place more unique and inviting than the Woodstock Cafe and Shoppes.


  2. The Garden Cafe

    Owned by the same owners as the Woodstock Cafe & Shoppes, the Garden Cafe offers the same delicious sandwiches, soups, coffee, and pastries with a different feel and environment. Since the cafe is located in the middle of a locally owned nursery you have the luxury of enjoying your lunch outside at a beautiful cast iron table surrounded by gorgeous flowers and shrubbery with a view of the Appalachian mountains in the background. Feel free to stroll around the nursery to purchase amazing plant life and support two local businesses.

  3. The Other Place

    Looking for a burgers and fries joint? Well this is it...sort of. This local spot offers burgers, but with a gourmet feel, and the option to enjoy a delicious craft beer on tap. Enjoy your dinner outside on mainstreet in downtown Woodstock with a friendly and warm, welcoming staff. The portiions are prefectly sized. The sandwiches come with a side, and they offer an option to add a craft beer for just $5 more.

  4. Italian Touch

    Looking for a delicious, but quick option for Italian? This is your spot. Located right off the highway, Italian Touch delivers fast, quality service that is not easily compared; the generous portion sizes and low prices set this retaurant apart. The food is delicious, offering fare from pizza by the slice, to subs, to pasta dishes, with specials offered daily. There are two sides to the restaurant, one accomodating a quiet, casual sit down atmosphere with a server, and the opposite having a self-serve diner feel. You can order in or to go, and the option of delivery makes it super convenient.

  5. Tony's Pizza House

    Looking for an excellent family owned restaurant to enjoy a handmade pizza with your own family? Tony's is your place. Offering a wide range of delicious Italian fare with generous portions and low prices, Tony's restaurant is the perfect place to go for dinner to relax and enjoy your company.

  6. Springhouse

    The Springhouse is the oldest restaurant in historic downtown Woodstock. The building is set on top of a stream which provides a very welcoming, and country feel. The atmosphere is family oriented with large dining areas and rustic decor on the walls with a seperate room with a bar for late night excursions. The menu has something for everybody, generous portions, and low prices. The Springhouse would be an excellent dining option for families looking for quality food and service without breaking the bank. The staff is always welcoming, and provides a comfotable dining experience.

  7. Sunrise Cafe

    If you're looking for a quiet, local experience the Sunrise Cafe is a great option for breakfast/brunch, or lunch in the area. The cuisine is homemade, giving it a better appeal than the fast food restaurants littered immediately off the highway. The staff is welcoming, and in regard to the extra minutes you'll have to wait for food versus ordering from fast food, you'll enjoy fresh food made in house that is worth the wait. Enjoy the reasonably priced portions while supporting a local business at the same time.

  8. Joe's Steakhouse

    Joe's Steakhouse is a great American restaurant, with a boisterous feel. This restaurant offers a slightly more expensive menu, but with the generous portions and options available, the price is well worth it. Joe's is a great place to enjoy a fancy dinner without breaking the bank. Enjoy delicious Filet Mignon cooked to perfection, or a crab cake dinner. All of the options at Joe's are excellent. Top it off with a seperate bar to grab a drink in by yourself or a friend, and a friendly staff, Joe's doesn't compare to other's if you're looking for a late dinner with your family or significant other.

  9. Paisano's

    Paisano's is a great option for Italian fare in Woodstock, VA. Offering rich, homemade pasta dishes such as eggplant parmesan, fettuccine alfredo, and spaghetti with low prices, this restaurant is perfect for a quiet dinner out with your family.

  10. Las Trancas

    Amongst the multiple Italian and American options, Las Trancas offers an excellent, authentic Mexican option to the list of great restaurants in Woodstock. Enjoy the friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere with amazingly generous portions for a fair price.

In conclusion, these restaurants, ranging from the greatest to less great, are a great opportunity to support local businesses while sight seeing and enjoying the quaint, historic town of Woodstock. Enjoy the gorgeous backdrops of the mountains and trees speckled with beautiful farmland and historic landmarks while tasting delicious, homemade food. Allow the staff and owners of these establishments to welcome you with great service, and a warm attitude, encouraging you to visit the town again and again.