Best 10 Guns for Women to Carry

Published: December 28, 2014

Women are often times the victims of dangerous predators in our dangerous world and they must protect themselves at all times. The best protection a woman can have is a firearm. Although a large percentage of women have never fired a gun, many women today own and use firearms. This is a list of the best guns a woman can carry comfortably on herself. They are small in size and light in weight but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Big things come in small packages.

  1. Glock 26/27

    A very popular piece for both men and women. The glock 26 and 27 are identical firearms aside from their calibers. Some people consider them to be the best firearm you can own due to their riliability and conceal-ability. 


  2. Ruger LC9


    At less than an inch wide, it's slim profile allows for any method of carry.

  3. Baretta Nano


    The Nano has a unigue design that was specifically for someone who wants to conceal a firearm easily and also draw and fire swiftly without catching onto clothing or your own holster.

  4. Colt Mustang XSP


    The Colt Mustang XSP is designed for shooters who prefer to carry a full-size 1911-style firearm but who also want the option of concealing it as well. Weighing less than a pound, this pistol is very tiny and very easy to hide.

  5. Smith & Wesson M & P Shield


    The Shield is a scaled down version of the popular M & P duty line. Smith & Wesson designed them with a smaller profile for easy concealment. This firearm is available in both 9mm and 40s&w. This smoke wagon is a great option for your primary firearm as well as your backup.

  6. Kahr PM9


    The PM9 is a lightweight, short pistol that is great for concealed carry. This piece is made with regular combat sights or tritium night sights and it can come in handy in different situations.

  7. Springfield XDs


    The XDs line now has a 9mm and 45ACP. A favorite among many and another great choice for women who want a gun they can conceal easily.

  8. Kel-tec PF9


    This firearm is as basic as they come but it is a very reliable gun. The PF9 has the same features as the P-11 and P-3AT pistols but it is flatter and lighter as well. Great pick for the ladies.

  9. Kimber Super Carry PRO


    A very basic firearm overall, but it is a beauty to look at. The Marilyn Monroe of small guns which is surprisingly expensive, is also a top rated tool for gun owners.

  10. Glock G19 Compact Pistol


    This gun is a very popular purchase because of it's ablitiy to conceal quickly and easily. The Glock G19 is a 9mm pistol with a lightweight and a small body. Great carry.

Women have to be able to defend themselves when nobody else is around to help them. What better way than with one of these firearms. Lightweight and sized perfectly, these gats give women the ability to carry a concealed weapon comfortably and confidently. Be Safe.