10 Easy Vegetarian Meals

Published: January 2, 2015

Becoming a vegetarian doesn't have to be difficult. It's an easy change. I've provided a list of ten yummy vegetarian recipes that take less than thirty minutes to make. Meatless Monday just became a whole lot easier.


  1. Cheese Pizza

    This is by far the easiest thing on this list. Cheese pizza! You can find it anywhere, even at a gas station! My favorite is Digorno, with thick crust and lots of gooey yummy cheese. You can even cut up some vegetables and add them on top to make it extra nutritious. Put it on a pizza stone and pop it into the oven for twenty minutes and you've got a no hassle, no prep time, easy meal! And it's big enough to share.. or hoard all for yourself. 

  2. Veggie Nuggets

    Veggie nuggets are getting easier and easier to find these days. There are lots of different brands, Morningstar and Boca being the most popular and widely available. You can usually find them at your local grocery store in the frozen section. My favorite has always been the Morningstar Buffalo Wings because they're spicy. You can put them in the oven, or for an even faster method, you can put them in the microwave! They take about two minutes in the microwave to cook. Perfect for a rushed meal or even a snack!

  3. Grilled Cheese

    Another yummy, cheesy recipe, the classic grilled cheese! To make a healthier version, you can use whole grain bread and low fat cheese. I also like to add some avocado or some veggies in with the cheese to make a grilled veggie sandwich. Green or red peppers, spinach, broccoli or asparagus would all be a great addition to a grilled cheese to give you that extra boost of energy!

  4. Vegetable Fried Rice

    Fried rice is one of my many go-to's as a vegetarian. All you need is some instant rice, soy sauce, frozen vegetables, oil for frying and two eggs. First make the instant rice and set it aside. Then, you'llwant to heat up a large skillet with the oil in it and then add the vegetables. Once the vegetables are slightly browned, add in the rice and mix it all up. Clear a corner from rice and crack your two eggs, frying them up into little pieces. Then you'll mix it all together and add soy sauce and any seasonings you'd like. Easy peasy and you have a super delicious meal with  more than one portion!

  5. Veggie Burgers

    Think you need meat to have a delicous burger? Think again! Veggie burgers come in all shapes and sizes and lot of different varieties are widely available! Burger King offers a veggie burger meal on their menus as well as lot of sit down restaurants. If you're cooking at home there's a lot of low ingredient recipes or you can even buy them frozen at the grocery store. If you like a wider array of tastes, I'd suggest a black bean burger. It's packed with protein and a lot of varieties are slightly spicy and have lots of chopped up vegetables inside to keep you powered up throughout the day!

  6. Spaghetti and Marinara

    Spaghetti is most likely one of the easiest recipes on here! The thinner the noodle you buy, the faster it cooks. Angel hair cooks in only three minutes! So you can have it on your plate in about five. There's lots of great vegetraian pasta sauces out there. Barilla makes a really yummy spicy marinara and Prego has a lot of vegetable varieties that are really easy to add on top of your pasta. For some extra yumminess, pop it into the oven with cheese on top and set to broil for a couple of minutes. You'll have a ten minute meal that will look like it took a lot longer. 

  7. Vegetarian Chili

    Chili is so good during the winter months and it's a low hassle food. If you have a crockpot, you can just throw everything in there and have dinner ready when you get home. Or, if you're not fortunate enough to own a crock pot, there are some varieties of vegetarian chili available at your local grocery store. Just make sure the can says "vegetarian" on it, because even some bean chili will have meat broth or some meat crumbles in it. You can heat it up on the stove top or pop it in the microwave. Perfect for keeping warm. Plus, cinnamon rolls are a great addition, and while not healthy, are 100% vegetarian!

  8. Veggie Tacos

    There are a few different ways you can make vegetarian tacos. You can substitute the ground beef for either a can of beans (any kind will do, but I prefer black or pinto beans) or you can use meatless grounds. The meatless grounds that are most common are Boca and Morningstar and can be found in the frozen section of your local grocery store with the rest of the vegetarian food. I prefer the meatless grounds and they offer a similar texture. Just season and cook them like you would regular meat and throw them in a taco shell with lettuce, cheese and salsa and voila! Delicous, low effort meal.

  9. Spinach Quesadilla

    Here's another recipe with tons of cheesy goodness! This is also super easy when you have a time constraint. Simply heat up a skillet on medium heat, place a tortilla in the middle, pile with cheese (they have mexican blend cheese packs in the grocery store) and chopped up spinach and place another tortilla on top. When both sides are browned, you are done! All in all, this recipe takes about 7 minutes. Serve with guacamole and sour cream and you have a full meal!

  10. Mac and Cheese

    Comfort food! Macaroni and cheese is a staple in any kid's diet. There are a lot of delicious recipes out there for "grown up" mac and cheese, but I don't see anything wrong with this classic! If you like your mac and cheese extra cheesy, I recommend Kraft's boxed macaroni with the packet of real cheese sauce instead of the powder. Everything you need comes in the box and you have a meal for two (or more!) in less than fifteen minutes. 

Out of all these, I would definitely say pizza is the best. It's the only thing on this list that someone will bring to your house fully made for you! I hope this article shows you how easy and simple it is to cook vegetarian meals and that vegetarianism doesn't need a million ingredients or an exorbitant kitchen.