Best Landscaper in Fox Cities, WI

Published: January 28, 2015

15 years ago I bought a new house that had a blank canvas, yard was nothing but dirt, no driveway or patio so that is how it all started.  There are many great landscapers in the Fox Cities and I learned the hard way that there are a few not so good.  I did my research and called references before I found one of the best, Stumpf Creative Landscapes, a family owned business that has been around since 1972.  Stumpf provides its customers with the following: outdoor living spaces and areas, brick patios, retaining walls, seeding-sodding, quality nursery stock, architectural designs, grading and grounds maintanence.

  1. Stumpf Creative Landscapes Inc.

    Stumpfs award winning designs can be seen throughout the fox cities, they bring life to homes and businesses a natural beauty and unique design. The outdoor designs they create stand out from anything else.  Stumpf takes the time to listen to their customers and gives them a piece of heaven when creating their designs.  I personally have a beautiful brick patio from Stumpf and they took their time creating exacltly what I wanted.  It doesn't matter how big or small the job they take their time and know customer service.

  2. Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

    Backyards are an important element of great backyard entertaining.  They take a boring outdoor living space and give it  a facelift by turning it into a gorgeous outdoor livingspace.  It is fun to change your patio landscaping as the seasons change and add color and interest.  by adding flowers in the spring and beautiful autumn trees in the fall.  Adding running wagter adds illusions in outdoor spaces. Using glass walls mirrors extend the garden into the house or antoher wall adds interest.

  3. Brick Patios and Retaining Walls

    Patios are an extension of the landscape.  Patio contruction is composed of natural stone, concrete pavers, or man-made materials that are bulit upon a base of crushed stone or sand.  Patios can be used for many of the same things as decks including outdoor living, dining and entertaining.  Patios can be an outdoor room with the addition of hardscape seating or retaining walls.  Retaining walls add depth and dimension to outdoor living area.  There are many different looks, colors and designs to choose from.  Walls can be used to offset trees, shrubs and planted areas and also divide outdoor spaces. 

  4. Architectural Designs

    Architectutal landscape design adds to the curb appea of your home and the quality of outdoor living.  Its important to work with a professional when creating a design in your yard.  Sometimes you know what you like and what you want your yard to look like but putting it together is another story  This is where a professional like Stumpf comes in and really listens to your wants and somehow puts it all together.  They will come in an do all the planting for you or they will draw a plan with listings of plants you need and you can plant on your time.  It can be costly to add a yard of landscaping all at once and this way you can add a few plants a few at a time. 

  5. Seeding and Sodding

    Sod can provide a fully functional lawn within 30 days.  If you are in a hurry for a lawn then sodding is the best option.  Or ifyou own a dog and need a lwn sod is the best option.  Seeding is less expensive and doesn't need much water as sod.  I did my law and grading 2 times so I am well aware of the process of growing grass.  Stumpf came and landscaped my yeard and it was beautiful yard in no time.  The advantage of sod is you have a lawn very quickly and less mud and mess.  Grass is best started in the falll in cooler weather where sod can be started anytime during the growing season.

  6. Grounds Maintenance

    Stumpf provides antoher service, grounds maintenance, they maintain your yard ensuring it is attractive, orderly and healthy.  They will even mow yars weekly.  Yards can be alot of work and the bigger the harder it is to maintain it.  They will provide mulching, planting, edging beds and aeration.  And don't forget the trees and seasonal clean ups.  All these things are important for maintaing a healthy lawn.  Proper mowing and watering are very important for healthy lawns.

  7. Quality Nursery Stock

    Stumpf provides most of services in-house and offers a large selection of over 120 acres of trees and evergreens, they offer a turn-key approach to minimize any inconvenience during the constrution phase.  Their nursery stock is purchased from locally owned and operated nurseries that grow only the finest quality nursery stock.  They also take the extra time and neccessary precautions when transporting the nursery stock to a site so the plants look as nice as they did before harvesting.  A very important tip is make sure you're providing something of interest in each of the four searsons.  Landscaping for 4-season interest begtins with a well researched plant-selection plan.  The goal is to have flowering trees and/or shrubs throughout spring and summer, fall foliage in the autumn and god structure in winter.

  8. Trees and Shrubs

    As with flower and pants the planning portion is as important as the execution.  You need to understand your landscape and environment and then use knowledge in selection and placement of shrubs and trees.  If the wrong plant is in the wrong spot it will not do well.  Stumpf is ery educated and helpful in this process.  Its important to know the climate, soil conditions and expected winds.  I have lost many trees and shrubs due to high winds in Wisconsin.  Proper spacing and the trees and shrubs is important and to know how big or wide a bush will get.  Beautiful fllowering shrubs will perform better if healthy to begin with and planted well.

  9. Lawn Maintenance-upkeep

    Because of Wiscsonsins nothern climate care must be taken when fertilizing lawns.  Temperature plays an important role in when to fertilize.  If done at the wrong time the only thing that benefits are the weeds.  When considering installing or renovating an Wisconsin lawn selection of the proper turfgrass is one of the most important decisions to be made.  Lawns are meant to be permanent, and a gras species should be selected that has been adapted to the Wisconsin weather.  Lawn diseases should be properly identified before trying to treat.  Local, professional lawncare services are your best source for idenfitying and treating lawn care diseases.

  10. Stumpf famliy owned and best customer service around

    From small, residential landscaping, to large-scale commercial projects, Stumpf can handle all your landscaping needs.  Stumpf's crews pride themselves on professionalism and experience with each and every project, no matter the size.

    Since 1972

    Menasha, WI

After all the research I have done I am glad to have done business with Stumpf and will continue to use their serivces before I go anywhere else.