Items a women should have

Published: January 10, 2015

Here I will be listing items a women can use on a day to day basis. These are items in witch you can use to go all out or simply use for going to work. Your hair, makeup and nails should always be up to par, and make you feel fabulous! you might have to spend a few extra dollars for some products, but atleast you have this list so you know exactly what to look for and know it will work.

  1. Face primer

    E.L.F. Studio Makeup Lock and Seal is a great product to make your makeup last for hours on end. For the price of only $3! Read the directions before you use it and you will experience great results.

  2. Mascara

    Have trouble coating your top and bottem lashes? Here is a mascara that will hel you with that issue with Maybelline's Big Eyes Mascara. This is by far the best mascara you can own. You don't have to worry about clumping or stains on your eye lids!

  3. Foundation

    I have used many many foundations and concealers in my life, surprisingly a fairly cheap brand came to be my ideal match. Ruby Kisses Foundation, its light feeling and wont clog your poors if applied correctly. 

  4. Lips

    Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm you can usse as chapstick AND lipstick! Your lips will stay moisturized and have an awesome color.

  5. Nails

    Sally Hanson Insta Dri nail polish is the best to use if you are in a hurry but need some color on those bad boys! The polish dries in 30 seconds, the disign of the bush is made so it id applied evenly. 

  6. Moisturizer

    If you dont like oily lotions or creams Eucerin original lotion is the way to go. 

  7. Straight or curly?

    Need a hair tool to flat iron and curl your your hair even when slightly damp? Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ion Flat Iron will get the job done.

  8. Heat Protector

    This product will not leave your hair oily, only protect it from awesome styling. Chi Heat Protection spray, apply before you blow dry and style. Your hair will feel smooth and silky. 

  9. Hair Spray

    Big Sexy Hair is an amazing hair spray to have for a range of styles. 

  10. Mousse

    For those of you who have beautiful curls, and want to keep them free fowling and not feeling like a stiff board. Aussie Sprunch Mousse is what you are looking for!

Listed above, you have the best products you need to look amazing with little effort, enjoy!