The Best Artists To Listen To At The Gym

Published: January 22, 2015

I have always felt that music is the best way to get an inspired workout going. You are always in search of something that can inspire you to go one last rep or add on five more pounds of weight, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to listen to a song that will increase your heart rate and inspire you to dig deep and move past goals. Below are a list of the artists I have found inspire me the most. They are not from the same genre of music, as i find I need different types of music on different days and different times in my life to inspire me. I hope you enjoy and find inspiration in the music provided by the artists below!

  1. Eminem

    Eminem has some of the most hard and gritty lyrics out there that come from a place of rage and anger within him. If you are looking for music to inspire a hardcore workout search Em's extinsive library of hardcore music. Some of my personal favorites are Lose Yourself, Till I Collapse, and Survival.

  2. AC/DC

    What needs to be said about these rock legends? Maybe its not a hardcore workout day and you just need something high energy or just some loud rock and roll. Look no furthur than the classic AC/DC. With hits like Back In Black and T.N.T. and an extensive collection of other songs, these guys are sure to provide and invigorating workout. 

  3. Slipknot

    This scremo band is one of the most inspiring hardcore rock out there. For bursts of explosive energy and intense workouts driven from their hard loud lyrics tap into some Slipknot. Some of my personal favorite are Psychosocial and Sulfur. If I'm looking to beat a PR or really lift some heavy weights I tap into some Slipknot. 

  4. 50 Cent

    So maybe you're not looking for a super hardcore work out. Maybe all you need  is some music to help grind out some sets. The ghetto warrior 50 Cent provides the perfect material to grind out rep after rep. His hard player attitude is perfect for a tough workout. I personally find Many Men (Wish Death) and In Da Club to be some of his best works for inspiring me.

  5. Nirvana

    Sometimes your just down in the dumps, maybe even a little bit depressed. The gym can be the perfect way to get the sadness and anger out. When I am in one of those moods I like to listen to Nirvana. They provide a slew of sad and angry lyrics to help light a fire inside and dig deep in a workout. 

  6. Lil Wayne

    You either love him or you hate him, but with such a wide variety in genre of music it would be hard to not be able to find at least one song of Weezy's that inspires you. Many of Wayne's verses contain explicit lyrics and hardcore verses that can create a mindset that is ready to do real hardcore work and lift heavy weights. Some of my personal favorites are Grindin' and I'm So Over You. Great for many different moods. 

  7. Skillet

    You wouldn't know it by the amount of energy this band pours into their songs and the grittiness of their lyrics but they are actually classified as a christian band. The energy from their music is alone enough to produce a few extra reps and help bang out some extra time in the gym. Definitly do not judge the music by the label. Some greats are Monster and Would It Matter

  8. Dr. Dre

    One of the gods of rap and one of my personal favorites in and out of the gym. One of his songs, Forget About Dre, is great both in and out of the gym. You can feel the passion he puts into his lyrics. For and powerful grind workout hit up Dre for some great beats and tough lyris. Some personal favorits are I Need A Doctor and Kush.

  9. Imagine Dragons

    With ony one album out at the time I discovered these guys I figured I wouldn't be able to get but one or two good songs out of them, but their first album is packed with great go to gym songs. They provide a different feel from the other listed music, but are still high energy and invigorating with their lyrics. Greats are Bleeding Out and Radioactive.

  10. Fall Out Boy

    World famous and extremely popular for two reasons, high energy and great sound. The lyrics may not be meant for high energy, but that doesn't make any difference. They're songs are fantastic to finsih up at the end of a workout when energy levels are low and you needs a pick-up. Definitly look into songs like Alone Together and Centuries for a great finish to a workout!

I have listed the best and my personal favorites in descending order, from the songs I get the most energy and power from and constantly have on repeat, to the songs that I use from time to time and are always reliable sources of energy. These are the artists that over the past four years I have found myself continually going back to for high energy workouts, or slower grind workouts. I think these artists will provide music for everyones enjoyment, and is not a list tailored to one specific genre of music. I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of these songs as I do, and the best of luck to you in all your fitness endevors!