The Best ( Throwback ) of 90's Fashion

Published: December 24, 2014

There are plenty of things that just scream 90's fashion in this day and age even by walking down the street or even turning on the radio on the way to work! From the hair down to the shoes, young people and adults are bringing back the good 'ol 90's. Just the sight of big wild afros defying gravity and splashes of color and pattern bring out the cabbage patch kid in me, so here comes the throwback: "Best of 90's Fashion!"

  1. Gucci Sneakers

    Leather high-tops with the tongue grazing just above ankle, Gucci sneakers were a main staple back in the day. They came in a plethora of colors, all from red to purple they were a must-have! These near $600, Gucci sneakers made your outfit then and they definitely make your outfit now! They are the whip-cream on the apple pie! I couldn't imagine dancing or scuffling around in these, I'd probably keep them on the shelf with the amount of money these bad boys cost, but then again there is nothing wrong with a little showing off either! In the 90's these were a main brand and don't just stop at the feet, anything Gucci you could get your hands on was worth the time and effort trying to pinch the last of these off the shelves.

  2. Jumpersuits

    ALL DENIM OR GO HOME! Beautiful denim makes its way back to the scene! It's the lazy yet thoughtful look, as if you threw on a pair of your boyfriend's work trousers with a silly 'Oops did I do that?' smile.  It was cool then, jumping around to catchy tunes and it's cool now walking down the street as if you were the first to think of it. It was a great way to keep cool in the warm weather and still keep up with the trends. Today, even Rihanna dons this fashion trend, edgy and creative. Wink Wink. Let's all just give the credit where it goes, yes?


  3. High-waisted Shorts

    A great and cheap way to show some leg! These were simply amazing! All you had to do was cut up some old jeans and roll them on up! What was great about them was that you could show as much leg as you'd like while still looking slim and curvy with the high-waist cinch. It was great for everyone of all ages to wear, plus taught everyone about some recycling ( Haha!) . The acid wash jeans-- no belt of course made a simple and easy outfit paired with a loose fitting sweater or skin-tight leggings. Let's talk about 90's right? On-going fashion in every sense.

  4. Coogi Sweaters


    I remember Notorious B-I-G rocking this style in the music videos paired with Timberland boots and lots of BLING! This is such a fun style that it went viral! With the mash of colors, matching anything with this sweater was EASY. It was fun and you could be as creative as you wanted! Seeing this now, brings back a sense of nostalgia and warmth. It makes me want to get up and pull it from the back of my closet because it's just that cool seeing this COLOR walking up and down the street! It's made to be silly yet serious with this style saying "Yeah, I did it, Problem?" Coogi now sells these gems for just above $200, the company still keeping its mix and match theme.

  5. Over-sized Grandpa Sweaters

    Muted in color, a festive party in the front ( and the back ) , Grandpa sweaters are ALWAYS in style. They're the college students' best friend! They're oversized and warm, and easy to wear all fall and winter long without any real complaints from Grands.  Wearing this sweater was always easy for me as a child growing up! I never wanted to wear a coat and then when I did, I was always too hot! With this over-sized sweater, it was easy to look good--(slimmer) and stay warm without all the hassle.

  6. Sequin Dresses


    The Sequin Dress! It is as rad as ever. There is too much to say about this dress. The style was copy-cat -ed throughout the years! Designers always grasping at threads, taking apart this dress and putting it back together, but this was always a GO-TO in the 90's to look fun and classy at the same time! It was beautiful, all eyes on you- The day time and the night-time dress with just a change of make-up and shoes. Women were always on their FLY game with this wardrobe maker! The Sequin dress will always be in style for years to come.


  7. Sequin Shoes + Sneakers

    SEQUINS! They have always been on the table when it came to shopping for the perfect shoe. Back in the day, wearing these proved you to be FLY and super FRESH  in all the classes! ( Haha) , They never really matched anything, but with the amount of color blocking done in the 90's they proved to be perfect anyway. I have to say wearing these, the sequins rarely ever popped off and you can always wear them over and over again. I admit spraying them black ( if they were a different color, ) when they proved to be too old, and they were brand spanking new again! Just the perfect recycle-able shoe then. Now-a-days, you can find sequins everywhere in clothing, especially shoes like TOMS in a variety of colors. Ah, 90's you never fail me. 


  8. Trapeze Dresses

    Feeling absolutely girly with this dress, It's flow-y and twirling around in this is just all the fun. It's the perfect no slip dress with all the lining that comes underneath. In the 90's with this Trapeze dress ( Playful like a circus tent, yes?) , you could play flirty by showing a little bit of figure and those legs. UGH, amazing dress all around. They're always bringing back this dress in different styles, - More pleats, less pleats but still the trapeze shape. This was worn by all the girls ready to go out and have a nice time. No worrying about wearing the same thing as everyone else because it came in every color imaginable!

  9. Jelly Sandles / Jellies

    OH GOSH, the comfort! Jelly sandles were comfortable, stylish and basically went with anything you decided to wear for the week. They also came in plenty of styles. Anyone else remember the sunflower on the top? They were fun for kids and adults-- crossbreeze and everything! They were soft and you barely had to worry about them breaking on you! ( Unless they weren't your size of 'course, stealing the kids again, right? I see you.) Rocking childhood since 1990!


  10. Butterfly Clips

    Who else remembers the oh-so-wonderful butterfly clips? ! The hairstyles that you could create with these. The parents did it, The kids did it, even the neighbors poodle donned these fashion forward accesories. I have to admit that they're a little on the 'oh' side, but everyone will have to admit that wearing these were one of the most entertaining times of their lives. It showed creativity and youth and unlike barettes, you would never lose them! They were great, affordable and worth every single red penny!  

The best here and everyone's favorite are the Jelly Sandals. Mention them to anyone walking by you in the street and they'll rave about them all day long, reminiscing about their childhood. 90's fashion will always be a fashion positive, especially in my book!

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