The Top Ten Plumbers in the Greater Twin Cities Area

Published: January 21, 2015


There is nothing worse than getting up in the middle of the night to discover that your toilet is overflowing and won't stop or a water pipe has burst. What do you do? Who would you call? Chances are that you will call the first plumber you see. Chances are that ok but in order to have peace of mind and get it done right the first time, you need a professional that you can trust to get the job done right the first time. This means taking the time to research the local plumbers and trying to determine who is trustworthy. A daunting task for sure when your frustrated and frantic for help to stop what you just flushed down the toilet from coming back up and floating around your bedroom. This list will help you keep in mind the best plumbers to call in an emergency when the time comes.

  1. Drip Drop Plumbing LLC

    The first on this list is called Drip Drop Plumbing LLC. Located in Rush City just north of the Twin Cities, They service amost all of the outer ring suburbs, are licensed and bonded, and guarantee their work for two years. If that isn't enough they have all 5 star reviews on Yahoo! and Yelp as well as being skilled enough to meet commercial plumbing job requirements as well. Included is a link to their website for direct assistance.


  2. Roto Rooter Plumbing and Drain

    Being in the plumbing business for over 80 years is great piece of mind for the customer. A plumbing company that doens't know how to do correct and efficient work would be out of business by now. Roto Rooter plumbing and Drain has over 12 locations throughout the metro area so you can be sure that help is close by should you ever need it. They have an after hours emergency line, are licensed and bonded, and even provide helpful tips and blogs to DIY yourself is so inclined. To make it more accessible they have an online "chat with a plumber" to help diagnose your issue before you shell out your hard earned cash for something that could be fixed easily by you.

  3. Rush Point Plumbing

    If you live in the Anoka/Champlin area you know that there are literally hundreds of little mom and pop plumbing shops. Which one do you choose? Sure the guy down the street charges what seems like half price compared to the others you called but is he licensed? Can you count on him to do the work right the first time? These are questions you probably should be asking but might not in a time of dire need. Thats why you would call Rush Point Plumbing to erase all doubt of your messy problem. These guys do it all from emergency plumbing, water heater repair and replacement, and even help you with your bathroom remodel.

  4. Soderlin Plumbing and HVAC

    These guys still have that small company feel and yet they tackle all the big projects that normally only the giants can tackle. This means that you can trust someone to be sent out to you who knows what they are doing. Soderlin services the Maple Grove and surrounding areas. These guys have perfect ratings on almost every review board and do it all from fix your huge plumbing problems to annoyingly hard to fix heating and air conditioning problems that seem to rear up at the worst possible times. On top of all this, they don't even charge a service fee if you call during normal business hours.


  5. Benjamin Franklin

    No not the famous historical character. These guys service the entire Twin Cities Metro area. Bejamin has his very experienced plumbers on standby to help you at a moments notice. Whether you live 50 miles in the country or the heart of downtown Minneapolis, you can trust that professional plumbers will meet you at any time, day or night. I have personal experience with these guys two years ago when I had (or thought I had) a serious plumbing issue. Turns out the repair was done in under an hour and I was only charged $120. I was sure I was going to have to sell a kidney to fix my plumbing but these guys were very honest and expalined to me the importance of maintenance and how I can better use it to avoid future services calls. Real stand up company and their reviews on various contractor websites like Angie's List prove my experience was not an isolated incident.

  6. Artistic Plumbing Inc.

    Now I know the name sounds like something you would found in a really, really weird art museum exhibit but its not what you think. Dan is the man of this company. Artistic Plumbing has only been around for the last decade or so but Dan's work is exceptional. He personally returns your calls same day and will even stay late if you need him to. The best thing about this company is the fact that it's small and does exceptional work. How does this differ from the other companies on the list you ask? Most of the other companies are a lot bigger and therefore have more overhead to worry about thus raising the price over the smaller guys. Normally you would just go with the tried and true but if you call Dan you can expect top quality work at a very reasonable price.

  7. Bonfe Emergency Plumbing and Restoration

    Bonfe is the company you call when two things happen: A. you have a serious after hours issue and your local plumber closed shop at 5 and B. you need someone you can trust right now. Bonfe experts are a one stop shop for any house repair you can't tackle yourself. They will fix your plumbing, take care of your HVAC problems, and even rewire your entire house if need be. These guys pride themselves on fast after hour response times. Bonfe only employs plumbers and electricians with years of experience so you can be sure your house problems with be a thing of the past.

  8. El-Jay Plumbing and Heating

    What if you have a business? All these plumbers listed so far sound great but I need proven industrial grade plumbing help and fast! El-Jay is the company you want for no excuse commercial and industrial plumbing solutions. They work with you every step of the way to ensure the work and the budget stay on task and to your satisfaction. With a 100% satisfaction seal and a three year warranty, you can be sure that your business plumbing will be as good as new.

  9. Ellingson Plumbing and Electrical

    Do you live way outside of the Twin Cities but still need reliable help and quickly? Look to these guys for all your needs. Specializing in plumbing and electrical repair, Ellingson's business aims to make you happy, even in the middle of the night. Located up in Alexandria, MN and serving the surrounding areas, this company has been in the business for over 30 years now. Just becasue you don't live close to the Cities doesn't mean you have to take a chance with a questionable company.


  10. Green's Plumbing

    Last but not least is Green's Plumbing. This company is for servicing mostly cabin homes seeing as its located way up in the Detroit Lakes area which is 4 hours north of the Twin Cities. After hours services and licensed and bonded technicians make plumbing and heat issues much easier to deal with. The last thing you want is to deal with while relaxing at your cabin is shoddy work. Thats why you call Green's to ensure the job is done 100% the first time.


In this list we have covered all the bases no matter where you live in Minnesota. From emergency plumbing services to solving annoying electrical issues, these companies have you covered day or night.