The 10 best ways to obtain pizza in Midlothian,Virginia (Descending order)

Published: December 26, 2014

This list Entails the easiest and or fastest ways to obtain a decent pizza meal throughout the popular Midlothian, Virginia area.  This list is ranked 1-10 being based off of my personal satisfaction. Price and convenience are at the top of the list.   All of these choices should be helpful for anyone in or around the Midlothian area looking for pizza restaurants  or stores that sell frozen pizza.  

  1. CiCi's Pizza

    Cici's Pizza 4900 Commonwealth Centre Parkway Midlothian, Va 23112 Many people throughout the central Virginia area are familiar with CiCi's pizza chains.  They are located in Glen Allen, Colonial Heights, Richmond, and Chesterfield.  The CiCi's pizza chains offer an all you can eat buffet menu that include; A variety of meat and vegetarian friendly pizzas, salads, pastas, desserts (usually cinnamon rolls, brownies, and apple/custard pizza pies). You get a fairly decent value for a low price. Expect to pay less than eight bucks for unlimmited food and drink, and less than six dollars for just the buffet.  The quality is not the best, but iit is still a very good value if you need a quick meal or are looking to take the kids/family out. I'm a smaller person but have to eat ALOT because of my metabolism not to loose weight, so Cici's gives me the most inexpensive option on this list to fulfill my personal high calorie needs. 

  2. Cousin Vinnys Pizza

    Cousin Vinnys Pizza  located at 11800 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Va 23112 is an excellent choice to go for the late night crowd.  Their pizza is of exceptional quality (although the crust is a little thin for my own taste) at a fairly decent price. They offer specials like their "happy hours" where they offer their pizzas at Little Caesars prices (close to $5 a medium).  Another plus on cousin Vinnys side is their delivery speed and delivery hours.  You can order up to as late as 4a.m. and they are usually less than 30 minutes for delivery in my experience.  Decent quality, great convenience. I often find myself ordering from Cousin Vinnys when I've waited to long to go out for pizza or simply don't feel like going anywherer anyways. I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice late night pizza meal, or just a good delivery of premium pizza with good quality incredients. 

  3. Wal-Mart Supercenter

    I hope many will accept my next few stores as viable places to get pizza, simply because many times frozen or refridgerated pizzas can be just as good as ones from restaurants.  Wal-Mart Supercenter  located at 12200 Chattanooga Plaza Midlothian, Va is not a bad place to start. I usually go for the good quality pizzas with the lower prices.  With the Midlothian, VA area there's a large selection of super markets that give you lots of good competition as well. Wal-Mart is always a good place to start.  They typically have "Red Baron" or "Tombstone" pizza 2 for $7 or 2 for $6.  If they have these sales I'll typically buy lots of them. However if they have a $3.99 price on those pizzas, it's good to just go ahead and forget about pizza there. Move to the next local supermarket. 

  4. Kroger

    Kroger located at 13201 Rittenhouse Drive Midlothian, Va is usually next on my quest to satisfy my hunger.  Their prices are often very competitive with Wal-Marts and they typically have the same deals usually just on alternate weeks compared to Wal-Mart. So for example a week where Wal-Mart has "Red Baron" on sale i find typically Kroger or another nearby store will have "Tombstone" on sale.  Typically I'm looking for the $3 pizza deal but will settle for $3.50 "Tombstone" pizzas when I can find them.  It's also not a bad idea to check on other off-brands, and ocassionally you will find "Digiorno" pizza on sale 2 for $7 which is always good to buy (especially since it's very rare).  

  5. Martins Food Store

    Martins located at 13700 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Va is another competitive food supermarket in the Midlothian area.  Just like Kroger and Wal-Mart, it's good to check Martins every week also for the elusive $3 pizza deals.  I wouldn't say they are more or less competitive than each other, however overall Martins is just not the main store I would expect some type of pizza bargain.  I would say it's less likely to find them here based off my experience, however I ranked them mid-way because they almost always come through with a low price when no-one else is offering a good deal on frozen pizzas.  

  6. 7-Eleven

    7-Eleven located at 10724 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Va has a great value on their fast in store pizzas.  They are available 24 hours a day and only take about 90 seconds to make.  They are relatively cheap (less than $6) for their cheese and pepperoni pizzas. They also offer a few specialty pizzas that aren't bad at all.  They are large pizzas that are quite filling.  While normally I can eat about 2 frozen pizzas in one sitting max, one 7-11 pizza will usually do me in. Along with the convenience and large portion of food, the quality is just about as good as anyones. The only downside to their pizza is it's usually not so tasty once it gets cold. 

  7. Food Lion

    Food Lion located at 11130 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Virginia is another competitive food market in the Midlothian area that offers lots of weekly deals on their pizza.  Usually a brand such as "Red Baron" or "Tombstone" is on sale for $3 a pizza at Food Lion.  They often have the "Tombstones" more often than the other stores it seems.  So what I do, if they are on sale at Food Lion i will buy as many as I can and then before sunday I will go to Wal-Mart and use the Food Lion receipt to get the Wal-Mart "Low Price Guarantee" which will match the price of any local prices. Food Lion's own branded pizzas are pretty good and sometimes on sale too.  To make things clear, all of the supermarkets are about even in my opinion. The exception number 3 on my list Wal-Mart simply because any of the other prices Wal-Mart will match if they carry the same product. All remember save your receipts and price match when there are limited supplies of brand specific pizza. 

  8. Sheetz

    Sheetz located at 9401 Amberdale Drive Richmond, Va is similar to how 7-11 offers their pizza.  They are made relatively quickly, decent portions (although smaller than 7-11) and are made of decent tasting ingredients.  This being said, they are however better in one respect: Each pizza can be custom made and ordered either at Sheetz on their touchscreen computer screens, or you can order before you leave your house with their online ordering options.  I often order my pizza with lots of extra toppings and cheeses.  Sheetz is gaining in popularity, and the wait for their MTO (made to order) foods has increased over the past few years.  

  9. Little Caesars

    Little Caesars located at 13614 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Va is another good choice for that quick pizza fix.  Many pizza advocateshave known of the service and quality of the many Little Caesar chain stores scattered throught the U.S.. They offer large portions for low prices. Although they are a little skimp on the sauce and cheese sometimes, they often taste pretty good.  Little Caesars typically has their Hot -N- Ready choices of cheese or pepperoni pizza that are already made and ready to go.  They have specialties but they are usually more than $2 more expensive. Also a good store if you like breadsticks or cheesy sticks with marina sauce (as they keep these hot and ready as well).  

  10. Anna's Restaurant and Pizzeria

     Anna's Restaurant and Pizzeria located at 11027 Hull Street Rd Midlothian, Va is the last but definitely not the worst still in the Midlothian Area. ile they may not be the cheapest place to buy pizza, this dine in restaurant offers restaurant waiter/waitress service unlike most on my list, as well is what i would consider a "date worthy" setting (if you want to impress your date with a classy restaurant feel, but still insist on getting your pizza fix).  Awesome food all around (Highly recommend trying a sub) just remember the price are not nearly as low as say finding the $3 frozen pizza deals. 

Hopefully this list of pizza places gives those who are in and around the Midlothian area a better perspective of availabe places to buy pizza. Although there are probably 3 times as many places to buy pizza in Midlothian, these just happen to be my top ten as far as obtaining pizza for myself personally.  If you are in search I hope this list helps, and good luck finding your perfect pizza!