The Best Gear for Newborn Twins

Published: January 22, 2015

This is a list of what I feel is the best gear for newborn twins. I have two year old identical twin girls and felt overwhelmed by the amount of baby gear out there and wasn't sure what I would actually need so I wanted to provide a resource for other parents to turn to.

  1. Fisher Price Sooth & Glow Seahorse

    We have two of these seahorses and my girls still love them. They offer a soothing glow and calming music that automatically turns off after a few minutes. They are easy to clean and are available in blue or pink.

  2. Woombie Air

    We tried many different swaddling methods but finally decided that the Woombie Air was the best, hands down. My girls couldn't wiggle out and there was no noisy velcro to adjust. The double-ended zipper made quick diaper changes a snap. The Woombie comes in several different styles and patterns so you can find the one that fits your needs the best.

  3. Breathable Mesh Bumper Pads

    The "rules" in baby care are constantly changing but the latest verdict is that fluffy bumper pads are dangerous and breathable mesh bumper pads are safe. We used these bumper pads and were very pleased with them. They were extremely easy to attach to the crib and I slept easy knowing I had one less thing to worry about.

  4. My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle 'n Swing

    When it comes to must-haves, the My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Cradle 'n Swing is a sure deal. We had two of these suckers and they were definitely life savers. They are adjustable for speed, seat level, and swing position. They also include a mobile and the ability to have it on or off. Plus it can play a series of lullabies or soothing nature sounds that are voume adjustable. They can run via power cord or batteries. We prefered the platinum edition because of the snuggler and the extra features. They are also easy to easy when the inevitable blow-out occurs.

  5. My Little Lamb Deluxe Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper with Canopy

    We traveled a lot when our girls were younger and the Rock 'n Play Sleeper was a great portable option for us. We had two and our babysitter used them to feed the girls when they were bigger instead of sitting on the ground to feed them. Congested babies seem to breath a little easier in the sleeper because of the incline. The sleeper is easy to wash, too. Just make sure your baby doesn't spend all day in the sleeper because they could develop a flat head. Remember tummy time!

  6. Boppy Pillow

    Bottle feeding twins at the same time can be challenging but with the use of our Boppy Pillow it was a breeze. When the girls were smaller, we snuggled them together in the same Boppy and just held their bottles up. As they grew, they each had a Boppy to lay in while they ate. The pillow also works great for tummy time and later on as they practice sitting up. 

  7. Angel Dear Bunny Lovie

    When the girls were very small, we introduced them to their Angel Dear Bunnies (one twin's is solid pink and the other's is pink floral print.) These bunnies are so soft and snuggly. My girls rub the bunny ear under their nose as they fall asleep and it is just so precious. Also, the bunny ears are long enough to tie a pacifier to which make great home-made "binky holders." You can also by packs of three called "A pair and a Spare" so you don't have to worry about the dredded "I can't find my lovie!" moment.

  8. Sophies

    Some people think that Sophies are overrated but my girls really enjoyed theirs. We used "bottle leashes" to keep them tied to the stroller and it made walks more enjoyable for everyone. A quick wipe with a wet cloth cleans them up and they feel oh-so-good on little teeth as they come in. My girls are two now and still play with their Sophies. The little squeaks coming from the chewable giraffe have always made me laugh.

  9. Fisher Price Jumparoo

    We actually ended up with four Jumparoos (two at our house and two at my mother's house) because my girls loved them SO much! They simply loved to jump and spin and would spend all day in there if we'd let them. The seat is easy to wash in case you have any messes to clean up. The toys around the edge are fun for little ones and provide different levels of sensory input. Mine particularly loved the spinning toys. The jumparoos come apart easily if you need to store them. We got four different kinds of jumparoos so we could rotate the girls between them so it was like a new toy each time.

  10. Bumbo with Tray

    As long as you use common sense with where you set your Bumbo seat, you shouldn't have any problems. My girls always loved sitting in their Bumbos. We would set them up in front of one another and they would hold hands and share toys back and forth. The tray is a great addition because you can affix a suction toy to it to extend play time. I don't recommend placing the Bumob seat on the counter or table because it's just too easy for your baby to fall. Since they are pretty compact, we traveled a lot with our Bumbo seats.

  11. A Good Camera

    I regret that I didn't have a good camera for the first two years and just relied on my iPhone for all our pictures. I have album after album of blurry photo. I recently bought a Canon Power Shot S110 and have been extremely pleased. The camera has built in WiFi so it is very easy to transfer the photos over to your phone or computer. It's a small investment in something that will provide you a lifetime of memories. Plus you can often find good deals on this camera on Amazon! I got mine for $130 during Black Friday.


    If you do any online or in-store shopping, be sure to check out for deals before you check out. They also have an app that retailers can scan barcodes from so you don't have to have a printer. I have saved hunderds of dollars on everything from baby monitors to clothes to books just by checking this website. And who doesn't love saving money!?  


    One of my favorite websites is It's where I order our Christmas cards, birth announcements, calendars, personalized ornaments, and prints. I routinely get discount codes that offer 101 free prints or a free calendar. They have great customer service and their website is easy to use.

The thing to remember is that what worked for us might not work for you... these are just suggestions based on my experiences. We generally had two of everything but if you don't have the room, one might be just fine. Best wishes! Being a parent of multiples is amazing. Don't let people and their rude remarks get you down.