Top 10 Depression Fighters

Published: January 2, 2015


Dealing with mental disorders can be discouraging. With major depression as the main cause of suicide, I hope to save lives. If you have anxiety, are bipolar, or dealing with postpartum depression here is some depression help. Ten ways to fight that "stress".

  1. Drink More Water

    One of the main symptoms of depression is fatigue. I learned that water has a dramatic increase in muscle energy. I take a drink after I hit the snooze button. Then I'm more likely to get up when the alarm goes off again. For the most part it's because I have to pee. Drinking more water also can help your skin look better. When you look good, you tend to feel better. Gabrielle Union has the smoothest looking skin. She recommends a gallon of water a day. I thought I would burst at first, but I'm fourteen days strong with the help of

  2. Exercise

    Low self esteem is often a reason for depression. Exercise helps by giving you goals to carry out. Goals that will give you physical and mental strength. Now there isn't a pill for will power yet. I'm sure one will come out soon that will have some ridiculous side effects. I have started and stopped so many exercise regimes. Yoga is my favorite exercise for my depression. When I fall out the exercise wagon the positions come back to me quicker than having to retrain my body to run again. has many exercise programs that may catch your interest. 

  3. Pick Or Restart A Hobby

    What engages your attention? What are you passionate about? What could you become passionate about? My depression drop kicks most of my interests. Learning to fly airplanes, photography, and even reading falls by the wayside. Even my favorite hobby, sleeping, becomes another stumbling block in the misery of my existence. When I find myself staring at the walls, I know the best way to stop convincing myself I'm a terrible person is to get moving. I joined a hiking group on meetup. com and a quilting circle at my local library. Productivity is the key to not feeling worthless.

  4. Volunteer

    The feeling of detachment that depression brings is one of the hardest to overcome. But Captain Mood Boost is here to save the day! Helper's high is a real thing and it will leave you feeling less isolated and hopeless. Taking care of others may not seem like a priority, but your despair may disappear with every filled belly and house built. I'm told that suicide is a selfish act. Well here's another one. It's a secret. You can check out how to help near you at

  5. Go Outside

    Many have accused me of having vampire habits. I would rather wait till the sun goes down to do anything, then wait till it comes up again to sleep. Nonetheless, prolonged darkness and solitude can invite depression to take over your life. If you're an introvert like myself this doesn't have to become another social interaction. This way you can soak up the vitamin D without any pressure. A few times a week you can go for a walk fifteen minutes in one direction, then bring it back in. Or sit by a window when you take lunch. For the extroverts, an intramural sports team may be a good idea.

  6. Eat Better

    One of the best ways to take care of your health is to pay more attention to your nutrition. My diet consisted of chips, chocolate bars, and pastries for the longest time. I was doing yoga every day, crocheting, and volunteering at the Literacy Alliance. I went to karaoke once a week and I had a life coach. I walked and sat by the window whenever I went to get take out. Which I did almost every day. As a result, the grim reaper continued to haunt me. I minimized my junk food intake and a weight was lifted from my spirit and my belly. I made spinach, black beans, and rice my new stables. Are you trying to lower your cholesterol? Reduce sodium? Do you have allergies to worry about? A visit to may cut down on expenses and confusion. 


  7. De- Stress

    They are an various amount of depression triggers. I feel worse when I fight with my family, end a relationship, or feel unjustly criticized. Whether I think I did something right or wrong, my negative thoughts can become overwhelming. If you can't afford a massage, try mediating. Breathing exercises are a ancient wonder. More effective than counting to ten, an internet search can turn up one that may work for you. A recent find of mine is Emma Seppala. She has a ton of helpful mediation exercises too.

  8. Get Spruced Up

    Depressed or not, people tend to be overcritical of their image. Trying out a new scent can make me feel better. Some people prefer new clothes. You can find both treasures at thrift stores for cheap. Battling poverty? Catholic Charities are a nationwide organization. Many of their agencies give away nice clothes

  9. Find Laughter

    A laugh can do wonders for diverting depression. Even when I just feel tired I remember how Kevin Hart makes me laugh so hard and I perk right up. Sometimes if the joke isn't hilarious to me anymore, it can still start a chuckle. That can lead to outright laughter, which makes me laugh even harder for laughing at nothing. If you're less crazy, one of my favorite authors Ilona Andrews, had a blog post I bookmarked. Life was bumming her out one day and fellow fans helped rally her.

  10. Gratefulness

    Gratefulness - The most important tool for fighting depression is gratitude. I find a lot of negativity in myself, things around me, and others. The world that we live in contains so many horrors, life isn't fair and other pessimism. If nobody is safe from my disparagement and nothing can escape my hostility, joy will never find me. This is one of the hardest for me because gratitude attracts optimism like bees to honey. If I remain pessimistic, I can't become disappointed. I can't become disillusioned. I can't fail. In spite of its corniness 'this too will pass' can be a life saving affirmation. List three things you're grateful for each day. I track mine in Evernote. I try to vary it up, but internet access is so special to me.

Drink more water, get some exercise, volunteer, go outside, eat better, de-stress, get spruced up, find laughter, and be grateful in order to deal with depression. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am going toward it. I want you to come with me. Thanks for reading.

Live long and prosper