Best counties I have visited

Published: January 6, 2015

This list is about which counties I think are the best, based on the ones I have visited.

  1. Portugal

    Not only is Portugal my dad's home country, but it is a beautiful place with lush country sides, hidden little villas, and an amazing coastline.   The people are very friendly, and always welcome anyone.

  2. Sweden

    I visited Sweden when I was 14 years old for a soccer tournament.  I got to visit Stockholm, and Gothenburg.   Both of those cities were amazing.   Gothenburg,  had a beautiful river that split the city in half, it had an industrial side on one side of the river and a residential side.  There was a ferry that would transport people from one side to the other.

  3. England

    London is amazing, it is green, rural, with still a vast countryside.   The weather in England is not the best, but the people make up for that.  Such friendly people with grest senses of humor and awesome accents.   I got to visit Big Ben, as well as the British Museum.  The beer there is great too.  So many awesome local bars and restaurants.   The hotel accommodations were great and everyone made me feel at home.  

I would have to put Portugal as the best on my list for a number of reasons.  One, is that I have spent a great deal of time there,  I have a lot of family there and many friends.  The second reason would be the food.  Portugal is home to some of the best food Europe has to offer.  From fish, to snails, to beef, and even horse,  the food in Portugal is divine. The small town cafes offer great pastries, and coffee's while the restaurants offer amazing meals.  The third reason would be the beaches. Portugal is home to some of the most amazing beaches,  in my opinion, the world.  The Algarve,  in Portugals southern tip is one of my favorite single places in the world.   The water is amazing, and clear, while the woman are sexy and the beach restaurants provide us with great food and drink right from the comfort of the beach.  After a long day of swimming you can kick back in some great hotel atmospheres with live music, shows, and more great spirits.   When it's time for dinner, the Algarve has some stellar 5 star restaurants that are still very affordable.  Which makes Portugal my most favorite place in the world