Top 10 Restaurants on South Chicago

Published: January 15, 2015

I have lived in South Chicago all of my life until 2 years ago when I moved to Waterloo, Iowa. I soon found one of the things I took forgranted in Chicago was the food. They are so many place to eat in Chicago. There are so many different varieties and ethnicities, food never gets boring. In Waterloo there are a few okay restaurants but not  like Chicago. As you know Chicago is split up in to many different areas and the South Chicago area of Chicago is known for having a wide variety of popular resturants and tasty bites, So being the foodsick person I am I decided to make a list of my top ten favorite restaurants in just the South Chicago area of Chicago.

  1. Cocula Restaurant

    This is a mexican restaurant located on 88th and Commercial. When eating here expect fast service and tasty authentic mexican food at an affordable price. I aim for the asada taco dinner with horchatha. The best in the midwest. This restaurant is also a family friendly restaurant, so whether you are having a business dinner or having a family night out, you will be more then happy with this choice.

  2. Calumet Fisheries

    Calumet fisheries is located on 95th and Calumet. Now this one is a little odd. They are expensive, they have no seating and sometimes there customer service can be a little off, but if you can bear through all that they have some of the best fried shrimp in Chicago. Actually they prepare some of the best seafood in Chicago. This restaurant looks like a hole in the wall and if you didn't know what your looking for I'm pretty sure you would miss out. But if you look past all this restaurant flaws youj will find a diamond in the rough.

  3. Beggars Pizza

    Beggars Pizza has a few different locations but the one I am talking about the one located on 81s and Stony Island. There you will find good service and a amazing stuff crust pizza at a affordable price. I grew up on Beggars deep dish pizza. I remember Their chunky sausage pieces, tomatoey saucy and gooey cheese. That was a little piece of heaven. On top of their pizza they have many different pasta dishes and sides. 

  4. The Banana Leaf

    This restaurant is on 79th and Bennett. It has excellent service and excellent food. I always shoot for either the jerk chicken or the jerk soup. This restaurant surprises me because rumor has it that these are not real Jamaicans who own and run this restaurant but cook like they are fresh from Montego Bay. MY mother side of the family is Jamaican and I am used to real Jamaican food. Its is often a disappointment when I go into a "mock" jamaican restaurant and they ruin all the tastes I grew up with, but this restaurant makes me feel like I am a little girl again sampling when my mom leaves out of the kitchen.

  5. C & G's Restaurant

    If you need a breakfast spot I gotcha! C & G Restaurant is the place for breakfast. Their affordable prices and excellent service will help jumpstart your morning. This menu has everything i.e Sausage and eggs, biscuits and gravy, pancake meals. They serve their light fluffy pancakes in stacks and they keep those stacks coming! They are many side items to join with your meal and everything is well cooked and seasoned. 

  6. 3 J's

    Even though this restaurant is located on 75th and Stony Island you can catch this restaurant in traffic. They have a food truck service that matches their restaurant in taste, service and price. They are so convenient and will come to your job if requested. Deliveries are always on time and if they are late they are so nice that you really can't be mean. I reccomend this restaurant to anyone coming to Chicago and give them two thumbs up.

  7. Capri's Pizza

    Capri's Pizza is little Italy. They have one of the best pizzas in Chicago with their buttery crust and amazing sauce. Plus their deep dish pizza is to die for. They make authentic Italian desserts that are the freaking best and their alcoholic drinks give you a nice buzz unlike most restaurants watered down beverages.The service is warm and welcoming, and your food is done fast. I've never had to wait long to be seated but they can become a bit crowded during peak hours.

  8. TNT Mexican Restaurant

    Just like Capri's is little Italy, TNT's can be compared to lil Mexico. They have authentic freshly made tortillas, made from scratch everything I'm in heaven. They have amazing drinks and friendly service. Real home cooking. They start you out with freshly made tortilla chips with their home recipe sauce. The waitresses are friendly and I never had to wait to get my drink refilled. My plate was huge and filled to capacity with meat, beans, tacos,and rice. I am in love with this place. I give it an A+++.

  9. Huas Chop Suey

    I love chinese food. Therefore I am very picky about the chinese food I eat. But when it come down to Huas Chop Suey I can say only good things. They are very clean. They owners and servers are very nice and friendly. They helped me understand what differnet symbols meant and were very patient with me as I tried to find something off the menu. That was hard because there were so many good looking rhing. Finally I chose my meal and order. The service was very fast and even though I ordered my meal to go they didn't have a problem with switching my meal to dine in. It was all around good experience.

  10. Seashells

    My last favorite restaurant in the South Chicago area is the seashells on 71st and Jefferys. Actually this isn't my 10th favorite but the local Harolds blew it so Seashells it is. The thing I like about Seashells is that its cheap, good eating whether your dining in or eating out. They have a lot of price specials on the menu and their food is normally well cooked and seasoned. They stay open late so you can always catch a bite after a night of clubbing. They sometimes have a few problems with service and customers because this is one of the "hood" restaurants but overall its a ok restaurant to eat at.

Well that kind of wraps it up I love my city Chicago, IL and I love the food. That is one thing I will always miss. I would really like to say I have a favorite out of all of the restaurants but I really don't. They are all to good to choose.