Craftable items in Entropia Unverse

Published: January 1, 2015

The potentials for each item crafted, bought and sold by players in Entropia Universe contribute to the Real Cash Economy.  The items are ranked  by current likelihood of Blueprint Drops, price , and according to market value and profitablility.

  1. Explosive Projectiles I, II, III, IV, V

    The blueprints dropped are currently going for anywhere from $3 to $1000


  2. Simple I Conductors

    This blueprint currently drops some of the number one blueprints.


  3. Level 1 Finder Amplifier Light

    A good Attachment craft for low cost and high return from blueprint drops and incremental profits from markup.


  4. Level 2 Finder Amplifier

    A bread and butter Attachment craft to score high value blueprint drops.  There are also incremental margins and markup from the crafted item.

  5. Jester D-1

    One of the lowest cost weapon blueprints to craft to get higher value weapon blueprints to drop and sell.


  6. Vivo S10

    A good low cost Tool blueprint to craft to attain other high value tool blueprints.


  7. Radiator

    A good Vehicle blueprint to drop other Vehicle blueprints.


  8. Electropositive Modulator

    A good blueprint to drop the number one blueprints.  Low cost and higher level drops make this one attractive for good blueprint drops.

  9. Reinforced Sheet Metal

    Same as number 8 it has good drops of the number one blueprints,  this blueprint is even higher level than number 8.  The cost and return are favorable on this one.

  10. Any item that makes you a profit

    This one deserves a place on the list because if you can find a profitable way to play in Entropia Universe you can profit and enjoy playing Entropia Universe more thoroughly. 

The Explosive Projectile blueprints are the best right now because of their high value from $3 to $1000 and more.  They do drop regularly.  Also the others are good opportunities to experience the dynamic nature of Entropia Universe.  Have fun.  Good luck.