Top 10 ideas that should be on your bucket list but probably aren't..until now.

Published: January 1, 2015

Bucket lists are lists people make that usually contain what it is they'd like to do before they pass away. This list includes ten of the most unusual and rare ideas given to me by Hospice patients.

  1. A lady who had a deaf child

    Learn sign language. Not only did she not know sign language, but her other children never learned it either. She wanted him to feel special like he should have from the moment the family found out he was deaf.

  2. A man suffering from dementia.

    Watch I Love Lucy reruns. His laugh was pure heaven. Near the end he only responded to I Love Lucy reruns. 

  3. A woman who was once completely reliant on herself, who was now reliant on strangers.

    She wanted to fill her car up with gas, drive it until it ran out. Then get out and run until she ran out of gas.

  4. An older woman with a much younger husband.

    Get a divorce, then get a boob job. 

  5. A young man who was unable to speak. Soon he would lose his ability to move.

    Have physical contact everyday. I felt so sad for him because he had to ask for someone to touch him.

  6. A beautiful lady who was full of life until the day she passed.

    Make love in the rain. Several times. With several people. She was awesome.

  7. A mother of a 12 year old daughter.

    Made a video recording once a week letting her daughter know about things to come, and giving motherly advice. She told her about her period, sex, how important school is. She told her how beautiful she is and how loved she is. She even made a tape for her daughter to watch on her wedding day. What a wonderful idea.

  8. A retired officer in the Navy.

    Send a message in a bottle. He never told me what it said.


  9. A middle aged teacher.

    Start a journal. She wanted her family to know what she was thinking and that she was at peace. 

  10. A woman in her 80's.

    Clean her bathrooms right before she dies so she never had to see another dirty toilet and her friends wouldn't think unkindly of her.

Each one of these people changed my life. They gave me joy, told me stories, gave me things to think about with my own life, and helped me to find purpose in my own life. Who better to get a bucket list from?

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