Towson's Best Drinking Places

Published: January 9, 2015

The list is catered to 20 somethings who may be unfamiliar with all of the bars in the Towson area.  Whether you are just visiting and want to party with local college students, or are new to the University and want to become more familiar with the town, this list will give you an insight about Towson hot spots.

Most people my age, 21, concerned with price, and the enviornment of the bar. So, i have rated on a scale of 1-5 stars (*****) for atmosphere, as well as 1-5 stars for the amount of bang for your buck.

  1. Charles Village Pub

    If you go to Charles Village Pub, or more commonly known as "CVP's" for the night, you are guaranteed a fun night.  I specifically recommend going there on Thursday nights because of their 5 dollar fishbowl margaraitas. My personal favorite is the blue raspberry.  Even when other bars around town appear dead there seems to always be a crowd at CVP's.  Not only are the fishbowls a good deal, but they also offer 3 dollar fireball shots on Thursday nights.  After a few of these great drink deals you will be guaranteed to be up there dancing on the stage having a great night.

    PRICE ***** The fishbowls are a great deal and rail drinks usually run about three dollars

    Atmosphere ***** 

  2. Rec Room

    The beauty of  the Rec Room is that they have so many different events going on that it is like going to a different bar depending on the time and day of the week that you go. Even if you are not 21 you can go to their daydrinks on Sunday.  Though you may not be able to drink alcohol, you can still participate in a game of cornhole on the patio! Tuesdays they have trivia, Thursdays they have beer pong tournaments, Fridays they have live music, and on both Saturdays and Tuesdays you can get two drinks for the price of one!

    Price ****

    Twofers is the best deal so plan to go on a Tuesday or Saturday

    Atmosphere ****

    Weekends are the best time to go

  3. Green Turtle

    The Green Turtle is my favorite spot to go to for happy hour. Green Turtle is one of my favorite spots to go to because of the customer service. I feel like that makes it stand out among the other bars.  Even if it is not completely packed, the bartenders at Green Turtle are always eager to have conversations with their customers! A few times that I have gone there there was a bartender on top of the bar pouring out free shots. Though it wasn't packed, it made it a lot more fun. My favorite drink is the strawberry mango frozen margarita, though a little bit pricy at 8 dollars, it is worth it!

    Price ****

    drinks are high quality making up for the price

    Atmosphere *****

    even when not packed, the bartenders make it a fun place to be

  4. Bill Batemans

    Bill Batemans is directly on Towson Univeristy's campus making it an easy place to go to if you want to hang out with your friends during happy hour before an evening class...(who would do such a thing).

    My go to beverage at Batemans is the Long Island Iced Tea, which during happy hour is only 3.50! Another must have is the crab pretzel, which is 5 dollars during happy hour as well.

    If you would like to make an evening of it I recommend going on Monday nights. They offer all you can  eat wings for only 10 dollars!

    Price *****

    Happy hour is cheapest here

    Atmosphere **

    more boring than the other bars, and service is slow, but the prices make up for it

  5. Torrent

    Torrent is an interesting place to go to because of the lights and dance floor. Out of the three times I have been there it was crowded only once. The other two times there was only a handful of people there.  But the one time that it was packed, it was a great time and a different experience than the other bars surronding it.  It is a place that is basically either a hit or miss.  Drinks are rather pricy, so I would say it is best to hit up the other bars first and then check this place out.  I do like that it is more of a club scene though, so definitely a great place to check out.

    Price **

    The vodka cranberry was 8 dollars, way too expensive. The best deal was the three dollar shots.

    Atmosphere *****

    The atmosphere is awesome and is what makes the place worth going to.

  6. Bahama Breeze

    Bahama Breeze is one of the best resturants in Towson because of their amazing coconut shrimp and delcious Bahamaritas.  Towson Students get an additional student discount making it a good deal for dinner or for happy hour. During happy hour, they offer half priced appetizers and cocktails like the bahamarita for around 5 dollars. Bahama Breeze is a great place to go for the night if your looking for a break of the bar scene but still want to drink and have fun with your friends.

    Price ****

    Great deals during happy hour

    Atmosphere *****

    love the decor

  7. Kent Lounge

    Kent longe is a great place if your in a mood to relax and eat some food while catching up with friends. It is more of a chill bar than others on the list like CVP's or Rec Room.  Kent Lounge is most recognized for their selection of beer, including newcastle which they have on tap. The food is also delicious, especially my personal favorite...the pulled pork sandwich!

    Price ***

    Can be a little bit pricy

    Atmosphere  ***

    More of a quiet place to go if you are looking to chat with a group of friends

  8. TGI Fridays

    Convienetly located by all of the other bars in uptown Towson, TGI Fridays offers drink specials and appetizers that are hard to pass by. For 10 dollars you can get unlimited appetizers such as potato skins, wings, or green bean fries to name a few. After a few of their 4 dollar long island specials, which they offer all day on Thursdays, this offer can be hard to pass up! My personal favorite is the strawberry long island, which does not even taste like it has alcohol in it.

    Price *****

    Unlimited appitezers and cheap long islands= perfection

    Atmosphere ***

    Nothing to write home about, but fun if you just want to get drunk and eat

  9. The Cheesecake Factory

    There is no better place to be stuck with the drunk munchies then a place with sweet cocktails and delicious desserts! Though the cheesecake factory can be a little pricy, it is a great place to go and get a drink if you are celebrating a special occasion. I actually went here on my 21st birthday and the first drink that I got was called a strawberry creamsicle.  It was a strawberry milkshake with vodka and disaronno amaretto. Then I had some delicious smores cheesecake for dessert. Though it was a little pricy, it was worth every penny.

    Price **

    Very expensive

    Atmosphere *****

    Nice atmosphere and great service

  10. B-Lounge

    Though it has a bad reputation for being somewhat grimy and ratchet, I have had a great time every single time I have gone to B-Lounge. The drinks are cheap and that atmosphere is kind of crazy. So enter at your own risk. Some of the sights you may see in there aren't all that pleasent...but if you drink enough you are bound to have an interesting night ahead of you.

    Price  *****

    Cheap drinks around 3-5 dollars

    Atmosphere ***

    It isn't the best enviornment but it is an interesting place to go to at least once.

CVP is the best bar to go to in Towson.  It is always a fun time regardless of the day of the week. The prices are cheap, and the crowd is always vey friendly. The Towson college experience is captured at CVP's.