Best Restaurants in Avon Indiana

Published: November 16, 2013

I've lived here on the west side of Indianapolis for the last 10 years and these are the best places to eat in Avon, Indiana. Based on quaility of food, service, and price. None of these places should run your more than 20 or dollars if your looking for a cheap date.

  1. Cheddars Casual Cafe

    Easily the number one spot. Their food is dirt cheap. We're talking about spending an average of $15 on two people. They have a wide range of sides to choose from. The food is faboulous. The service is great. I highly recommend the "World Class Chicken" Sandwich. One small caveat though. They are extremly popular so there is almost always a 15-20 minute wait.


  2. Bagger Daves

    This a burger joint thats really taken Burger Kings old motto to heart, "Have it your way." Every burger is completly customizable. On each table is a little score card with every option under the sun. Highly recommend the turkey burger. Coke or Pepsi products. Neither. They only carry thier own speaicl made-from-scratch sodas.


  3. Monical's Pizza

    This is the best pizza place is town. Prices are low and tasty. I personally always get the 8" Hawaiian pan pizza. Their breadsticks are a great value too but watch out, they have a lot of large salt crystals on them. Oh! And they devilver.


All of these places offer superier quaility in food, service, and value. Check out all three to get the full Avon experience but no matter which restaruant you choose you're sure to leave with a full stomach and a full wallet.