The best harness for your small dog

Published: January 19, 2015

Harnesses, rather than collars, are becoming the preferred means of walking dogs - especially little guys whose necks and throats can be damaged by pulling on their necks.

With all the varieties of dog harnesses available, it can be challenging to decide which is best for your dog. There's no such thing as the perfect harness - but there is a perfect one for each dog!

  1. Choke-Free Shoulder Collar - best for dogs who gag or choke

    The Choke Free Shoulder Collar is best for dogs who gag or choke when being walked. This soft leather harness is uniquely designed to circle the dog around the shoulders and avoids contact with the neck entirely. This harness is best for adult, fully-grown dogs, since it adjusts very little and is sized precisely. 

  2. Plaid Step-in Harness - best for puppies

    The Plaid Step-in Harness is excellent for puppies. It fits most dogs beautifully, has a wide adjustment range for growing pups, adjusts easily, is easy-on, easy-off and inexpensive. There are many step-in type harnesses available - this one is different because its straps separate right at the buckle, rather than down the dog's shoulder. This makes for a better and more comfortable fit for the dog, with less chance of chafing.

  3. ComfortFlex Sport Harness - best for broad-chested little dogs

    The ComfortFlex Sport Harness is strong, lightweight, easy-to-use and keeps even the most powerful small dog comfortable and under control. The leash ring is on its own strap, away from the dog's back, and distributes any pulling pressure all across the breadth of the dog's chest. Colorful, with reflective striping, the ComfortFlex is great for active, strong little dogs.

  4. Wrap-N-Go Harness - best for dogs who try to escape

    The Wrap-n-Go Harness is the best we've found for dogs who try to back out of their harnesses or collars. We know what a concern it is for owners whose dogs hate wearing harnesses. It's a battle to get the harness on, and a constant worry when the dog is out and about. While no harness is guaranteed "escape-proof," this is the one our Houdini Harness Tester (a Miniature Poodle named Coconut) has been wearing for several years. Coconut comes into the shop to test every harness for escape-ability. This is the only one he's never defeated. 

  5. EasyGo Harness & Leash Set - best for easy-going dogs

    The EasyGo Harness & Leash Set is easy to use, adjusts perfectly every time it's used, is soft, secure, inexpensive, and comes with its own matching leash! Best for dogs who are relatively well-mannered on leash, the EasyGo is the perfect answer for many smaller dogs.

This list just highlights a few of the dozens of harnesses we carry - each with a specific special look, function, and purpose. If you need help choosing a harness for your dog, let help! 

We've even designed a Do-It-Yourself Harness Selector that will guide you to the best choice for your dog with a series of easy-to-answer multiple choice questions. We're always happy to help with solutions for people who love their dogs.