Bands that were in your top 10 but now make you puke

Published: January 18, 2015

The bands that made up your high school or college years. You listened to them despite 100% of your friends didn't. You stuck up for them when people didn't "get it." They were your style icons, inspiration for life, and what made you stand out. The bands that "got you." The bands that paved the way for hipsters accross the nation. The bands that you were so sure were your all time favorites at the time, but are now your most cringe-worthy "favroite" bands of the 2000's.*

*notice I left out Radiohead. I refuse to say anything negative about them, because that would cancel out any hope I had of being "with it" in high school. 

  1. The Strokes

    You dressed like them, had their posters, stickers, and multiple copied C.D.'s. They were new, stylish and had that vintage sound you were craving coming fresh out of the pop-induced 2000's. They sounded like they didn't care and effortlessly exuded sheer style. I would call them style icons over music icons, therefore, since style changes, they would be on my puke list. 

  2. The Vines

    The Vines had a couple amazing songs that I felt super strongly about, listening a total of 5 times to them. I had such faith that they were going to be huge. Now, however, I cringe at the sound of their name. 

  3. The Doves

    They used to be the secret, underground amazingly cool band that only older people listened to. I can't recall why their songs were so mesmerizing but now I wouldn't be able to sit through one song without cringing at their boring played out sound. 

  4. The Shins

    Not that I wanted to put them on this list, but trying to recall a shins song makes me immediately giggle at their shrill sound. It was the coolest thing in the world circa 2004 but now I wouldn't be able to sit through a song without making fun of it. 

  5. Wilco

    Wilco used to be the coolest with their nonchalant vocals and genuine sounding music. The man really lived. Their words had real meaning back in 2004. Fast-forward 11 years and I would rather hear Demi Lovato with her upbeat and passionate sounding music compared to Wilco. 

  6. The Postal Service

    You may have openly pronounced the Postal Service your favorite band, or secretely loved them, but at one point or another, you've probably liked their music. It sounded so stylized yet so genuine. Listening to their music now, makes me feel pukey inside. The singer Ben Gibbard married Zoe Deschanel and 2 years later seperated. That sums it up for me: cool for 2 years. The shrill voice, the elementary sounds, and vague lyrics make them #6 on the puke list. 

  7. Pheonix


    I'm sure Pheonix were great about 10 years ago, but now it's giggle-inducing. What seemed to be new and fresh, ended up being played out for roughly 10 long years of hipster repetition. Pheonix was the epitome of cool. Who knew their style would be here to stay for 10 extremely long years. Thank goodness EDM is here to change it up ;)

  8. Interpol

    Interpol was great until the copycat bands showed up. They were cool precisely because of their unique sound and style. The copycat bands lacked in every department, yet gained as much popularity as Interpol. Somehow, that knocked them down a few notches back then. It's almost funny hearing the same emotion from them, 10 years later. 

  9. The White Stripes

    They were possibly responsible for your androgenous look in high school and college. Thank goodness that's over :). Jack White was thought be a genius with a 200 IQ but looking back on The White Stripes, it sounds like a temper tantrum in every song instead.  

  10. Modest Mouse

    They used to be a lot of people's #1 but listening to them in 2015 makes me feel pukey inside. Their lyrics and sound used to be over the top amazing, yet somehow now, all I feel is sheer irritation with their music. I'll still vouch for their talent but it's hard to listen to a full song nowadays without cringing.  Modest Mouse summed up passice-agressive rage like no other band. At the time, you related. Now, it angers you. 

  11. Sigur Ros

    You reserved this one for your cool friends. You sparingly put it on your cd mixes. It was a good one to know, but rarely listen to. Let alone, 10 years later, it likely will not be any fun listening to this band. Interesting and talented are two words to accurately describe Sigur Ros but listenable and mood-boosting are definitely not. Sigur Ros and the mystery surrounding their language were surefire ways to get on the cool list in high school. Rumors ranged from them singing in a fictitious language made up by them, to gibberish to it being just plain Icelandic. Either way, it just seems complicated and unnesesary now. I give them credit for doing what they love but Sigur Ros will never again be anywhere near my top fave music lists. 

  12. Feist

    Not quite Aimee Mann, but still interesting in her own accord, Feist was once on our top 10 lists, but now her music is a staple across corporate coffee shops, and not in our itunes. She started out being unique and filled a very needed niche. Shortly after she became popular, a sea of copycat singers came along, ultimaely ruining her uniqueness. Feist was great to see in concert because the shows were cheap and interesting. (She recorded her voice during shows and replayed them as backup vocals) The slew of manic pixie girls made Feist's music unlistenable due to the pukey association. I've tried, but all it stirs up is irritation. 

The Strokes defined the 2000's stereotypically cool music. They were the band that gave radiostations cred and never seemed overplayed. Unfortunately they were one of the firsts for what would become 10 years of similar sound and style accross America. They were the first mainstream hipsters, and now, 10 years later, I'll take EDM, hip-hip, anything but The Strokes-sounding indie. 

Nirvana and grunge era music produced indie music of the 2000's. It was more polished, less passive-agressive, and seemed to provide much needed ingenuity. Now, 2015, the indie of the 2000's seems played out and repetative. The hipsters exhausted the ingenuity aspect of music. DJ's are in. The ingenuity aspect is still there but it's purely through sound (ie dubstep).