Published: January 21, 2015

Seinfeld sits near the top of most everyones list of funny TV shows. If you havent seen it on multiple occasions, you probably havent been watching TV since 1990...

ANYWAY to list the 10 best episodes is quite an undertaking when dealing with other peoples preferences and favorites. I will try and make this list geared towards someone who hasnt seen that many, or spent much time seeking it out on their own. So these are the best to watch if you are not a big fan already. I'll try and follow chronological order too so you can find them easily. Its not hard to turn someone into a Seinfeld fanatic in just 1 night of viewing!

  1. The Chinese Restaurant

    EPISODE 16

    The Chinese restaurant is probably on most seinfeld lists. It sets the tone for the entire SHOW ABOUT NOTHING. 3 people waiting to get food at a chinese restaurant. They discuss their daily issues, stand around, play pranks on other diners. They do just about everything you could imagine doing while waiting for a table... BUT WILL THEY EAT!?

    The Chinese Restaurant is a classic for sure.

  2. The Parking Garage

    EPISODE 23

    Again we join our team in another setting that showcases Seinfelds focus on nothing. Theyre leaving the mall, Kramer carrying his new air conditioner, but where did they park?

    They attempt to answer that question for the rest of the episode and we basically follow each one of them on their own misadventures around the lot. How many times have you found yourself in a similar situation and then made the most of it by making fun of other people?


  3. The Alternate Side

    EPISODE 28

    This is an awesome episode for a lot of reasons. Most of the action takes place at Jerry's apartment but each character has their own particular story to follow. George is parking cars trying to make extra money, Kramer has a role in the new Woody Allen film, Elaine is dating someone much older than her. Each segment connects to the other in some way, resulting in some very memorable lines!

    "..These Pretzels-"

  4. The Subway

    EPISODE 30

    Everybody is on the subway has their own story. Our cast is the same way: Jerrys got to make the trip out to Coney Island to deal with some parking tickets, Elaine has to be the best man at a lesbian wedding, and George and Kramer are basically along for the ride. Again, each of them finds some misadventure along the way..

  5. The Contest

    EPISODE 51

    The Contest is one of the most known/famous episodes out there. Jerry is dating a virgin and frustrated having to go without sex while hes getting to know her. At the coffee shop they start talking about it and eventually all 4 of them decide to all make a bet. Its based on withholding themselves from a certain personal activity.. and most of this episode is in dancing around the actual word.

    "..IM OUT!"

  6. The Junior Mint

    EPISODE 60

    Jerry has found himself in another strange situation: specifically, hes dating this new woman... but cant remember her name. Through spy work mostly, he figures out that it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy but thats his only clue! The episode also centers around Elaine reuniting with an old boyfriend who is about to have surgery. Kramer and Jerry get an offer to observe the procedure...

    A great pick for somebody new to the show.

  7. The Hamptons

    EPISODE 85

    This is another great episode based on a seemingly normal situation: A weekend in the hamptons at a friends beach house. But its Seinfeld.. so theres some catches. For one, theyre all there to see a friends baby, but cant contain themselves once they see how ugly it is.. next, everyone sees Georges girlfriend topless... except George.


  8. The Dinner Party

    EPISODE 77

    So somebody invited all 4 of them to a party...

    In this episode theyre trying to get gifts for their friends dinner party and it becomes a struggle to come prepared. Kramer and George (in his new Goretex parka) have the responsibilty of getting a bottle of wine, easier said then done for them.. Elaine and Jerry try and fight their way through a line at the bakery to get the last chocolate babka.. George thinks it can all be solved with some Pepsi and a box of Ring Dings, but then it wouldnt be a show...

  9. The Muffin Tops

    EPISODE 155

    Kramer is in charge of a reality bus tour based on stories from his life, Jerry gets in a situation with his girlfriend after shaving his chest, and Elaine's new buisness idea is a store that sells only the top of muffins. The three of their problems collide, except George, who is pretending to be a tourist to convince a girl to keep seeing him..

    "you pop the top, ditch the stump"

    (NOTE: A real Seinfeld themed bus tour actually exists in NYC, lead by Kenny Kramer, the inspiration for the character)

  10. The Burning

    EPISODE 172

    This episode has a lot but its another great episode for a new fan. Jerry's new girlfriend keeps saying "Its me" as her phone greeting, and its getting to him. He tries to turn the tables on her when he calls her back but she thinks he is somebody else. Elaine borrows her boyfriends car and finds out that he is religious, and its getting to her. George meanwhile develops a talent for "showmanship" or, leaving on a high-note. Basically leaving work if he makes a good joke cause it works out better than if he stayed around and ruined it with a lame follow up. Kramer and his friend have gonorrhea.. for Doctors, who are diagnosing actors with fake illnesses. unfortunately, Kramer is typecast after a stellar preformance...

Nothing stands out more then The Chinese Restaurant as far as episodes that define the show in general. Seinfeld really is "THE SHOW ABOUT NOTHING" as they billed it during the original broadcast on NBC. First of its kind in the style. Immitated by others, but never beaten. If you havent seen it yet start with these episodes and you'll be hooked for sure.

"Thats it for me! Goodnight! Goodnight, Everybody!"