10 Landscaper in Palm Beach county

Published: December 24, 2014

Landscape is sometimes formed naturally or from a major calamity in extreme cases. WE have human landscapers that can fix those major events on the landscape and make them beautiful again.

Landscape is sometimes, "natural". Sometimes , designed to look natural or seemless with what was naturally formed, Yes landscape is more that just lawn mowers and leaf blowers making loud noices.

If your need is more than just standard mowering of the lawn, ie: the need to relocate a massive tree, cut over hanging branches, remove a tree completely, create beautiful oasis in the city, light up a tree canope, iluminate a path, tree, or water feature, this type or work and more are landscaper services.

This list will compile tem best landscapers in palm beach county, for design lighting, tree service, maintenance services, including pest control, fertilization, sprinkler systems and illumination.

  1. O"Hara Services




    When it comes to landscaper in Palm Beach County. O'Hara Services Stand out as one of the best, if not the best all inclusive landscape services provider. It is much more than tree planting and lawn mowering for O'Hara Services.

    O'Hara offers complete lawn care, tree trimming, home pest care, Sprnkler services, landscape rehab. A full service care for the landscape, home irigation and pest control. A one stop place for all the services related to lawn care. This landscaper stands out because of this. 

    Other landscapes may specialize in design more than the miantenance that goes along with the care and up keep of the landscape. Because they may use different sub contractors. This give O'Hara the edge about some other lanscape providers in Palm Beach County.


  2. VividGreen Landscaping


    lighting decorations




    Close to the very top of the list is VividGreen Landscaping.  Also a full service landscaping company with very good designs for yard and outdoors grounds area. 

    VividGreen  prides itself on artistry and design. This company seeks out environmentally friendly pest control products and states that they are the "leader in the Palm Beaches" Also claiming expert installations and maintenance of swimming pools and holiday lighting. This landscaper has a bylingual staff that communicate very well with other contractors on projects that i have worked.

    VividGreen Expertise shine through from start to finish. As an electrician, planning landscape lighting installation is very important to get everything close to where it needs to be when you are just looking at a big empty lot space. VividGreen representatives seem to show real profesionalism in this aspect of landscape installation. While cordinating with customers and electrican to get everthing perfect to the customer's satisfaction.

  3. Botanical Visions inc



    Awards and recognitions

    All landscapers are not created equally. Some Botanist, horticulturist plant loving environment loving people. May not see themselves as landscaper. They take more pride in the acronyms than the actual physical labor. However they play a big part in sculting the landscape and provide great knowledge in plant care and astetic looks of plant eco systems.

    Botanical Vision is one of the best horticultural designers in Palm Beach County. They are very knowledgeable of the plant life local to the area and provide a vast knowledge as to environmental compatible plant life to the tropical climate of Palm Beach and South Florida.

  4. D'Alessandro Landscaping




    As an Electrician, my view on landscaping is most times appreciated at night when the sun goes down and the lights come on. A beautiful tree illuminated by a perfectly placed light fixture can make an extraordinary difference in how a person sees the scape of the land at night. D'Alessandro Landscaping is one of the top landscape companies that also appreciates this beauty.

    D'Alessandro Landscaping is very meticulous when it come to plats selection and the way that plant is complimented by landscape lighting. For D'Alessandro, it seem that they consider even the smallest detail of a landscape system. The reflecting quality of the tree leaves to the curves and profile of branches and bark of tree in the full project.

  5. Bermuda Landscape and Design



    landscape lighting



    For most people landscape is all the same and any landscaper can do the job. However, I will strongly suggest that this is not completely true. While landscape can mean different things for different people. ie; Some people may just enjoy looking at the beautiful plants and hardscape. Other may feel the need to be immersed in the nature of it.  The right type of trees mean a lot. yes. However,  The specialty of Bermuda is their expertise in irrigation installation that is unmatches in some aspect. Bermuda landscape and design inc stand out about the rest for irrigation design and water management. 


  6. EverGreen Sprinkler and Landscaping Services


    landscape lighting


    Some may think that pools are a seperate luxury from what the scope of landscape may stand for. that is not so, in the least. In fact, many landscape designs are center around the pool. With pools come plumbing and electrical companions for a fully functioning clean pool.

    As you may notice with this list of ten best landscapers in Palm Beach County. You will realise that each landscaper have a specialty. Sometime the they have more expertise in than another landscape company. That is what make each company the best at what they do.

    For Evergreen. Their expertise focus on pools and the adbanced plumbing for pools that they have a great deal og experience with.

    Eben though EverGreen does the overall services of landscape maintenance. Pool installation is a big part of their portfolio.


  7. Sunsational Pools & Spas, Inc




    Sunsational Pools And Spas. Not a typical landscape company, in the sense that their specialist in pools and spas and very little landscapeing . 

    Sunsational Pools and Spas would not be the company to call for a 5000 square feet yard space to be cleared of trees and design individual gardens and multiple palnt selection. Instead you would call Sunsational Specifically to install and exception pool designed to your liking or they can work with you on recommendations. Like other companies previous in this list. Sunsational have a specialty. The thing that make them stand out as one of the top landscape companies in West Palm Beach That is Pools and Spas for sophisticated design and feel. 

    Sunsational Is a landscape company that focus their expertise in hardscapes, decks, and outdoor kitchens.

  8. Landscape Of Distinction




    If the landscape service that you are looking for is largescale or maybe small, but you are not sure what you want yet. Even though you can get consultation from any landscape company. You will recognise that the theme of this list relate to a specialty or some area that a company has expertise. The one fact that make Landscapes of Distinction stand out from the others, is their consulting expertise. the landscape busines is most time a laborus physical trade, lacking fitness in people communications sometime, however, not without great effort. Some may say the game of big companies lack the personal touch. Who knows they may have a point for some cases, but not necessarily all.

    Landscsapes Of Distinction may have an edge in this are because of their people skill. For this reason they stand out as one of the top ten Landscape companies in West Palm Beach

  9. Top Notch Landscaping & Tree Service

    tree service



    So tree grow, right? That is a thing tree do. Well somrtimes they get out of control and grow into areas that they are not wanted. Top Notch landscaping is not just a pun. They go to the top of tree and cut them. Top Notch does this all inclusive of their  landscape porfolio. Top Notch is a full service landscaping company, they take into consideration that trees can get very high in the air, therefore they are prepared for the task of measuring up. Yeah Another pun. Top Notch Stands out with landscape in the air capabilities at their immediate disposal. If you need tree trimming and get qweezy when you see someone on a ladder sawing a tree.  You will be at ease with Top Notch at the top of the tree safely.

  10. Jupiter Island Landscape



    serene music

    This landscape company provides a more personal touch. Maybe more spiritual. The designs are very color filled and exotic. Jupiter Island Landscape features a wide selection of exotic and tropical plant life the are breathe takingly beautiful.

    This company take great pride in each project. Treating each landscape design as a unique work of art. The owners are loved by the clients that recieve the services and base on the large amount of reviews on their profile site. Jupiter Island Landscape is a people pleasing landscaper. Along with the exelent taste in plants, they approach landscape as a spiritual connection to the client. This approach can be seen as unorthodox, however, leave customers very happy. Jupiter Island Landscape Stands out in this area.

Which one of these companies are the best? Each company has a unique aspect of their feild that they exell in. In a direct comparison of each company. It is hard to make a clear distinction. But if you are looking for and all inclusive landscape company the provide services to you related to in-door to outdoor landscaping needs. O'Hara is a good choice based solely on that preference that another company may need more effort.

If your looking to just install a pool in your back yard without major landscapi added then you may choose Susational Pools & Spas because that is what they specialise in and would perform that job effortlessly.

If you need a major size pool for a comercial appartment complex or large scale pool,  You may choose to go with  EverGreen Landscaping services.

It all depends on your specific needs. Individually these landscape companies are the best at what they do.