The Best Food On the Gulf Coast

Published: December 30, 2014

This list gives details about the best resteraunts on the gulf coast in Mississippi. There are alot of fine places to eat and a bunch of whole in the wall places that are just as good.

  1. The Project Lounge Steak Sandwhich

    The best steak sandwhich on the gulf coast can be found at a little whole in the wall bar called the Project Lounge. For Ten dollars you get a basket with a Rib Eye steak sandwhich cooked to order dressed with lettuce, tomato, and onion and if you want you can add mayo. You get the rest of the basket filled with chips and trust me after you eat the sandwhich you do not need them. This is a great place to eat although it is not child friendly you can go there for lunch or dinner and get a great sandwhich.

  2. Bozos Grocery Fish Box

    This place is off the beaten path in the town of Pascagoula. It is a little fish market turned hopping grub spot. When you walk in the door you go to the owner who is usually sitting in the corner ready to take your order. He writes your order on a white paper bag and sends it to the kitchen. You may be tempted to order everything on the menu but for your first trip please order the fish box. For the little amount of 4.00$ you get a box filled to the brim with fish, french fries, two hushpuppies and a few onion rings. This box could almost feed two people that is how much food you get!Do not forget to use some of their homemade tartar sauce it is absolutely the best on the planet!

  3. The Chimneys Seafood Alfredo

    The Chimneys resteraunt in Gulfport Ms is one of the best places on the coast. You can go and relax and enjoy some southern cooking with flair. They are a little pricy but seriously worth it. You can sit and have ocean views enjoy a bottle of wine and get some of their seafood alfredo. It seriously is worth the trip if you decide to have a meal there.

  4. Mary Mahoneys Sisters of The Sea Gratin

    There is nothing on the menu that I would not order. This is a classy french resteraunt that is a staple of biloxi. Sisters of the sea gratin is a really great dish. They are not for a small budget however you do get what you pay for. The atmosphere is unmatched anywhere else on the coast and it is a great place for special occasions.

  5. Phonecia Gourmet Felafal & Chicken Kabob

    Phonecia Gourmet is located in Ocean Springs MS. They have a classy dining area and delcious gourmet middle eastern food. The best things on the menu that I have tried are the Felafal and the Chicken Kabob. You recieve generous portions of each of them and they are absolutely delicious. The staff is also wonderful and I just love the owners they are very friendly and make your dining experience a good one.

  6. Slap Your Mommas Barbeque

    Hands down one of the best BBQ places on the gulf coast. They just moved to their new location in Biloxi right on the beach and their food is absolutely amazing they have some of the best BBQ out there.

  7. Cajuns Chicken Buffet

    This is off the beaten path and it really just a little whole in the wall place but it is always packed. For around ten dollars you get the entire buffet and a drink and the chicken and fixings are amazing. You get a choice of chicken or fish for your meat and then there are homemade fixings to go with it. If you leave this place hungry it is your own fault. They have a really nice place and it is a cant miss in the area.

  8. Jazzepis Pizza

    Jazzepis in Biloxis is an awesome place to stopp in for lunch or dinner. I really like their pizzas but they have a great selection of other items. They also do live music and have a great atmoshphere.

  9. Half Shell Oyster House Oysters

    Like it says in the name the best thing on the menu is their oysters. You can sit either at the bar or at a table and enjoy a round of these yummy sea delights. They have fair prices and are really a great place.

  10. Burger Burger Biloxi Saved the best for last!

    If you are searching for the best burger in the entire world you wont have to look any further than Burger Burger Biloxi. You get a huge burger fully dressed with fries for a very decent price. I seriously saved the best for last because they are my favorite resteraunt on the gulf coast. They are packed during lunch hours but do not let that deter you because I promise you they are worth the wait. The staff is very friendly and the owners just happen to be the sweetest people on earth! Do not miss this place on your trip to Biloxi I promise you will not be dissapointed!

These are some of the best places to eat on the Gulf Coast.