The best places to go with twins

Published: January 20, 2015

This list reflects my experience in going out with twins. It can be challenging to take out two children who are exactly the same age, so I have compiled a list of multiple-child friendly establishments. 

  1. Children's Museum's

    Many children museums have a 3 years and under play area for kids. This is especially helpful when you are outnumbered by your children. 

  2. Sam's Club

    I enjoy shopping at Sam's club because their shopping baskets are fitted with two child restraint seats in the front. This way, if you have two toddlers with you, each child has a seatbelt instead of having on child in the seat and the other in the cart. 

  3. Red Robin

    Red Robin does a good job at getting the food out fast. Also, they offer free refills on the children's mac and cheese and drinks. So both of my children eat for the price of one. 

  4. The mall

    Many malls have a children's play area, as well as a food court with lots of options for children. Our local mall even has a family restroom that has nursing stalls, a play area, and diaper changing stations. They make it really easy to have a day out while having a safe and secure environment. 

  5. The park

    The best parks are the ones that have a fenced in play area. This is especially important when you have two toddlers running in different directions. 

  6. Gymboree

    Gymboree provides classes based on music and play. These are wonderful, and the teachers of the classes are very willing to help out when they see a mom with multiple children. 

  7. Chick-fil-a

    Chick-fil-a in some locations have a play area that is seperated by a glass wall from the main dining room. It is nice to go to lunch and be able to play in a safe and secure environment. 

  8. Aquariums

    My children love the aquarium. It is a great place to keep the children engaged and active, and there are always activities designed for their particular age range and interests. 

  9. The Zoo

    The zoo is a great place to let the kids run off some energy! Most zoo's have an area set up for smaller children to run around and explore the animals at their own level. 

  10. Splash pads

    Splash pads are a great, free way to enjoy the summer fun! They are becoming more popular these days in local parks. And some of them even have fenced in water pads. 

I personally think that Children's Museum's are the best location for taking multiple children. There is a lot that they can learn and explore while being in a supervised environment.