5 Best Ways to Write a Compelling Blog

Published: January 14, 2015

Ever wonder what it is that draws people to start reading and following a blog? How do they get popular and how do they keep their followers coming back?


Learn what makes a compelling, engaging and exciting blog with a large fan base!

  1. Determine who your audience is

    You need to know who your readers will be so you know you are "talking" to in order to engage that target group. What are their interests? What references will have them laughing? Which ones will have them shrugging their shoulders or losing interest?


    Is this being sent to the millenials? Or to Grandma?


  2. Goal of the post

    Do you want to entertain or inform? This is key to fleshing out your blog post. What is the meat of it? What is the purpose? What do you want readers to take from it?

    Be sure to break down your goal before you start writing so you know the most important points you want to get across and the best way to do so.

  3. Style

    Is your writing style shining through your words? Readers want something unique. It is great to write about the latest thing, but also important that you do so in your own unique way. Don't worry so much about what others are saying. Add your own twist to it. It is refreshing to get a new perspective.

    Consider using a theme that ties the post together and adds a unique and fun twist to it.

    Draw readers into your world by sharing with them and showing (not telling) what makes you unique through your posts.

  4. Engage

    Use colorful examples and personal stories to make your post come alive. When we are surfing the net, we like to skim through blogs and so you must ensure your post is blog-reader friendly. Make it attention getting and personal. Use a good format that makes it stand out and easier to read.


    How can I engage my readers more?


    Use a conversational tone and use words to get your point across in the best way. Be concise. Don't be over flowery with your word choice.


    Divide and Conquer

    Separate your ideas using different headings and be sure to illustrate your points. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, right?


  5. Get your readers involved

    A blog that gets more hits will be one that draws the reader in and engages them for all (or most) of the post.


    Show interest in your readers and ask for their comments. Write your post in a personal way so that they are more engaged. A conversational tone can make readers feel as if they are chatting with a friend.


    (Be sure to use correct grammar of course!) You don't want to lose your credibility.

    The key is to write in a way that gets their attention and keeps them interested. You can promise a payoff at the end or engage them by keeping it fun.


  6. Be consistent

    Your readers need to know what to expect from you.

    How often will you post? Why should they read your blog? Is it consistently an engaging experience? Do you give incentive for them to want to get more involved in the post? To follow you or get updates? This is how to get readers to keep getting your updates to build your follower base and increase your reach.


    Always respond to your readers comments in a timely manner. Set it up so that you are informed by email of new comments. This will establish that you are a blogger that cares about their feedback and this is the perfect blogger/reader relationship to have.


Involving readers means to write personally to what will interest your audience in a unique way that gets their attention.

Using attention-getting headlines and writing in a personal style will draw your readers in and leave them wanting to read more.

Be sure to use your unique style and personality to draw readers into your world.

And of course, always be consistent to your readers so they know when they will hear from you and why to keep coming back!