The best craft sites on the web

Published: December 31, 2014

This is a collection of the best craft blogs available today! These blogs feature free content, clear tutorials and appropriate vendor and/or seller links to products that are actually useful. I personally use all of these blogs and websites for inspiration and to add projects to my never ending que!


    The first and most important website for both knitting and crochet alike is Ravelry. It began in 2007, a humble site and has since blossomed into the biggest and most loved hub for crafters all over the world. You can upload and share projects in progress or finished. You can share your own patterns or ask for help with patterns. You can even use Ravelry to start a business in selling patterns or to link to Etsy! There are so many amazing and useful features included in your free account that I can't imagine trying to get along with out it!



    The Crochet Crowd is my second most used website for crafts. I can always count on uplifting stories, awesomely detailed patterns and amazing tutorials. Mikey is such a card and keeps things hilarious and light! When I am ever stuck on a crochet skill that I just cannot understand I know that I can turn to this site.



    Lion Brand is a product website, to be sure, but I have found it to be an invaluable reference when I am stuck searching for yarn weights or yardage. This site also has a plethora of patterns for free that are made especially to work with their yarns. Not to mention they are all about customer service and are available to answer any and all questions about their products, which can be a life saver if you have to buy online because you don't have any local craft or yarn shops.



    Yet another website that both sells yarn and provides their users with free patterns. What can I say? These tend to be the most useful websites out there. They have experienced knitters and crocheters vet their patterns and their advice so that you only get the very best information. And have I mentioned how lovely it is to find a pattern AND the perfect yarn all in one go? No second guessing if you'll have enough or if the yarn will work for the finished item! Heavenly!



    If inspiration boards are your thing, One Sheepish Girl is the site for you! With a beautiful minimalist layout, the site really gets to the heart of knitting and crochet,fast. With her trendy, hipster designs, Meredith Crawford really strikes a nerve in fiberworkers everywhere. Not only does she give away free patterns, but she is an inspiration! Her website exemplifies what you can do if you follow your passion and never give up. Not to mention she has made fiber-arts a life style, not just a hobby or a part time passion. If you're looking for an inspiration, this is your stop.


    Palette FX is one of the best sites I can reccomend when you are in the middle of trying to create a complementary color set. There are many times a pattern will allow for you to choose your own colors, but to what end? I can't tell you how many times I have tried to go in blind with a vague idea of what colors might look good together only to get home and try and work with yarn that completely clashes. With Palette FX you can use a photo for reference and walk away with an array of colors that will work together to make that sweater a winner!


    This site has become the pinacle of all things crafty, knitting or not. Alongside Ravelry, I would not know what to do with myself when stagnation hits. Not only can I find virtually anything I can dream of pinned on this site, but I can also feed my urge to collect all the things as well! Hey, it's free to re-pin things, so it isn't an addiction, right? Right? Well that is what I tell myself anyway!



    Twinkie Chan is one of the cutest, most adorable sites out there! If you like to crochet your food you're in luck! She is also another dedicated crafter who has made her trade her life style. You can see in her blog that she not only makes her lovely scarves and offers free patterns, but she is often seen wearing her wares as well. She's branched out into owning her own store and serves as yet another font of inspiration to the average crocheter! I had accidentally stumbled upon her blog while looking for age appropriate accessories for my niece. Needless to say she has me coming back almost daily!



    Fringe Association has one of the best top-down knitting tutorials I have found since I have started knitting. She goes into great detail how to measure and accomodate any body size for the knitter's staple project, The Sweater. I have personally used her tutorial several times and it has never failed me once. Not only that but she is an absolute pleasure to read, even on the hundreth time looking through the tutorial for a step I may have forgotten. All in all, another lovely blog of wonderful patterns and inspiration.



    Ah, at last! Number Ten is Youtube. This site is last but not the least! Whenever a blog's photo tutorial is just not enough, I know that I can turn to youtube for the answer. So many craft bloggers have taken advantage of this wonderful website to further their content and easily upload and share with the masses. Since it is free, they are unfettered when it comes to making videos, the only issue being procuring a camera. As most computers come with webcams and basic movie editing software that issue is becoming less and less of a hurdle. It is another example of how the internet makes possible the ability to share across the world important skills and traditions.

If I were to pick only three sites out of these ten as the best, I suppose I would choose, and in this order: Ravelry, Youtube, and Pinterest. These three sites connect the masses of crafters and allow them to clearly and easily share their knowledge and give a sense of community. The internet has allowed something to happen that has never happened before. It has allowed people, from their homes, to pass on their traditions, knowledge and skills. Before these sites became available, you had to hope one of your family or friends knew the skills you wanted to learn, or you'd have to exert yourself to find an expert. Now, the experts can "come to you"!


All in all, these ten websites are just the tip of the iceberg on the information out there! If you are looking for inspiration they are a great place to start but are no means a definitive list. I hope you find this list informative and useful.


Happy Crafting!