The best places to get a beer in Portland

Published: December 31, 2014

Where to begin? If there is a type of place that is growing in locations fasting then the strip club industry, it would have to be the local craft brew industry

  1. Widmer Brothers Gasthaus

      One of the starters of the Portland craft brew industry, and a must see for any beer lover. 
  2. Cascade Brewing Barrel House

    This place is the home of the sour beer.  At first you maybe thinking sour beer? Really though the beer served at Cascade Brewing is apart from any other craft brewer. 

  3. Lucky Lab Brewing

    This place has many locations spread across the Portland area.  They are cyclist friendly, and allow you to enjoy a beverage in the presence of your four legged friend.  

    The craft brew served is excellent, but they dont believe in wasting, so much of the by product of the brewing process is used later on to make specific food items.