My Superpower is Better Than Yours

Published: December 26, 2014

     We've all done it; taken that imaginary journey to a world where we have conveniently aquired a superhuman attribute.  The only problems left to worry about is deciding which friends are privy to this classified information and where to find those unfortunate soles awaiting harsh justice.  Although most superpowers are great for "in the moment" jams, im sorry to say that it also brings about unwanted situations.  Throwing this dose of reality into a fantasy world will help narrow down the superpowers to a best of ten.  Number one should be ALL POWERFUL.  It must allow one to easily obtain anything they want, good or bad, with no resistance, and must be subtle enough to not draw attention to the white coats who love human experiments.  Using those criteria, I have came up with a list of the ten best superpowers to have.  Let's kick things off with number ten and save the best for last.

  1. 10. Superhuman Strength

         Superhuman strength is one that is always brought up.  It is one of the worse super powers to keep out of the spotlight.  I mean, great job and all when that runaway train was quickly stopped from plowing into a bus full of orphans.  What wasn't planned was the eight media choppers and twenty-two news vans that showed up immediately following.  Not to mention every goverment agency on the planet on lookout for a one hundred fifteen pound skinney kid with jaw dropping strength.  I don't care how strong a person is, that battle can't be won.

  2. 09. Telekinesis

         Telekinesis is the ability to move objects using only the mind.  I must admit, this is a really fun one.  Sadly, that's all it is.  Life would mostly consist of pranking and haunting people.  One would probably get fat and and lazy because it would seem unnecessary to walk five feet for the remote and a sandwich can be made from the comfort of the couch.  Eventually, all the parlor tricks at parties will catch up and the men in white will prevail.  Telekinesis sounds like a blast but not for this scenario.

  3. 08. Flying

         Everyone has had this dream.  Again, very cool to do and I'm sure all lady problems will disappear.  As far as all powerful though, no sir.  There are a lot of hidden variables such as how fast one can fly and how high, but it doesn't matter.  Flying is probably the shortest lived superpower there is simply because it seems way too easy to get caught.  Before you know it, fighter pilots are closing in with shoot first orders.

  4. 07. Superhuman Speed


         So what if it's winter, the beach is only a half second away.  This is not my favorite.  Let's assume that it is possible to accelerate from a standstill to nearly the speed of light, and let's assume that noone is killed by x-rays and superheated plasma that has engulfed the entire block within a microsecond.  Then, almost undoubtedly, the mushroom cloud fireball will do the trick.  Bank robber is this powers profession.  The cameras wouldn't be able to pick anything up at that speed even after dialing it back so another neighborhood doesnt fry.  I do have to say I can see this working for a few years but in the end it's greed that slowed down speed.  Why should it matter anyway right?  We're looking for the "all powerful."

  5. 06. Invisibility

         One of my favorites.  It's right up there with flying if we are talking about fun. but we aren't.  We are talking about being all powerful yet inconspicuous.  Invisibility can bring a lot of things, information being the most important.  Spy...  We'd all be behind bars for espianage.

  6. 05. Superhuman Senses

         Smell, taste, hearing, sight, and touch...  All suped up.  Let's hope this is a power that has an adjustment knob.  I must say, even though this is number five on the list, it almost made it to number three.  With practice, super senses has the potential for success.   Imagine being at an event  and knowing absolutely everything that is happening, big and small, completely in sync with every aspect of the environment.  The advantages are endless.  However, it just doesn't have what it takes to be number one.   

  7. 04. Telepathy

         What could be better than reading minds?  This is a good one.  Success is a certainty.  It's possible to stay under the radar and it would make for one hell of a poker player.  So what's the problem?  Well, I guarantee you will be the saddest, lonliest, man on the planet, even with all that money.  Get used to no friends, and definately forget about romantic relationships, even family is doubtful.  With telepathy, control would be an endless struggle of one's morals and self worth.  With limited control there is no "ALL POWERFUL." 

  8. 03. Precognition


        Being able to see things happen before they actually do definately has its advantages.  What would make this power more special is if precognative visions could be controlled or perhaps even focused on a particular situation.  Precognition is huge because it allowes knowledge of events that have not taken place.  Knowing things that noone else on the planet does is a dangerous and powerful thing.  Ideally, I'd like to have the power Nicholos Cage's character had in the movie "Next," in which he could see seven seconds in the future.  Trial and error is how that would work and eventually the goal will be reached.  Still too much work to be considered all powerful.


  9. 02. Molecular Manipulation

         Whoever owns this power is pretty much a God.  If it's possible to control and manipulate matter on a molecular level, atomic and subatomic, then the universe is your playground.  With molecular manipulation time travel and traveling to other dimensions is a reality.  You would be invincible and it wouldn't matter who knows what or how much because they wouldn't be able to touch you.  Seems a bit unfair.  Definately number one in the comic book world.  However, your business is still out in the open and that means there's the slightest chance of defeat.

  10. 01. The Power of Suggestion

         Making suggestions become reality, that's it.  It's low key and under the radar. No fighting or struggling is involved.  No molecule bending and shaping or forming, just a simple suggestion and it is so.  THE POWER OF SUGGESTION.

    I'm sure we can debate every number on the list but remember.  This is not an opinion.  These are all facts.  Most of these super powers would get anyone in real trouble, real fast.  Flying, telekinesis, superhuman strength, telepathy; They are all powers that would end up controling you rather than the other way around. Making suggestions become a reality.  It's simple, subtle, and oh yeah, ALL POWERFULL.