Best Etsy Vintage Clothing Stores

Published: January 2, 2015

This list shows the top 10 vintage clothing shops on

  1. RogueRetro

    This shop has by far the largest selection of vintage clothing for both men and women. At any time you will most likely be able to sort through over 2,000 different pieces in their mens, womens, hats, shoes, and household sections. With a strong retro style, these clothes range from the 1950s-1990s with a majority from the 70s-90s. Most clothes, both ladies and mens, are photographed on a model so you can see how they fit. They also branch out to hats and some accessories/shoes. To top it off, everything is very reasonably priced. They ship your order within a week and they are rated 5 stars by most consumers. Their shop is fun to look through and their prices make it fun to buy!

  2. CuffnRoll

    There is a reason they named this shop CuffNRoll! Most of their inventory is in vintage jeans, cut off denim, rolled up flannels, and plaid button downs. They have a very retro and grunge-y feel with very reasonable prices, some as low as $9 a shirt. They have "Mystery" items, where you can purchase a random plaid shirt and they will send you one of the many they collect. They also have a great selection of retro sweaters and even some mens wear (sports coats, ties, suits, vests). The range of items at this shop is amazing, and their prices cannot be beat!

  3. LonePony

    This store is much pricier than some other online vintage shops, but you are almost always garaunteed a garment in mint condition. Similar to other shops, their dates range from the 1950s-1990s and all clothing is shown on live models so you can see every angle. Their style is a little less modern but definitely unique! They sell mainly womens wear with dresses, vests, button downs, and skirts being their most common items. They don't have many shoes or accessories and thir menswear section is rather scarce. But they definitely belong in the top ten category simply for their high quality items!

  4. GoGoVintage

    This shop is one of a kind. Rather than investing in commonplace vintage items, this shop features unique vintage fashion. Everything from authentic 50s ballroom dresses to rocking 60s bellbottoms - this shop is a fashionistas dream. All womenswear is modeled by the shop owner so you can see which accessories go well and how to wear the vintage styles. Gentlemen can also find antique ties and dresswear. Very reasonable prices for the qaulity and uniqueness of these items. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind dress for a special event, look no further!

  5. The Rogue Gypsy

    The Rogue Gypsy is a shop aimed toward lower spenders. Great for college students, high school girls, and 20-something year olds. They feature young styles like jumpers and tube tops along with denim vests, country-styled dresses, ugly sweaters, and retro leggings. Prices are low and most items are featured on a model so buyers can see every angle before purchase. The descriptions are clear and their returns policy very fair. Shipments arrive within 2 weeks of purchase and items are garaunteed to be in the same condition seem on the site. The owner is young but very easy to communicate with.

  6. Noteworthy Garments

    Noteworthy Garments is just that - noteworthy! They take photos of their clothes on live models which definitely helps show the garment off at each angle. They have many high-waisted jeans and leather boots which pair nicley together. They also have a ton of hipster style clothing including oversized sweaters, denim vests, and 60s style coats. Their prices are very low and affordable with the styles geared toward a younger audience. This shop is mainly for women with only a few mens products appearing occasionally. Definitely a great shop for a college student who wants one of a kind quality clothing.

  7. SecondHandObsession

    This shop definitely could use some updating and possibly live models, but the quality of their clothing puts them in the top 10! Lots of outerwear and sweaters to choose from in various sizes. Blazers, dresses, and coats are definitely the top sellers at this Etsy shop! Their costs are reaonable and shipping is affordable. They have a great selection of hats and shoes in addition to their popular dresses and vests. They have sales often with sweaters dipping as low as $20 - much cheaper than the average $32/sweater on Etsy!

  8. StellarVintage

    Steller Vintage has a great shop owner that focuses on clear communication. All clothing is described piece by piece so the buyer knows exactly what they are purchasing. They also communicate openly through messages, so feel free to ask any questions before purchase! They hire models to show their pieces which range from the 50s-90s. The shop focuses mainly on womens wear with overcoats, dresses, pants, and blouses. They style their models to show what additional clothing would match well with their vintage style so the buyer knows how to pair their vintage pieces with modern day clothing.

  9. BlueGrassBooty

    The prices at this shop are slightly higher than other shops in this list, but they have sales fairly often. The clothing is all in great condition and the style is very unique. They do a great job of photographing the clothes so you can see multiple angles. Clothing is photographed on hangers rather than models, but the owner any answers questions quickly. The shop definitely has a southern, western flare as seen in their leather jackets, studden button downs, and denim jackets. They sell everything from coats to shoes and from purses to sweaters. Shipping is reasonable and you receive your item quickly.

  10. Fresh & Unique

    This shop is great for the modern girl. They focus on trendy styles found in vintage clothing, like flannel, plaid, booties, etc. They have a unique 80s-90s grunge style in most of their clothing and their prices are very reasonable. Clothing matches the style of H&M and other trendy stores but each piece is 100% unique. They sell hats, accessories, shoes, shirts, and pants for ladies with occasional mens wear. Their popular items include DocMarten style boots and flannel shirts for ladies.

It's difficult to order the top ten since they are all fantastic in their own way. Some shops are more expensive but you recieve a more unique product while others are more affordable with a less valuable product.