3 Best Electrical Contractors In Palm Beach County To work for.

Published: December 24, 2014

Here are 10 Electrical Contractors in Palm Beach County That are considered to be the best.

This list is compiled from workmanship, customer satisfaction, employee experiences and quality work environment. having personal contact with employees and also being, witness to the work performed, as well as working for several of these contractor.  This give me firsthand experience.

My experience over 12 years have allow me the chance to see many projects from start to finish.  The way a contractor interacts with a sub contractor, The level of professionalism and the standard of work.  It is in my experience while working for these companies at defferent points in my career that i can evaluate where these Electrical contractors measure up.


  1. Daveco Electrical Contractors

    Large scale lighting safely


    Daveco Electrical Contractors are the best equipt electrical contractors for highend largescale electrical construction. When it comes to 50 feet lighting installations for stadiums race tracks highway street light, parks score boards Large Arenas for sporting events. I have not seen or worked with another company that have the required equiptment in West Palm Beach. Maybe even the entire South Florida Area. I have witnessed where Daveco Electric Contractors Being subcontracted on another Electrical contractor's project because Daveco was the only company locally with the equiptment, experience and expertise for the specific installation of a 80 feet 10 head tower light. Theie trac record of exceptional capabilities standout above the rest.


  2. Fastrac electric corp


    Early in the 2000's, when the improvement of palm beach county schools were booming. This time when quality electrical expertise was particularly needed. Fastrac was one of the companies that i felt very proud to work for. The safety was an important part of the start of the work day. All forman and lead electrician for this company showed true leadership and exceptional skill in their field, they were in charge of. As a new electrician, i found a love and respect for the trade based strongly on this experience. This crew of proffesionals took real pride in themself, working with other trades, showing excelent organizational skils while cordinating with other tradesman.

  3. Gerelco Electrical Contractors

    gerelco electrical co.


    An electrical contractor to work for is Gerelco Electric. Is exception work environments. From traffic signs and raod related lighting. Gerelco also  does a large variety of communications. I enjoy working for Gerelco Electrical contractors. They offer a full experience of low voltage and high voltage electrical systems. As other electrical companies that i have worked for in Palm beach county, Gerelco provides a generally safe working environment, and an exeptionally educated workforce.  This company have been very instrumental in sending many employees through the electrical training apprentiship. While i worked for Gerelco electrical contractor, I went through the apprentiship program, worked in a number of major projects that required dealing directly with constant foot traffic. I have seen no other company before, who cordinates this interaction more smoothly.

  4. Lightning Electric Inc

    lightning Electric inc.


    A small over head company, Not trying to out grow it's reach, more of trying to fullfil the maximum potential of its talented staff. Lightning electrical is not a typical run of the mule small electrical contractor company. When i compare lightning electric to other comparable size companies. Lightning Electric stands out above the all. First to know, Lightning Electric started as a union company that believe in brotherhood and practice it as much i i have seen. Every aspect of lightning crew and staff that i have had the pleasure to interact with, gave me the sense that i have potential to be a very good electrician, that is very inspiring. Lightning as the full union seal of safety reliability and proffesionalism.

This list is a unique look into a small part of what the contractors potentially have impressed on an employee. Each employee experience maybe defferent and can be seenfrom a completely defferent point of view. The experiences from my personal experience is exeptional to me. The four companies mentioned above are the best that i have worked for, because of the people and the way that each experience impressed on me a sense or pride and satisfaction. How a consumer or a client view these contractors maybe different from my experience because of the nature of their working interactions. For the most part, the statements that have been made are from first hand experiences that have been remarkable enough to be exemplified in the electrical best companies of palm beach county. The specific expertise are slightly different for each electrical company, They are possibly number one for their individual expertise. the highlighting factor for me is their commitment to safety and consideration for their employees. Obviosly these companies wouldnot be remarkable just for how they treat employees only, i am sure that the respect is even more so for their clients and customers even more so. To be the top dog in the electrical contracting business in south florida. The must be something very special about the way your company performs in several different categories. They're many major licensing requirements to meet and to up keep also to constantly update and upgrade as the industry grows. The codes of the industry gets updated and revise every 3 to 5 years as the industry rapidly improved and change based on the inovation and new introduction of product, Equiptment and building requirement for safety, design, convienience, accessibility needs and environmental concerns. So many factors go into what an electrical company as to be good at to rise to the top of the ladder, so to speak. These companies have lifted the mark to be an example for other electrical companies to rise up to. Daveco have worked on schools, Fastrac, Gerelco and lightning electric, have also worked on schools, because they are electrical companies that may have won a bid at that period for that specific project. But i can tel you that in comparison, there are very big differences in they workmanship, efficiency and cordination of each company. It can easily be seen that Fastrac does schools very well, Gerelco is a close second, however, even through qualified to work on schools. Lightning is at the bottom of the list. I use schools as example because i have worked on many schools in palm beach county. Each company have done school projects while i worked with them. You can just tell which exells , and in what area. When i worked with Daveco doing schools. Daveco exell in exterior lighting, parking lot lights, Gymnasium and sport field lighting. But the the cordination of the systems in the classrooms and the kitchen was lacking finness. Though qualified, it was obvious the talent was more in specialised areas. However while i worked for Gerelco and other time with fastrac. Classroom systems, kitchen cafeteria and generators were seamless fast and effortless. However parking lot lighting , gymnasium scoreboards and itv towers require a bit more effort. So they're strong point for each company in workmanship.