The Best 90's Electronica Songs to Listen to While Running

Published: November 17, 2013

If you are like most people who exercise, listening to music can really help power up your workout. And there is actually some science to it: many studies have found that when a person runs or performs aerobic activity while listening to songs they enjoy, their endorphines (happy hormones) increase and their mood level rises. This makes it easier to charge through a duration of exercise, and even add some gusto to getting it done!

So if you like electronic music from the 1990s and love to run (or jump rope, or bike ride) for fitness, give these songs a try on your ipod! You may find your run easier and more enjoyable!

  1. Daft Punk "Around the World"

    This poppy, fun electronic song doesn't have a whole lot of lyrics. But that's okay! The melody will have you turning up the speed on your treadmill. The robot voice saying "around the world, around the world" may make you feel like you can run around the world with this song playing at a good volume in your ears.

  2. The Orb "Toxygene"

    The video for this song even has people running in it. "Toxygene" starts out slow, builds momentum with the sound of a freight train coming, and then, BAM! It takes off with some crazy electronic beats and blaring whistles. The melody is hypnotic, making a runner put feet to pavement while turning up the volume. It ends with a very hyped-up cresendo, and it will certainly make for an intense running experience!

  3. Underworld "Born Slippy" (from the "Trainspotting" Soundtrack)

    This song takes a little while to get to the fast techno beat. Use that as time as a warm up with some jumping jacks! It starts out with just the electric piano and male singer's voice, but it is a good build-up. When the beats kick in, they are loud, fast, and driving. There's no way a runner can keep from powering it up during this song! Its great for sprinting! At the end of "Born Slippy", there is a little bit of a "cool down"- perfect for those fast but short workouts!

  4. The Chemical Brothers "Leave Home"

    This trippy song has deep, punching beats that make you feel like you are running for your life! Leave Home compells a runner to work it out, as the vocals repeat "the boys gonna work it out." Punching the air like a boxer feels appropriate, as the music intensely winds around, up and down. It is as though the song is taking the listener on a journey, through underground tunnels and back-alleys. Better run fast to this one!

There are so many great songs that can help you energize and enjoy your workout. The 1990's offered lots of hot, hip tunes that can still get your blood pumping. If you enjoy electronic music, add these to your playlist and set fire to your running workouts!

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