Ten best things that will remind you of your 90s childhood

Published: January 23, 2015


That's right! I'm taking it back...back to the good old days. Saturday morning cartoons were still a thing and the music on the radio didn't include synthesizers. Now I know not everyone can appreciate all of these memories, but this is for the rest of you nostalgic 20-somethings out there who are like me and want to reminisce about the awesome times we had. These days kids aren't getting to experience a lot of what we did. Let's show 'em how we do things! In no particular order here are the 10 most radical things about the 90s in my humble opinion.

Disclaimer: I don't own or create any of these images and respect all copyrighted names and the like. 

  1. Music

    Whether you were a Nirvana/Barenaked Ladies/Blind Melon listener (which I didn't respect until later in life) or like me and a boy band lover... there were so many great artists to find your groove to. I remember acquiring Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill . It was the first CD I ever owned and it changed my life. I couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 so I'm fairly certain I had no idea what she was singing about most of the time, but it was catchy and sassy... it was basically the best music to jump up and down on your bed to. NSYNC and BSB, Aguilera and Spears... whatever you fancied it was out there in the 90s. Today I turn on the radio and every station is playing the same five songs over and over (I hear my father's voice when I say that but it's true). We recorded our favorite countdown on a cassette tape and in the late 90s came Total Request Live. Without a doubt it was the beginning of a lot of change in the media and brought a social aspect to music that didn't exist before. Now we didn't just jam out to our music on the radio, but we saw them in person every day... we saw their clothes, their make up. We wanted to be Britney, we imagined that NSYNC was singing to us in the audience. It made the experience more relatable. I could go on all day about just the music of the 90s. Let's move on before I get stuck on this subject...

  2. Pogs

    Pogs became popular in the early 90s, I was almost too young to enjoy them. This was our currency. If you had something you wanted from a friend, this was the way to get it. I never played the game that was associated with these quarter-sized cardboard discs but I did have the tube and an awesome collection of pogs including the Nintendo set and the holographic Power Rangers set. Apparently had I kept them, today they would be worth a whopping estimated $4. Even the super "rare" off-center red ranger. Glad I didn't hang onto them.

  3. Nickelodeon

    Animated or not: Nick had the best shows to watch. My favorites were: All That, Are you afraid of the dark?, Doug, and Rocko's Modern Life. And I don't know about you but every time I see Amanda Bynes in the news for being a psycho hose beast ... I think of her on the Amanda Show with a blacked out tooth and a frying pan hard up for laughs. Looks like little has changed for her. I had a little brother born in 97 so I used that as an excuse to watch shows like Gullah Gullah Island, PB&J Otter, and Little Bear. Not ashamed to admit that I frequent 90snicknostalgia.com and check for DVD sets on Amazon. 

  4. Disney

    To avoid writing this one section for the rest of eternity, I'm going to simply say I have a bit of an obsession with Disney movies from my childhood. I'm just going to try and keep it short by listing some highlights...

    Beauty and the Beast
    Homeward Bound
    Hocus Pocus
    Toy Story
    Lion King
    Jungle 2 Jungle
    Hunchback of Notre Dame

    To be honest I'm not certain that is a highlight list and not an entire list of there works in the 90s. Ah well. 

    But can we all say a quick thank you to the inventor of DVDs? REWINDING MOVIES SUCKED.

  5. Future Prediction

    Okay, okay... so we weren't really all knowing oracles. But who was to say that you wouldn't live in a mansion with your five kids and your husband Nick Carter? Anything was possible. And if you got "shack" you were certain to be laughed at the rest of fifth period. 

  6. Paper books were still actually a thing

    I looked forward to going to the book fair every year, which I'm not even sure is still a thing. I am a slave to my Kindle now but I miss these titles:


    When RL Stine started the "choose your own ending" series I was literally hooked on every one. Don't tell me you didn't cheat either. Because I know you did.

  7. Candy and Soda

    Let's all bow our heads and say thank you that our children won't have access to these:





    FDA didn't have the chokehold they have now, and all the kids weren't "gluten intolerant". We were not the whiny kids of todays generation. We ate as much sugar as humanly possible and our parents sent us the hell outside. That was the way of it. 

  8. Gameboy

    The Nintendo Gameboy changed the face of video games, it made it portable. They couldn't make enough of these. I still remember playing Super Mario Bros on my Gameboy. This commercial for Tetris really explains it all. The sensational consumer base for these games was unmatched by anything ever before. And it was all over if we couldn't find batteries for the game, I can't tell you how many times I got yelled at for taking the batteries out of the TV remote to put in my Gameboy. 

  9. The anticipation... and the screeching.

    That third square seemingly took forever to light up... but when it did it was the best feeling. AIM became popular in the late 90s. You had all your friends on a list and the perfect away message ready ... good bye see through phones and three way calling and hello chat rooms! Fake screen names were pretty much the best way to prank your friends and I'm pretty sure this was where the inspiration for "to catch a predator" came from. OMG since 1997.......a/s/l?

  10. Pokemon

    Now I didn't put this under simply "video games" or "tv shows" because Pokemon was a sensation all it's own. A card game, a tv show, video games, toys... you couldn't turn around and not see the shadow that Pokemon was casting over the universe. I still remember trading with friends and literally running home from the bus stop to catch the 4oclock showing of Pokemon. That theme song is my jam. Some Pokemon memorabilia is now worth tens of thousands of dollars! 

Our kids will probably never know what it's like to push a tape into a VCR, how to trade pogs for gushers, or what it feels like to wait in anticipation for Pokemon to come on at 4. I hope you enjoyed my list and that you try to keep the memories alive!