The best brands of cigarettes

Published: January 8, 2015

Best types of cigarettes for everyday smokers!

  1. Camel Turkish Golds

    Light Cigarette with a very nice design on it. Tastes very sweet and has an okay price with it. By fay the best light cigarette you can find on the market. Other cigarettes like it are Camel Turkish Royals or Silvers. 

  2. Marlboro 27's

    Excellent non-light and non-menthol cigarette. Very popular in the smoking community. A perfect middle inbetween lights and Marlboro Reds. If you're looking for a new pack to try out give these a shot! Very low on the price scale too. 

  3. American Spirit Full Flavor

    A perfect cigarette for when you choose to just sit down and relax. All American Spirits have more tobacco than any other brand of cigarrettes which causes them to burn very slow. The cigarettes are nice and long and take a bit longer than the average cigarette to smoke. They are a bit pricier than other brands but theyre worth a shot! 

  4. Marlboro NXT

    A very smooth and gives you a choice between a regular and menthol cigarette. It has a very mellow taste and is very similar to lights before the bead is crushed in the filter. Once you pop the bead you get a rush of menthol flavor that lasts until the cigarettes is gone. When you do pop the bead try rolling the filter inbetween two fingers to insure that all of the menthol flavor is released. Also try smoking half of the cigarette regular and the next half menthol to give your cigarettes a twist! 

  5. Marlboro Reds

    Watch out if you don't smoke daily as these cigarettes really give you a kick for your money. At first smoking these may taste a bit harsh, but once you get used to it you will chainsmoke your whole pack away. Goes down very smooth and has a rich tobacco taste that is unlike any other. Has no nasty aftertaste and is a cigarette that wont disappoint anyone who bums from you ... although you might not want to share these. 

  6. Marlboro Southern Cuts

    Marlboro Southern Cuts have an unmistakable taste of caramel mixed with vanilla. Has a very nice after taste that wont disappoint. Goes perfect with a nice mixed drink or a cup of coffee in the morning. These cigarettes arent too expensive and are usually on sale. The pack has a very nice design with cursive right on top of the filter that adds very nicely to the cigarette. They burn a little faster than most cigarettes so watch out your whole pack may be gone before you know it! Definnetely a must try if youve never had one before. 

  7. Marlboro Black Menthol

    I always taste a chocolate aftertaste. Perfect for any menthol smoker. Has a very slick package design. Has a smooth taste and burn pretty slow. It has a stronger menthol taste than a lot of cigarettes so watch out. Price is average but worth it for a pack. Definetely my go to if im feeling the need for menthol. If you are sick with a sore throat and can't resist the urge to smoke go grab yourself a pack of these it wont hurt you too bad and will actually feel quite nice! 

  8. Camel Turkish Royals

    Turkish Royals possess features likely to satisfy any smoker. The flavor is a nice and mellow and there is practically no harshness for a full-flavored cigarette. No chemical taste which makes it taste very natural. Also a light cigarette but still gives you what you want. Overall it deserves to be on the top 10 list. Not too much to buy a pack and is well worth it. These have that great Turkish taste which nothing can compare too. 

  9. American Spirit Perique

    Perique is a type of tobacco from Saint James Parish, Louisiana, known for its strong, powerful, and fruity aroma. When the Acadians made their way into this region in 1776, the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes were cultivating a variety of tobacco with a distinctive flavor. A farmer named Pierre Chenet is credited with first turning this local tobacco into what is now known as Perique in 1824 through the technique of pressure-fermentation. This cigarette has a rich, nutty flavor with a pleasantly spicy aftertaste. Very unique type of blend. Fifteen years ago perique was on the verge of extinction. Only five barrels left. If you like a strong cig you will love this.

  10. Camel Crush

    The same idea as Marlboro NXT's with the pop bead in the filter to make a menthol smoke. Very pleasant taste and not too strong but not too weak. The cigarette without the bead popped is pretty light in comparison to other Camels, but the Menthol, when popped, is surprisingly fresh and prominent. Definetely a good cigarette for parties or get together so people you bum to can choose between menthol or nonmenthol. Great cigarette for the price! 

Camel Turkish Gold is easily the best. Overall the best taste and design and quality of tobacco. Once you try them you will be hooked. Easily my go-to cigarette.