Top 10 Best Makeup Brands

Published: January 4, 2015

In this article i will talk about the top ten best makeup brands. Everyone wants the flawless, baby skin look. Finding the right brand can be difficult, expensive and VERY time consuming. There are products that might not be good for oily skin, dry skin, or even combination skin. But there are products out there for you, lets see if you can find yours. 

  1. M.A.C Costmetics

    Mac is very widely known, it has high quality products that can be pricy. There have one of the best coverages and beautiful color pallets. You can become that picture perfect babie you wished you could be as a kid. They have all the products. With one of the best eye shadows you can find, with price under 20$.  You can even learn tips on their site to become a skilled artist. 


  2. Sephora

    What doesn't Sephora have? Face cleansers, skin care treatments, makeup, and brushes!! They offer so much, even a FREE mini in store makeover. There foundation sets offer you to have a everything you need to have a complete flawless look. With prices under 50$, you cant go wrong there.


  3. NARS

    NARS also has high quality items in a good price range. There website offer a ask the artist. Which allows you to ask all the questions you want, with the answers you seek. Their orgasm collection gives you the best glow, with the perfect blends of nudes and pinks. With prices under 50$, Nars is one of my favorite places. 


  4. Urban Decay

    Urban Decay is known for there Naked pallets. Everyone has one and everyoone loves them. They have awesome blends of color just right nore the nude look with a bit of glow. It makes you look ready for anything including a night out. Price is a bit high, but eveyone who has one will tell you its worth the money.  I personally love it!


  5. Estee Lauder

    Estee Lauder is a more defined brand that has been around a long time. They have one of the best selling foundations, with prices under 40$. 

    Also they have one for the best night creams that improve your skin to not only look good with makeup, but to wake up looking flawless. They have sculpting brushes and everything to make your face look young and new.

  6. L'oreal

    Loreal Offers everything also, you can truely give yourself a complete makeover with them. They have products to improve your skin, hair and make your makeup stay put. With actresses like Jennifer Lopez advertising them, it make Loreal In my top ten. I love their True Match Lumi, it matches my skin tone and it looks amazing. I wear this everyday. Plus their price is amazing!!


  7. Mary Kay

    Mary Kay is very widely known. You can become an independent beauty constultant, and truely give in to your make up and beauty fetish. I absolutly love there products, one of my favs. being Clear Proof Acne System.  To achieve beautiful skin you have to work for the inside out. 

    They offer a free skin care consulation, so you can enjoy personal advice to what right regimen is good for you. With prices under 60$ May Kay makes it to my top ten list.

  8. Maybelline

    Maybelline is awesome for someone looking for high quality and low prices. They have one of the best concealer, Instant Age Rewinder. I love this one i to use it every day. It has amazing coverage, and its also a treatment. So your improving your skin and concealing. With prices under 20$, you cannot go wrong. 


  9. Garnier Fructis

    Garnier is one of those i have everything for you brands. With great quality hair color, skincare products and even cosmetics. 

    I am totally in love with there BB Cream. It has a color and shade for you, and its great for dry, oil or combination skin. Its a stay put makeup, that doesn't shine after time. If your on a budget and want good makeup, this is it.  You can also treat yourself to a little makeover with them.

  10. E.L.F

    I love E.L.F.  They are great for people who want to wear makeup but don't want to break the budget. They have good quality brushes, and eyeliners you can truly fall in love with. If you want to buy a bunch of makeup under 50$ E.L.F is it. You can find there products everywhere, and anywhere. With products starting at 1$, and great quality it makes E.L.F on my top 10 list.

In Conclusion, i hope my list provides good information to you. So the next time you are shopping for makeup and can find the best for you. Make up is an art, you choose how and what you draw with. These are my favorite products with awesome prices!  Makeup makes a person confident, and looks flawless. Being a cosmetologist has given me the time to help people find there inner beauty, I hope you find yours.