Top 10 things to do in Coffs Harbour, Australia

Published: January 20, 2015

Coffs Harbour, Australia can be the perfect tourist destination, if you know everything there is to do.   Coffs Harbour is located on the North Eastern coast of New South  Wales, roughly two hundered seventy miles north of Sydney.  There are many ways to coffs such as car, train or air.  Coffs Harbour is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, located in the dense rain forest with sprawling beaches and a tempered climate.  Here are the top ten things to do while in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  

  1. Whale Watching

    No matter what you do in Coffs Harbout, the lifestyle revolves around the beaches.   What better way to enjoy a day in Coffs Harbour than whale watching.   With dozens of boats to charter, you can find your perfect vessel to see these amazing marine animals.  Since Coffs Harbour is on the Eastern Shores of Australia, the cold Pacific currents run directly by the beaches of Coffs Harbour, meaning that the ocean near coffs can support a wide variety of marine life.   Whales in particular, migrate along the cold currents, which makes this an ideal location to try and see the majestic creatures.  

  2. Coffs Harbour Beaches

    The beaches in Coffs Harbout are absolutely amazing.   There is a wide varity of activities to enjoy while spending your day at the beach.  Other than sun bathing you can take surfing lessons, go scuba diving, get a birds eye view of the beaches by hang gliding.   There is so many ways that you can enjoy your day at the beach in Coffs Harbour.   You can even take part in sky diving for very reasonable rates.  If you are in need for some refreshing treats, stop by one of the many cafe's along the beaches in Coffs Harbour, for that afternoon snack or an early dinner.  

  3. Visit the Pet Porpoise Pool

    The Pet Porpoise Pool in Coffs Harbour is nothing short of delightful.  The shows are spectacular with many marine animals.   Take a swim with the Porpoise and gain some amazing photos which will make your friends and family back home envious.  After the show make sure to stick around for the education tour.  Learn about all of the various marine life that call Coffs Harbor home.  For very reasonable rates you can enjoy the Pet Porposie  Pool for several hours and by the time you leave you will want to return right away.   You may want to call ahead to order tickets as the shows do sell out  fast.  

  4. Visit Dorrigo National Park

    Dorrigo National Park is a hidden gem in Coffs Harbour, Australia.  Although the beaches may be the main attraction, Dorrigo National Park has plenty to offer.   With towering trees, rich flora and stunning waterfalls, this could be the perfect place for a day trip.   There are many ares in wich you can pitch a tent as camping is a favorite past time in the Dorrigo National Park.  The paths and trails span over 18 miles so this could very easily turn into a day trip, so make sure to pack lunch and plenty of water.   This is also a very great way to see some of the wildlife that call Coffs Harbour home. 

  5. Sunday Morning Harbourside Markets

    The Harbourside Markets are the perfect way to spend your Sunday morning. The Harbourside Markets offer a wide varity of goods to consumers.  You can find many home crafted goods by local's including home crafted candles, soaps and a wide variety of foods for your Sunday lunch.  You can also buy a large number of native Australian plants, and even let the kids take a ride on a camel.  After enjoying the marktes, simply take a very short walk on one of the foot paths and you are on the beaches, perfect timing to take a quick dip in the ocean suds to gain some relief from the heat.  

  6. Take a stroll on The Coffs Creek Walk

    Sometimes you want that relaxing walk on the beach, other times you want something completely different.   The Coffs Harbour Creek Walk provides you with a shaded journey through the forrest of Coffs Harbour.  The Walk bends through the Mangrove forrest of Coffs Harbour providing some stunning views.  The Coffs Creek Walk also carves it's way through most of the city, allowing for access to most of the city by simply taking a stroll.  Uniqe in the fact that it even has businesses lining the path in some locations, providing areas to grab a bite to eat, get a hair cut and public restrooms.  

  7. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

    Stand Up Paddle Boarding at Coffs Creek can be a great way to spend a hot afternoon.   Rentals are cheap but the fun is priceless.  You can paddle board all the way to the ocean if you choose, but use caution when doing so.  It is wise to remember that Coffs Creek is a tidal creek, and sometimes the currents can be quite strong.  There is a diner located on the shore of coffs creek to provide refreshments when needed, and the bait shop has all of the supplies that you would need for a fishing trip to Coffs Creek.   Stand Up Paddle Bording is a great experience and can be fun for the entire family.  

  8. Coffs Harbour Regional Botanic Gardens

    The Coffs Harbour Regional Botanic Gardens are absolutely stunning.  With thousands of different plant species there is more than enough to keep you busy for the day.   The flora and beauty of the Coffs Harbour Regional Botanic Gardens is second to none.  Around every corner you will find breathtaking views and your senses will run wild.  The Botanic Gardens even host special events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies and even concerts.  Guided educational tours are avilable but you do need to call ahead to be sure of the times.  Make this a must on your visit to Coffs Harbour, the best part, it's free.  

  9. Mutton Bird Island

    If you are a nature lover, Mutton Bird Island is a destination that you can not miss on your visit to Coffs Harbour.  Less than a mile off of the coast of Coffs Harbour, Mutton Bird Island is a National Wildlife Refuge that is protected by the New South  Wales and Arustralian Government.  What makes this island so special is the Mutton Bird.  The Mutton Bird leaves the island every morning to go hunting over the open waters of the Pacific Ocean, and they return at dusk.   This mass arrival of the Mutton Birds is quite the sight to behold, however, you must view the departure and arrival of the birds from a distance, as the paths are closed during these times.   

  10. The Big Banana

    In 1964 John Landi decided to get quite creative in order to make more traffic stop at his roadside stand.  The Big Banana was born.  In 1989 the entire area was transforemd by a morth than thirty million dollar expansion which resulted in quite the entertainment complex.  The Big Banana no hosts The Big Banana Water Park, Ice Skating Rink, Wild Toboggan Ride, Going Bananas Cafe, Gift and Souvenir Shop, Candy Kitchen,  Sunset Lakes Nursery, The World of Banana's Multimedia Experience, Laser Tag Arena and a 36 hole mini golf course.  This is the perfect rainy day stop if you do not want to brave the elements if you are in Coffs Harbour on a rainy day.  

Coffs Harbour is an amazing place to visit and even better place to live.  With so much to do it's no wonder that the populatin swells from only 70,000 during the winter months to over 200,000 in the summer.  The beaches are the best part of Coffs Harbour and life in the area revolves around the beaches, so take plenty of time to enjoy yourself on the beaches of Coffs Haroubr.