The ten best books on creating the life you deserve

Published: December 29, 2014

These ten books are some of the most honest and helpful books on learning how to change your thinking and therefore begin to change your life. Each book is a little different. Some are spiritual and help us rediscover ourslves spiritually, some show directly how to manifest material things, some deal with healing yourself, and some teach how we can find happiness in our daily lives. An amazing collection of works that should be read by anyone who has decided they want to live their best life.

  1. "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn

    This is a dynamic book that explains how we create our reality day by day with each thought we think. It shows us how to start changing our thoughts, vibrations, and  feelings so that we can attract more of the good things we desire. It is simple to understand and to put into practice.

  2. "The Law of Attraction" by Esther and Jerry Hicks

    This book on the law of attraction sets itself apart because it not only shows us how to manifest but it also gives us very specific teachings. The Law of Attraction is a very in depth book that reads as a question and answer book.  It is a true "guide" for understanding how we are bringing events to pass in our lives. It teaches about our vibrations and how we can begin to heal ou lives physically, emotionally, and finacially.

  3. "The Prospering Power of Prayer" by Catherine Ponder

    This book is a little different, it shows us how to bring great things into our lives, but it gives us some concrete things to do. It describes how to make a Wheel of fortune, how to use daily affirmations and how to keep our energy up. It also talks about using Praise and Thanksgiving to increase our abundance.

  4. "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle

    This book is a bit different, but wonderful in it's own way. It teaches us how we can learn our lifes purpose and in turn use our talents to help ourselves and others. It gets into a more pyschological spiritual level, and helps us learn to transcend some parts of oureslves that are creating our general malaise. An insightful and thought provoking read.

  5. "Original Blessing" by Matthew Fox

    This fine book is especially helpful for some of us who were raised in a certain religions that have made us "stringent" in our thinking about God and about what we "should" or "should not" have.  This book takes the idea of an universal Creator and expounds on it so that the shackles of the past fall off and we are better able to live our lives freely and abundantly. A must read to help prepare oneself for creating a new life full of happiness and joy.

  6. "Care of the Soul" by Thomas Moore

    This book is a serious read for those who are trying to find themselves and where they belong.  Most of our daily tasks, work, children, ect do nothing to help streghten and empower ourseves and our souls. This book begins to help us relearn how to care for our soul and how to start a new spiritual begininng. 

  7. "The Art of Spiritual Healing" by Keith Sherwood

    This book deals a lot with emotional and physical healing. It touches many different techniques from different spiritualites but ties them all together in an amazing way. Easy to understand and to apply to life. Teaches some mediation and visualiztion techniques. Simple yet effective.

  8. "Finding the Quiet Mind" by Robert Ellwood

    An easy read that helps one to learn the basics of focusing and mediation. Simple to follow and put into practice, and is a great starting point for retraining the mind.

  9. "Energy Tapping" by Fred P. Gallo & Harry Vincenzi

    This book is a great manual to help deal with physical and emotional probelms in a pyschological and vibrational way. It teaches how to use different points on the body in certain sequences to align our energies to help create a healing.  Exceptionally well documented cases and remedies. This is a great work especially when dealing with problems that have deep roots.

  10. "Creating Money" by Sanaya Roman & Duane Packer

    This volume helps teach how we can create our own reality filled with abundance and proseprity. Well written and easy to follow, it teaches about energy, magnetism and the law of attraction. Working with affirmations and discovering the life you really desire are all topics covered in this book. Another great work for changing your life for the better.

If this New Year's resolution is to have a better life, one filled with joy, peace, proseprity, abundance and love than these book are the place to start.

For me, "Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting" is number one because it was the one that helped me tie together the information in all the others.